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LIFE SUCKS : Violence

Stories submitted by real people.


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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    The Breaking of a Family

    Posted by anonymous at January 23, 2012
    Tags: Alcohol   Family   2012 January   Violence

    My life hasn't always been this awful. Actually, I think I've lived a pretty decent life until I turned about 16. As of now, I am a 19 year old woman who lives with her dad and younger sister. Sadly, my mother passed away when I was 16. That was the most devasting event in my life! After that my life had just plunged downhill. My family's grief from my Mom's death has destroyed us. We are no longer a family. About three months after my mother's passing, my Dad decided to start drinking. He always told me that he won't continue. But he never quit. As time went on, his drunkeness increased as well as his evil actions. When I was 18, he began to look at my body. At first I didn't pay any mind until I caught him peeking at me changing in the bathroom. I just kept my cool and pretended like I didn't notice. I didn't know what to do! This peeking nature of his continued. One night my dad and I was watching a movie on the couch. It was getting late so I decided to shower and retire for the night. When I went to bed, five minutes later I heard a knock on my door. It was Father. He aked me if he can sleep in my bed because he claimed that he get's lonely at night. I did not believe him so I said no. The next day we didn't say a word to each other until he started drinking and had gotten drunk. He was really angry about what happened last night and we argued. I couldn't take anymore so I went to my room and shut the door. For the next half hour it was quiet. I was curious about ...

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    I just got abused

    Posted by sarah at November 18, 2011
    Tags: Abuse   2011 November   Violence

    Reading the abuse stories I know there's much MUCH worse then what I'm about to say. But I feel disgusting and thought I may aswell voice it. I'm 16 years old and my cousin, who was living with us for a few years, raped me two months ago. It was the most horrifying experience of my life. On the kitchen floor. We were home alone for a little while. When I turned around he held me down, pinned me to the floor and cut my clothes off with a knife. I was a virgin before that and it hurt so much. I fought as hard as I could, but he threatened to burn me with boiling water that was bubbling on the stove. I would never reach in time. I cried for days afterwards. But thank God I wasn't pregnant. I told my mum and dad and they kicked him out. But for dad, I think it was the closest thing to a son he's ever had. Sometimes he'll accidentally mention him, then instead of looking angry he'll look sad. So I feel so guilty. I feel dirty. I have nightmares about him often, and I keep thinking of the things I could've done to escape. I'm ruined.

    Comments: 24   Votes:


    Beaten thand left to die

    Posted by Missy at October 6, 2011
    Tags: 2011 October   Relationship   Violence

    I was very pretty 22 year old girl when myboy frien beatme and almost killed me. I work for a comany and I worklate sometimes if I have deadline to meet. I cmae home one night and I was tired I wanted go to bed. As sson as I entered the house my boyfrend grabbed for behind ansked where I was. I told I ha dto work late. He did not belive and he thought I was cheting on him. When i insisted I wasn't he mad and ripped off all my clothes and began to beat me. He left me to die and he stole my car. I lie there until the nextday when my and who is alos a coworker found the next afternoon close to death. I was only hanging on by a very thin thread. She called 911. A the hospital as I was barely awke I heard the the tell my freind that I probly would not make it. the i had the tought that no I am going to fight stay alive so I can get justice. Know one tries to kill me and get away with it. i did recover and I di fce him court He got without the posiblity of parole. There was a previous charge from another woman he was with before me. she also tstifeid against him me a re freinds now. me and my freind that i work have a club called the Sisters Justice. we have helped other ge the justice they desrve after they wer beaten vy an adusive person.

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    Posted by punk u at August 13, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Violence

    Things were going good I had my new biz past 2 month made 20000 with my brother but for some reason I was unhappy I'm good looking in good shape fit 31 year old but I wanted to die I took 40 zanex bars and bumped some guy on a motorcycle pulled over threatened to kick his ass he threatened and did call the police they showed up fast I threatened to kick there asses they arrested me now I'm alive facing a 3rd felony dui 1-6 years in prison my wife who I havnt seen in over 3 years just had a baby and because I'm married to her I'm veing named a pressumed father the baby is in the hospital going threw withdrawls because she used drugs while pregnant life sucks but after all this shit I realized I'm lucky I didn't kill anyone and destroy there lifes I'm still young and despite my legal troubles I can over come them I guess I'm trying to say count ur blessings or whatever u wanna call them because it can and sometimes does always get worse if u feel like shit and think your life sucks go talk to some termanally ill people at the hospital who no matter how shitty your life is would trade u anything for your shitty life we always want what we don't have fuck societies idea of the perfect life and realize u have a perfect life already you just don't apriciate it anyway that's my fucked up story

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    Life is hard

    Posted by anonymous at July 9, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 July   Juvenile problems   Violence

    My mum and dad are both hot headed. My dad especially. When I was younger, from age 4, I used to have to try and stop my dad from smashing my mum and giving her black eyes. When I went to primary school I was an outcast and when my name was mentioned everyone would go ..'eww'. I prayed every night for so long that things would get better, and to be fair they did for a while, but now all my mum does is scream and complain. My brother got into drugs and drinks a fair bit. My dad, who was kicked out and whom I see only once every week or two, was up and had a fight with my mum calling her words like a stupid bitch, he then almost hit her. My brother then asked him to leave and then he tried to hit my brother and once again I was in the middle trying to break them up. He has gone now. I know I won't be seeing him for a while. Even though hes violent and an angry old man there is a good side to him, and this is why not seeing him for months is upsetting. People who have two parents who can talk to eachother just dont realize how lucky they are. I'm at secondary school now and even though i'm more liked and talk to more people, I still get the piss taken out of me all the time. I try to laugh it off but sometimes constant remarks making fun of your appearance get to you after a while. I don't have much friends or a girl friend and i'm much too socially awkward to talk to new people. I worked so hard in my exams but I genuinly don't believe I will get into my university course,...

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    It never gets any better...

    Posted by CrystalinaJeann at April 16, 2011
    Tags: Abuse   2011 April   Family   Relationship   Stepdad   Violence

    Okay....since I don't have the money to go see a shrink I will finally talk about my life on here. When I was 9 my stepfather decided to forget I was suppose to be like a daughter to him and decided I looked more like a mistress. From then until 14 I decided to hide it from my mom who was happy for the 1st time in her life. By the time I was 14 he was treating her so badly I decided there was no reason to hold on to this secret for him anymore. I told her. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! She didn't believe me. I spent the next 4 years of my life in girls homes and lock downs. She found out the truth when I was 16 but she didn't leave him. Nor did she get me out of where I was. She left me there and went on about her life with her husband. I ran away from these places all the time trying to go back home but my mom would just send me back. On one of my ventures home, (I was 14) I was raped by 4 men. Another time I was attacked and was hell to say the least. Then I was 18 and they couldn't hurt me anymore, right? Wrong! I fell in love with this guy and we got married and had two children. I lost my put in jail for 3 months and when I got out. My husband had abandoned me and the kids to go to another woman. I can't bring myself to type any more of this nightmare but to say the least, it's just been a downward spiral since then.

    Comments: 30   Votes:



    Posted by hk at February 7, 2011
    Tags: Abuse   2011 February   Society   Violence

    i was raped a month ago. i hate myself. i want to die. it happened in a church. my parents dont kjnow. if they do, they will kill me becuz im arabic and thats the culture. im not a virgin anymore. im 16 i have no friends no bf nothing. i feel like shit. my grandfather molested me when i was 8. bye

    Comments: 14   Votes:


    a life

    Posted by amy at January 16, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Bad Luck   2011 January   Money   Violence

    I always thought I had a bright future. My parents and everyone around me was always telling me how beautiful, intelligent and gifted I was. I went to a private college to study art and design, I thought I was going in a good direction and would be successful - but I wasn't happy. I was anxious all the time. I worked sooo hard that I was wearing myself out. Then during my junior year I was raped by two guys at a party. My life came undone.

    I tried to continue school- but it wasn't the same. I couldn't be the perfect student I had been before. I struggled with guilt, inadequacy and depression. I started cutting myself. All of the networking I had done in the design industry had gone to waste- I lost interest. I started focusing more on fine art, thinking that the tragedy had inspired me somehow. I made some headway and I graduated somehow, but had not made any lasting friendships in school and was lonely and confused. That was in May.

    Now, I am working part time at a book store making no money. I have huge amounts of debt due to my private school loans, and medical bills from breaking my leg while I had no insurance. I feel like such a failure. I still cut myself and and I am so depressed, but I try to put on a good front and seem happy. My boyfriend moved to another city... I am trying to move there, so I am looking for a job there, but have not had much luck. I have no friends where I am now, and no life. I'm worried that my boyfriend will get fed up and break up with me. If that happened, I would truly have nothing and no one in this world. I feel stuck. I don't know what to do. I keep trying. It has to get better right?

    Comments: 11   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at November 9, 2010
    Tags: Abuse   Family   2010 November   Violence

    My dad ran over my mom with his truck.. HE was always beating her up and he beat his son at the age of 3 with a waterhose. He confronted my brother because he was using the phone and my brother and he hit him and kept hitting him. My brother was all beat up with blood. The good thing they got divorced but after 20 years of marriage. I dont know how my mom survived it all the violience all the beatings.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    A man takes me and rapes me.

    Posted by Deanna at September 13, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 September   Violence

    I was night and i was in the city and I was on my way home becuase I worked late becuase of deadline. I stopped a the light and while iwa wait to change to green a man jumped in my car. he had kinfe at my abdemom anf he told me not to scream and do what ever he says and I would not be harmed. When the light chnged he told to drive he told pul into a deserted parking lot and he told to turn offhte car and get on his side so I knew I would be able to escape. He put in the trunk of my car. My was a Cadillac Deville. Before he closed the trunk he took my heels off and bindfolded me. He dove around for long time with me in the trunk. When stopped he opened and took off the bind fold and we in cemertary. He took behind a mosilem and told take off y clothes I took off my dress shoes slip panty hose bra and underwear. He hand cuffed me and forced to and told to spread my legs. He rpaed me for long time and he took my jwelery clothes and my car. I was still nude. I made to the road and woman stopped and took me to the hospital. They found my car burned along with my clothes purse and the contents m of my and wallet on the ground but my money and ATM card were gone. i stope froze my account and but my check bok was left with all my check left in it. I got a newcar a Honda Cicic. I drive around with my doos locked so this never happens again. He took my sense of safty my peice of mind and my virginity. I was violated and humiliated as ahsamred of what has happened to me. I wonder when i was taken form the trunk should i have ran or fight back and I f did would he have killed me. He has never been cuaght and they have his DNA the they got fromand from my clothes.

    Comments: 31   Votes:


    My husband hit me

    Posted by Utterly Sad at July 8, 2010
    Tags: 2010 July   Relationship   Violence

    Just last night, we fought (PHYSICALLY).

    I punched him. He kicked me.

    He kicked me in my chest that I flew. And he kicked me on my thigh as though we are doing thai boxing.

    I never thought it would turn out this way.

    Help me somebody.

    I dont know what to do next.

    He is not apologetic. He thinks I was the one who irritated him to behave this way.

    I dont know what to do.
    Should I just pretend nothing has happened? And live life as per normal with him? Or should I demand an apology?

    Utterly Sad...

    Comments: 29   Votes:


    Taken and raped

    Posted by Kate at June 30, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    I live in samll twon and raped oesn't happen an large ctities it also can happen in small towns. My car need some work on the brakes and there was a palce not far from whaere I live. The area was well light The place Ileft the car was a across the rail road tacks from the street I live on. I crossed all three sets of tracks the ain line and side track 1 and 2 where pick and leve rail road cars. As cross betwwen two cars a man that I did see hit me form the side. He must have been waiting becuase I never heard the grvel move when he hit me. I know no one hear if I screamed. He had and took me at knife point up the tracks to an open rail road box car. Some cars are left there open. it was only open on one side and none would see us becuase there were other railroad cars parked there. He ordered me in to the car. He told me to strip. When I rused he cut off my sweater pants T-shirt bra pantie socks and he pulled off my shoes. Then he rpaed at knife point. He rped for a long time the he took my jewelery and he left me my watch. He tied me up with my shoe laces. He took another lacation and threw mw into a deep ditch and left me for dead. I was there for awhile and some railroad workers heard my cries for help. They wrapped me up in a blanket and got their radio for the police. I was trated for a broken arm fromthe 5 feet drop in the ditch. Luckley there was no water in the ditch or I would have drown there. The man ha never been cuaght. when I was interveiwed by the news I sked them not showmy face becuase the man is stil out there. I can't with reliving what I wen thtrough that night. I will never do that again I wil wait until the next to get my car fixed the next time.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    The campus was not safe

    Posted by Leslie at June 27, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    Ajy who college ampuses are safe is not keeping her guard up. This happend my sophmore year I mma snior now. I was walking between classes andI had to got another building for my next class. The side has woods and it no fence. A man came out the bushes and not to scream or turn around or he would kill me. As tried to run he grabed me and droagge me in the woods. he blindfolded me and told to take of all my clothes and my shoes and he raped me. he tied mylegs with my shoes laces and tied my hands with my silk scarf and left me nude. i got my hands free and untied my legs and found a camps police officer and reparted being raped. My clothes were found near by the spot I was raped in. He has never been caught. things like this should never happen to girls. Being raped is worse thing any girl can go through. It ruins their life. I am going let ruinmy life I willl get my degree and make somthing of myself.

    Comments: 26   Votes:


    Kid napped and rped on my way home

    Posted by Carol at June 22, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    One day I decided to walk to work becuase it was a warm day but not hot. Imad eto work with no problems. At 6 I was walking home when a van pulled up next to me and two men pulled me in. There three men in the van one was driving. They gagged and bindfolded me. I felt my shoes being pulled off. then heard the sound of my dress slip bra stockings and panties being ripped off. The van stopped and I as raped by all three men. I was still blindolfolded and gagged the threw out of the van with my shoes only. After they I put on myshoes and a woman saw me and took the hospital. the police let me keep my shoes. they where my clothes were i told the men that raped still have and they ripped them off me. Ws gicen some scrubs and the police took me home. They never cuaght the men that raped and leftme in my shoes. I feeel shame violated Humilated and embaressment. It is the lowest I have felt. I want tose men cuaght before another poor girl is attacked.

    Comments: 45   Votes:


    Why did this happen to me?

    Posted by mary at June 22, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 June   Violence

    A boy took me to prom and we had a wonderful time. when time to go he told to get int and he drove a sucluded location and tokk off my shoes and zipped my dreess and pulled it off the he took my slip strpless bra and apntyhose. I was in nothing but my underwear. He put my clothes in a bag and blidfolded and drove around for long time I was clod becuase I was in my underwear. he stopped the van again took off my underwear and raped my for long time. He told to put my underwear on and he threw out of the van an left in my underwear I found my clothes he have been throwing my clothes out he window as he drove away. i put in thec lothes as I found them and went ot he hospital myself and the police took all my clothes. Tey did rape kit and he was cuaght two days later. The found thing on me and my clothes and in his van. I got my clothes after thtrial he got serval years for rape akidnapping and false impriionment. Why did this haapen to me? I did not do anything to desrve what I went through. If some that doesn't suck then waht does?

    Comments: 40   Votes:


    Horrible life.

    Posted by Must escape! at June 21, 2010
    Tags: Abuse   Attitude   Bad Luck   2010 June   Violence

    My life was good until the year of 2004. Then everything started to change.
    I was raped. But never told anyone about it. Me and my family were kicked out of our house because we couldnt pay the rent. We were homeless for 6 months! I get abused almost everyday.
    My boyfriend recently broke up with me for my best friend! FML. I want to die sometimes, i cry myself to sleep wishing that someday, somewhere, someone will rescue me from my miserable lonley life. I remember wanting to die so bad I randomly started swallowing a bunch of medicine but my brother stopped me. All of my friends are pretty much fake. Sometimes I wonder if God is real.

    Comments: 45   Votes:


    How to come out of this whirlpool?

    Posted by Confused Soul at June 7, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   Family   2010 June   Relationship   Violence

    I am married for 13 years, daughter who is 11 years. Marriage was arranged by parents (I love my parents). The guy and his family are thankless creatures. All sweet in front of me but venomous at my back to my husband. My husband still listens to them and comes back to me saying you did this to my Mom and you did that to my brother and they felt insulted. Examples could be I asked his mother will she have food, instead of saying food is ready please come and have it. I did not go out to talk to his brother and invite him inside when he came to drop his mom at our place, my husband went out I was with my guests. Mind you, this brother is younger to me, not elder. The worst part is my husband comes and tells me all this, that means he agrees with what these guys are saying. After 13 years he still supports them not me, this is when I am an equally qualified as my husband, he did not have job for first 3 years of our marriage. I supported him during the tough phase, not asking for a anything. During this time, I was earning handsome salary and also gave birth. All the time he was at home, still I would cook for the whole family, clean up the house, take care of my baby, wake up in the night if she is crying etc etc. I could very well afford a maid, but he and his family did not like the idea. I feel his family envies me because I am the most successful person in their family and I am the one who pushed my husband for further education and made him successful too. I never aske...

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    My abusive father

    Posted by Ericka at June 3, 2010
    Tags: 2010 June   Violence

    My mother died when I was six but not by the hands of my father he nevere raised hnd against her. After she died he began to change. He abuse verbol ohysical and sexual. Then it s became sexual only. On siteenth birthday he threw woth some of his freinds only. it was getting and some his freinds left. I was up stairs getting ready to take shower and got bed. I was in my bra panties when my father a couple of his freinds entered. I got ver scared. I coul tell they were all drunk. My father beat and ripped off my bra and panties and raped me and his freinds took turn s raping me. After they i was alying there just crying. Later i got dressed an suck and wen to the police department and reported them. My father was mad and as the police were taking him to jail he made thret that after he got out he would get me. I called my from my mother's side of the family to come in get me. I my will it said if any thing happen to my mother anfather that she would get custidy of me. We got restaining against my father. Him and his were convicted of stachtory rape. His showed remorse and told they were sorry but My was not. I am 19 now and he is still jail he got max for wha the did to me his took plea deal to get less time and theytestfied on my behalf against him. i thank them even though those men raped me as well I can forgive them but I never forgive my father I hope he rots or get what happens to him in prision.

    Comments: 42   Votes:


    I screamed and nobdy heard me.

    Posted by Ann at June 1, 2010
    Tags: Crime   2010 May   Violence

    i walk for my health and I thoght my nieghbor hood was safe from crime. No place is safe. I was just around dusk and Iwas walking when a man wearing a si mask took me at knife in to the woods there were house near by a screamed and nobdy heard the he tape my mouth. He cut he lace of my shoes and puled them off. The cut my t-shirt bra shorts panties and scoks off of me. Then he raped me. after he left i crawed to one the houses nude. The I crawled just my frend Martha. she too me inside and called to police they colloect my clothes. Martha took me to the hospital the police asked to describe him but I could n't becuase he as wearing ski mask. Iwas 24 then Ima now 29 and he has benn cuaght to this day I wonder if he has to any other women and they are scared to come foreward with the information. I am afraid to walk around my neighborhood becuase he could be looking for his next victim or he get me and rape me again.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    I went out a tnight

    Posted by Paige at May 29, 2010
    Tags: 2010 May   Violence

    I suffered the worse vilicne any girl can face I was rped on my way home form being out. My car is was car broke down. I started to walk home when a car pulled up and asked if I needed a ride. I was uneasy about the man in the car. I walke but before i knew it he out of the car and put knife to my throat and told if i screamed he would kill me. He forced in to the car and locked the door he blinfolded me and bound my legs and hands. he drove for a long time. He pulled out of the car and took in to a house and down the baement he took the blindfolde and untied me. He order to strip. When I refused he pushed down and pulled offf my shoes and socks. Then cut my shirt pants, sweater, t-shirt bra and panties off of me. He raped for sevral hours. he blod folded me again and took to anthoer location and lft me there nude. The was cuaght an convicted and I did teastify against him but my life has sucked.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


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