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LIFE SUCKS : Stepdad

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  • Why is there so much pain in life?
  • story of a girl who wants to die
  • Why step-dads alway get sh_t on.
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    untitled story

    Posted by nothing at February 26, 2012
    Static LinkTags: 2012 February   Juvenile problems   Stepdad

    I really, really fucking hate my stepfather (I hate calling him that, but unfortunately, he is). He's the cause of about 60 percent (in case you didn't know, that's a large number) of my problems in my life. He's incredibly ignorant, he knows that I don't like him, yet he acts completely oblivious so he can make ME look like the bad guy. We all know someone that likes to do shit like that.He treats me like crap, he doesn't want to do anything for me at all and he treats his real son like royalty compared to me. His son gets everything in the world and he gets to sit in his throne, while I, the peasant, has to sit in the high chair. I know I've messed up a lot in school, making bad grades my freshman and sophomore year in high school, but now I'm a junior and I've tried as hard as I fucking could to improve my grades to get the asshole of my ass about it. I admit, I've got 2 F's, but I'm actually passing my other 5 classes with B's and C's. My previous years in high school, I've made all F's excluding PE, which I've got an A in lol. Anyway, my improvement, went unnoticed, he's quick to denounce me for my efforts saying that I haven't really changed at all. We all know someone that no matter what you do, you can't impress the son of a bitch. I do everything in my power to avoid him because I can't stand to see his face, just hearing his voice makes me sick. He'll often cry about that, once again asking my mom as to why I behave like I do around him, even though he knows the...

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    It never gets any better...

    Posted by CrystalinaJeann at April 16, 2011
    Tags: Abuse   2011 April   Family   Relationship   Stepdad   Violence

    Okay....since I don't have the money to go see a shrink I will finally talk about my life on here. When I was 9 my stepfather decided to forget I was suppose to be like a daughter to him and decided I looked more like a mistress. From then until 14 I decided to hide it from my mom who was happy for the 1st time in her life. By the time I was 14 he was treating her so badly I decided there was no reason to hold on to this secret for him anymore. I told her. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! She didn't believe me. I spent the next 4 years of my life in girls homes and lock downs. She found out the truth when I was 16 but she didn't leave him. Nor did she get me out of where I was. She left me there and went on about her life with her husband. I ran away from these places all the time trying to go back home but my mom would just send me back. On one of my ventures home, (I was 14) I was raped by 4 men. Another time I was attacked and was hell to say the least. Then I was 18 and they couldn't hurt me anymore, right? Wrong! I fell in love with this guy and we got married and had two children. I lost my put in jail for 3 months and when I got out. My husband had abandoned me and the kids to go to another woman. I can't bring myself to type any more of this nightmare but to say the least, it's just been a downward spiral since then.

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    Why is there so much pain in life?

    Posted by Mizar at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Health   2011 January   Poverty   Relationship   Stepdad

    I don't know where to begin. It seems like life is nothing but a series of painful situations and I have had my share. My story reads like a movie sometimes. It started when I was a kid. My step father hated me. He beat me at times for no reason, but it worsened after I fell from the cliff. I didn't break anything but I did rupture my spleen. Didn't know it at the time but as the months went by I felt an ever growing pain in my left side. I would complain about it but I would be beaten and/or put to work to get me to shut up about it. Even breathing became difficult. After a year of pain I finally reached the point where I didn't care anymore what my step father did to me and I refused to do any more physical work. I even told him that I didn't care if he beat me because I already hurt too much and nothing he did would make it worse. My mother finally took me to a doctor and I was immediately hospitalized. They thought I had cancer, that it was a massive tumor, but it was an 18 pound blood clot in my abdomen that had pushed my organs to the right and up into my chest. That is why I had trouble breathing.

    I married young. I wanted to get away from home but I also wanted to just have someone to love and be loved by. Never did I think that the beautiful woman I married could be such a monster. I was in the Navy then and every time I went to sea and came back I had to get my wife back from the arms of another. I also had to get her sober again. S...

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    story of a girl who wants to die

    Posted by stupid girl at December 12, 2009
    Tags: December 2009   Family   Juvenile problems   Stepdad

    first i come from germany, so im sorry for mistakes i do by writing.

    i hate my life.
    my parents are divorced. my stepfather hates my and can just love my half-sister.
    i calls me bitch and says that when i was his daughter then he will hurt me.
    but he knows that when he will beat me, i'll go to police.

    i hate everything about my life. i dont have a real family. my mother said get him out of the way, but i cant.

    i love my firends. they are the best i ever knowed.
    they say come to me i'll help you when i have problems at home.

    i cant go to them, they will see the scars on my arms.
    i have scars on my legs, my arms, my shoulders. and i cant feel them. they are so much an nobody looks at this.
    my boyfriend live 600km away from me.

    he loves me i knwo, and i love him.

    but sometimes i just want to die.

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    Why step-dads alway get sh_t on.

    Posted by anonymous at August 26, 2009
    Tags: August 2009   Family   Stepdad

    It doesn't mater what you do, how high you jump or how much you leave of your self behind for the happens of your new family. As soon your step-daughter getís to an age of young adult. You are looked like some kind of freak. I love my daughter very much and it hurts that after 15 years I get tried for just a mist understanding

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