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The Breaking of a Family

Posted by anonymous at January 23, 2012
Tags: Alcohol  Family  2012 January  Violence

My life hasn't always been this awful. Actually, I think I've lived a pretty decent life until I turned about 16. As of now, I am a 19 year old woman who lives with her dad and younger sister. Sadly, my mother passed away when I was 16. That was the most devasting event in my life! After that my life had just plunged downhill. My family's grief from my Mom's death has destroyed us. We are no longer a family. About three months after my mother's passing, my Dad decided to start drinking. He always told me that he won't continue. But he never quit. As time went on, his drunkeness increased as well as his evil actions. When I was 18, he began to look at my body. At first I didn't pay any mind until I caught him peeking at me changing in the bathroom. I just kept my cool and pretended like I didn't notice. I didn't know what to do! This peeking nature of his continued. One night my dad and I was watching a movie on the couch. It was getting late so I decided to shower and retire for the night. When I went to bed, five minutes later I heard a knock on my door. It was Father. He aked me if he can sleep in my bed because he claimed that he get's lonely at night. I did not believe him so I said no. The next day we didn't say a word to each other until he started drinking and had gotten drunk. He was really angry about what happened last night and we argued. I couldn't take anymore so I went to my room and shut the door. For the next half hour it was quiet. I was curious about the placidity in the house so I left the room to see my Dad. I checked the living room then I checked his room but they were both empty. So I went to my 11 year old's sister's room. What I've witnesses was a thousand times worse than my Mom's death. My dad was raping my sister! Immediately, I tried to get him off of her. Before I knew it, I took a sledgehammer to the knee. Instantaneouly, I fell and on the ground my Father hit me four more times with the sledgehammer in my legs. My left leg is now broken. When the cops arrived, my dad was taken to prison and we'll probably never see him again. I hate him very much now but I don't want too. I wish I had parents and now my sister is probably traumatised for life. Thanks for reading my sorrowful tale of woe.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Feb,12 02:02

You and your sister need to see a therapist/counselor. Join a church, you need community, there are lots of people who want to help you. You can get through this. I will pray for you.
By anonymous at 11,May,12 17:13

the therapy part is true, but wether she turns to religion as the ultimate answer is not your choise.

By anonymous at 10,Feb,12 02:05

Your sister isin't ruined for life. She needs therapy, but she can move on from what has happened. You and your sister can get through this!

By anonymous at 10,Feb,12 16:53

IT's ok keep thinking about nice thing and forget what happened like first comment go to church it'll help u soo much

By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 18:57

You're a HERO! Your bravery saved your sister from sexual abuse. You are a wonderful lady and I hope your sister knows what an awesome human being you are, but if she doesn't, remember you are an INCREDIBLE person and it is very fortunate we have laws that will keep criminals like your father locked up, don't ever feel sorry for him, his is not a human hes a DEMON. Someway somehow you will be rewarded for your selfless actions. Don't ever change. Some people would be too cowardly to act, but you weren't!

By Ericka at 12,Feb,12 14:33

My father rpaed e after my mother died. I was by him and 4 of his freinds. the all got convicted of of rape in a monor. this happend on 16 birthday. I wen to the police my self after it happend and I went that night. I vedwith my Aunt and uncle on my mother's side of the family and they nice to me. All the relitives on my father's side of the family hate me and that is the truth. I am in madical schol and trying to become a Doctor in children's medicine
By anonymous at 10,Jun,12 11:29

You are fucking lying, Ericka. And everyone knows it.

By anonymous at 14,Feb,12 00:32

if that was me I would not be wishing to not hate him and want my parents back. Mother-yes father-no.

By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 22:59

oh sweetheart. don't lose faith. you are a Hero. Good people can be born of Bad!

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 00:49

Hey... U wr right at what had happened 2 u U r really a great women who had saved her sister.....

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 00:50

Hey... U wr right at what had happened 2 u U r really a great women who had saved her sister.....

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 00:51

Hey... U wr right at what had happened 2 u U r really a great women who had saved her sister.....

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 00:51

Hey... U wr right at what had happened 2 u U r really a great women who had saved her sister.....

By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 14:23

you should have just gave it up to him.its all your fault now.whats wrong with you?
By anonymous at 28,May,12 20:24

dude thats sad how fucked up you are you should be beaten by a sledgehammer and have your dick chopped off and go to jail you quartered ass self centered pathetic piece of shit
have some respect

By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 07:19


By anonymous at 05,Apr,12 17:18

feel sorry for your whole family. your poor father. his head must have really got mixed up. not saying what he did could ever be forgiven, but it sounds like his loss drove him over the edge

By anonymous at 03,May,12 06:50

im really impressed. but i know you wont feel comfortable with it. its NOT your fault you know. none of it is your fault. its not your fault your father thought he owned both of you. its not your fault your mother passed. its not your fault he drank. its not your fault he got depressed. its not your fault you got hurt. its not your fault that your sister is hurt bad and you feel like your own hurts come second. its not your fault baby girl!

By anonymous at 25,May,12 20:39

You're a courageous young lady. You will be OK. I know it.

By TT at 28,May,12 20:28

you were brave getting saving your sister like that if i was there i would've helped but unfortunatley i wasn't but it will go uphill believe me you have a good heart try going on a cruise or any kind of vacation with a friend or LOVED family member (sorry to mention family) maybe go to florida or kansas

your pal,Tanner

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