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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Corporate America should rot in hell

    Posted by KaD at June 12, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Society   Unemployment

    After being unemployed for three years, including one with absolutely NO income, I'm thankful to have a job at all; even if it is a temp position. What I don't appreciate is wasting my time on FIVE interviews after applying for a regular position with the company and then being told by someone else that they never hire the temps. If that's the case why didn't the F***heads just say that up front??? One of their 'corporate values' is integrity; where was the intergrity in how they dealt with me? And why is it I'm good enough to do their god **** grunt work but not good enough for a regular job? I'm so sick of the lies and bullshit from corporations. I'm supposed to have loyalty to them when they have NONE for me. NO more. Piss on corporate america. I hope they all rot in hell. Any company that says they can't find good employees wouldn't know a good employee if one came in and bit them on the ass.

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    get rid of tv

    Posted by les at June 5, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Society

    TV drives normal people to do things they would not normally do. Say, buy a new dx, playstation, xbox etc. Kids see this shit on the tv and want it. Parents buy it, then the child that sleeps over wants it or the kid next door wants it too. "Adults still want the same shit" Why is that i wonder? Cause we are trained from day one..... school. And school does suck. We are trained to keep the economy going from day one. So parents have no time for there children, because we are trying to make a dollar. Which still makes it hard because we are still trying to keep up with jones'. Forget the world, go back to the bush. Don't get in debt THATS WHAT THEY WANT. Less stress and more time for your kids, that's the key. FUCK THE WORLD BANKERS, ROTHCHILD ROCKERFELLA AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER. And fuck the Government thats with them. STRESS BRINGS hate violence and an uncontrollable family. Please look up protocols of zion. This will help you to understand. Good luck.......... Life does not suck. they make it that way.

    Comments: 16   Votes:



    Posted by Name at June 3, 2012
    Tags: 2012 June   Society

    I can't say I hate my life but I know I don't like it. Everything I see in the media I know is fabricated. The internet, TV, newspapers, etc. If everything in reality is fake how the fuck are you able to tell whats real. I really can't say I understand any of it. I can breakdown peoples characteristics and kind of understand who they are and stuff like that and it seems to me like so many people on this earth are fake themselves and just want to please others. I live this fucking boring repeated cycle of a life and I'm really just trying to understand who the fuck I am. I don't know if I am unattractive or anything but I haven't had a female friend since I was in grade 9 and now I just finished my first year of uni. I know life isn't all about girls and shit but I feel like I don't deserve any love or anything. I feel like a robot all the time, I can't understand my own fucking emotions. Its like I'm a dead corpse or something. I always wondering about my own death. How will I die and when. I don't understand when I became all fucked up in my head. It might have been the one year I was forced to live in some shit hole of a country where the fucking people all seemed to hate me and I definitely hated all of them. The country was Yemen and I'm not even Yemeni. I keep questioning why people do what they do in this life like go to university or college (or don't), get a job, work at that job till they retire, then die. WTF is the point of all that. I can't interact with peopl...

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    Comments: 6   Votes:



    Posted by jay-c at May 21, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Philosophical   Society

    I'm 18, I went to school, did all things a normal kid did, played with friends, went to the cinema, bowling, family occasions, i've had girlfriend, i've got amazing friends, a big family, i've got a house, tv in my room, playstation ,laptop, sky subscription, i've got a job, and i'm studying at college. But i hate my life.

    I hate my life, because this world is absolutely ruined. People killing each other over religion, RELIGION, something that cannot even be scientifically proven, and is most likely not even true. Kids are being judged by exams results, instead of their personalities and performance in the work place. Rich people have to pay less for things, poor people get nothing. Racism is still part of everyday life, people are judged by their appearance, WE HAVE TO PAY TO BE EDUCATED, teachers don't even teach because they want to provide others with knowledge and opportunity, they teach because it's a job and just want the money. World leaders and constantly being slated, they can't do anything right, because no matter what they say or do, someone, somewhere isn't going to agree. Kids are so fake these days, girls in particular, they think beauty is orange skin, bright blonde hair, massive tits, and they act like complete sluts to try and get a boyfriend, and then they moan about not finding true love. If you don't respect yourself, then who else will. Boys think that having a massive dick, being ripped, smoking, getting tattoo's, playing the hard man is wh...

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    Comments: 15   Votes:


    Humanity is the new insult.

    Posted by anonymous at May 20, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Society

    Everyday i hear about one sad story. Either a child got abused. A girl got raped. Someone mugged an old couple. A greedy husband killed his wife for dowry. A greedy husband and his fucking pathetic family killed his wife for dowry. Another child got molested. By his grandpa. Another 5 yr old kid takes up the job of a beggar. Another low life loser rapes and kills a 15 yr old girl. Another sick bastard throws acid on a girl's face because she wouldn't accept his rose. Another son of a bitch professor tries to rape his 18 yr old college student. Another Husband kills his wife for money. Another father molests his own daughter. Another teacher tries to put his "penis" into his 6 yr old student's mouth. Another 80 yr old lady gets mugged and killed. Another and another and another.... what the hell is wrong with humans? Being called a "human" is becoming a disgrace. Because if being human means to do such things, i'd rather be a demon. "Everyone has a demon inside them." yeah? NO. Everyone is becoming a fucking Satan. And trust me, i am insulting SATAN by comparing him to Humans. We have rape, child abuse, female infanticide, robbery, murders, and a long list of A grade crimes... what do we need demons and satan for? huh? I mean, as far as "supernatural" or "dangerous" entities go, Vampires and Werevoles and demons have already charmed millions of this foolish humanization. And oh how i abide by them. Because when i have seen what HUMANS are capable of, everything else seems ...

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    Comments: 19   Votes:


    sluts,drugs, and shitty reality t.v. shows

    Posted by Pseudonymous Secret Unknown at May 19, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Philosophical   Society

    This is not my life but a life exposed to many American children and many other children and their families across the world. The world has stooped to a level lower then anyone can imagine so low that more people each and every year are reduced to living on the streets and reduced to stealing to provide for their familes to live. As an American I believe that we as a living community can promote justice around the world to stop whatever ruins our live and the live of our children and our children's children to stop them from becoming sluts and thugs and bums that are taking drugs for no reason at all. The television show that are brodcasted to every paying televison costomer such as degrassi,pregnant in heels, jersey shore, and may other television shows are ruining the youth of this generation by promoting sex, drugs and violance into the minds of kid, teens and young adults alike and making them think its okay for them to live like that. Do you really want your children to live like that and if you are a child (ranking from anyone who's old enough to read and understand what im saying) do you really want to grow up like this, in a world where hundreds of people get murdered on the streets daily and people sell illegal drugs to make a quick buck and many other horrable things? I believe we as a community of people not just of my country of America but of every country through out the world can see to it that our beloved people of the earth shall not perish with the thoug...

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    Comments: 20   Votes:


    Quitting Medicine = Happiness

    Posted by Horse Doc at May 13, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Philosophical   Society

    Does America really need another miserable doctor? One that won't prescribe opiates even if s/he believes their patient is truly in pain? One that spends 6 hours a day doing Insurance/HMO/Medicare paperwork, in addition to the 8 hours spent seeing patients?

    I think not.

    I was miserable, my co-workers were miserable, I had no reason to believe that this state of misery would change any time soon.

    I had a rare day off from my residency program, and tried to relax by doing some stream fishing. Well, those few hours fishing did little to relieve me, but I did and up making a startling revelation while traversing the riverbanks, but it would take a day before I realized what it was.

    I followed the stream where it went under a bridge. Under the bridge were two homeless fellows, drinking some rot gut whiskey. I joked with these guys while I fished through the area they were calling home. I finished my day off fishing and went back home--dreading the next day back at the hospital.

    It was early the next day back at work that I realized an important life lesson--so clearly & obviously demonstrated to me.

    The two homeless guys were dirt poor, probably mentally ill, likely alcoholics, BUT THEY WERE HAPPY ! ??

    My coworkers at the hospital were well educated, rich (by most people's standards) and some of the most miserables SOBs in the world.

    My revelation was that although I did NOT envy the homeless men's l...

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    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Anyone else feel deceived?

    Posted by anonymous at May 1, 2012
    Tags: 2012 May   Society

    What is this shit on televesion that portrays everyone as having an unlimited bank account, perfect bodies and chronic happy-itis? Who are these people? The truth is, life sucks, then you die, then you go to hell and fry. We are living in an unmitigated SH%T HOLE, where people only have time for a smile and kind words when they want to use or abuse you. And most often its abuse. Screw this POS, I'm OUT.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    World Peace

    Posted by anonymous at April 24, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Society

    I'm an American so I can say that, from a moral point of view, things are getting worse.

    Nothing matters anymore. Nobody questions anything. That's why America, and possibly the rest of the world, is doomed.

    Let me give you a VERY simple example of what I mean.

    There is a man in American basketball named...I kid you not...METTA WORLD PEACE.

    Nobody questions it. Prove it? I can. The idea that a guy could even think he could get away with a name like that without being ridiculed into submission is the proof.

    1) Nothing is questioned.
    2) Everything is morally relative.
    3) Bad behavior is ignored.
    4) Children are trained to demand instant gratification.
    5) This will doom America from within.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Sometimes I hate the world

    Posted by Australienne at April 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Attitude   Society

    Hi. Sometimes I hate the world. I see sick people everywhere in the news and I hate them.

    I hate gossip magazines and porn. I think its a form of human trafficking. I cannot see any social benefit in these things. They tear people down. There's nothing positive about these things save that they make money. This isn't necessary a positive thing either.

    I hate child/human slave traffickers. If I were rich I would use the money for paid assassins to go and take care of them all. Its frightening what I would do if I had money.

    I hate thugs. I hate people who damage others and their property. I hate stupid, ignorant assholes who think of noone but themselves. I hate their lack of understanding or compassion. Their utter selfishness is a death sentence to everyone around them. I want to explore the world, then I read the news and think about becoming a hermit in the Himalayas.

    I have a lot of contempt for the people around me. I see their selfishness and both pity and hate them for it. I often wonder if eugenics based on IQ and human compassion is a rational option for humanity. I've been told that 80% of people in the world are selfish assholes. The other 20% are alright. I wonder sometimes which group I'm in. I do good things. Sponser a kid. Do favours for friends and help people where I can. Donate. Volunteer. Etc. But sometimes I think my hateful, contemptuous attitude puts me in the 80% group.

    Sometimes I wish I were as ignorant and stupid as the rest of the world seems to be. Then I wouldn't be so friggen aware of how horrible humanity is in general.

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    im NOT a fuckin racist and life sucks for others who are

    Posted by anonymous at April 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Society

    I personaly don give a shit if a person is white, black, purple, orange ,hispanic, mexican, latino, british, asian hell I don't even care if you are all of the above and more. All I'm saying is that many people are to racial. I.E. when that black boy got shot by a man in sanford they thought it was racial because the man wasn't black, nah uh no thats not how it works. The man shot the black boy because the black boy started to bash the mans head in the ground just because the man asked him why he was in that neighbor hood. Its not being racial. It sucks for me because all my so called friends are racist and they don't isten t a word I say I know it dosent suck that bad but thanks for reading this and leave a comment giving advice or saying if you thinkim right or wrong bout being rcial or not

    Comments: 11   Votes:



    Posted by jenn at April 19, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Relationship   Society

    Well, I feel like I have hit the rock bottom of my life. I always hated young females in the area that I lived, that got knocked up by these no life guys. The guys that drink, smoke weed, hang around outside and have no big dream or big goal. And if tthey did, there way of getting there would be illegally. I hated those guys and I hated the girls they knocked up. It turns out I ended up being one of those gurls. Am 20 years old and I'm about to give birth in two months to a girl with no daddy. I mean the dad is around but he's deadbeat. He hasn't done one thing for me throughout the pregnancy. He only blew up my phone everyday like 5 times a day to talk. What the hell is talking going to do for me. I gaved him attitude and hatred everytime he called and he still didn't get the hint. I don't even understand why he called so much. It has been annoyingn. The last time I talked to him, I asked him for money to buy the baby stuff and he just disappeared, stop calling. He would call before that and tell me that he was going to come over to talk and never did that. Always left me waiting, it was like a game to him. I was a game to him. And now here I am with an unborn child, not even ready to be a mother. I know that sounds immmature. I truly regret this whole situtation. Am finding it a hard time to get income because no one wants to hire a preggnant woman. My mother has kept me under her roof as of know but deep down I don't feel like she's happy that am there.she pays all the bills and I understand her anger I suppose. I dontt know what to do. Am looking for work so hard and its bullshitt because am the only one pressured to work. U believe that. I have brothers and sister and the pregnant one is the one required to bring income. No one needs to take responsibility but myself in this godamn house.. and I can't move out yet. Idont know what to do. Am depressed

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    We are rarely to blame for our crap lives

    Posted by Alexander at April 18, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Life Story   Society

    basically when I was 15 I moved high schools despite being in all the top sets and a module pupil, when I moved I was put into lower sets despite my excellent record when I complained they refused to change my sets, the only people who got into high sets were the popular, shovenistic bastards who used to needlessly pick on me and make my life a mysery because I used to read and keep to myself and be myself, the people at that school (if it can be called that) completely disgusted me and with the way they victimized me made me angry and quite bitter really and I often ended up lashing out at them and plotting against them, I became very quiet and introverted and because the teachers did not like me they put me in a low sets which meant I had to take low standard tests and could not get the qualifications I needed to get into a military college so I had a brake down and I was unfairly expelled (at 17), I left home and tried still to get into the Military college and train as an officer as well as various other colleges but because I did not have the qualifications they turned me down despite the fact I was superior to all the others trying, I ran out of money and could not find work and it ended with me living like a homeless person infact among the homeless.
    Luckily though I did find work as a manual labourer and gathered the money to take my GED and enroll at Community College where I studied Physics and found a cheap room where I could move into and I managed to find...

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    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Why people? WHY!?

    Posted by SadFace at April 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Philosophical   Society

    why are people so cruel? why are people killing other people.. on 12.04.2012 (4 days ago) 4 young boys had been brutally killed for no reason..there had been 1 witness and the killers had killed him as well.. they hadnt been killed with 1 nor 2 nor 3 bullets but their whole bodies were with wholes from bullets.. one of the boys went to my school.. he was a senior.. i didnt know him personally but he was a friend on my classmate which is my very good friend.. i was seeing that boy everyday in school.. i just cant cope with the fact that he is really gone now.. i cant even go to school tomorrow cause i know that i wont see him there.. after the murder i lost all the will of doing stuff.. i lost my appetite and everything.. im crying all the time.. on the news they are talking about the murder all the time.. there are 2 pictures that are flashing in front of my eyes all the time.. when he was talking to my friend and his senior picture . my country (macedonia) especially my city that i live in are going crazy about the situation that we are in.. other teenager are starting riots they are trowing rocks at cars, cops, stores all these crazy stuff.. i cant think of anything else but this.. tomorrow we are going to the graveyards where he was buried.. i really wish nothing of this ever happened.. R.I.P. boys! youll never be forgotten ♥

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Don't drink and drive

    Posted by no jobsha at April 16, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Job   Justice   Mistakes   Society   Unemployment

    Three months ago, I was what most would consider a successful person. I worked as a RN case manager in home care. I loved my work and had been doing it for 20 years, 10 years in Michigan.
    I went to college when I was in my late twenties, after my husband left me. I worked and went to school with 2 small children at home. I became a nurse. It was great. I moved to Arizona, lived there for 15 years.
    Came back to Michigan when my daughter had children. My grand children. I worked there as a case manager in home care. Doing what I do best, caring for other people.
    In June my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer, she had surgery in august. I worked every day, then went to the hospital to take care of her. Make sure she gets up and walks, that she is eating right and that she is telling them about any pain.
    When she was released, I worked every day and went to her home every evening to take care of her. She lives 40 miles from me. I did this for two weeks. When she was able to care for her self, get out of bed without assist, make her on food and shower alone, I went home after work on a Friday evening.
    I was sitting at home and decided I would go have a few beers at a bar close to an old apartment that I used to go to. I liked to play keno. Long story short, I was stopped for speeding and arrested for driving while intoxicated. I did what every one does and obtained an lawyer, went to court. Did not get much help from my attorney, I didnít...

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    Comments: 12   Votes:


    American Beauty

    Posted by EuropeanDreamer at April 15, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Philosophical   Society

    I can't feel myself. I really, really can't. I'm only 21 years old, stuck in some godforsaken suburb on my own in Denmark. Now you think "Hmmm, isn't that a happy/rich country?". FUCK NOO because people drink, smoke, abusing prozac, overeating (ppl say the government should fuck off when told how to eat properly and then they come back crying and begging for gastric bypass operations) - basically, all the socially acceptable drugs... anyway I've already figured out how to live my boring life - getting a bachelor degree which probably will be worth next to nothing when I'm done. And i fucking hate people. Not in a bad way. I just become very observing when im among larger groups of people - especially in the metro. Oh man, that place is like hell! Most obscure place on earth. Man, fuck society. People are ignorant fucks only caring about their iPhones and their fake 500+ friend list on facebook.. TV and computers ruined my family, never had an interesting conversation with my parents, i was pretty peaceful during my teens, didnt feel the need to argue, now im struggling with my identity. What defines me? Havent found an answer yet.

    Wish I could be more like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty laying down the fucking law like it's supposed to.

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    My life sucks and i don't see a Light

    Posted by anonymous at April 11, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Job   Money   Society

    I am 38yo, went to Ultrasound school when i was 34 graduated 35 couldn't find a job, everyone told me you have to get the Registration Licence -so i sat 1 year and Study --soo much $$$ on Rent/Living and good news finally i got my Licence not 1 but 2 different for Heart and General. Now TWO and 1/2 years passed i am still Looking for this Job, FL , NY or LA doesn't matter i just seem can not find that Job (that is available) Most people now require 3 years experience where will i get that Experience if i can't get that first job?
    waisting 4-5 years of my life with $50,000 debts No Job, Living with Relatives ( My mother passed away long time ago) > here i am feel like in this Person who stack in this small Fishtank and world is just Living -Laughing-Going forward but all i do is swim in this Round Glass and there is No way out?...How much more should i Continue look for this Job? what and where should i go next? i am not 22 , or 32 yo to say -ok let me see what else i can to and study or change profession.
    U have to know a Doctor or Cardiologist in order to get the job now days, its impossible to get on there doorsteps. and funny thing when i was in School Everyone bet that i will get the Job first , because i don't have a Family -> i have OK looks, i am Charismatic etc... But turn out to be i am NOTHING but this OLD bag , or maybe this Fragile Butterfly ...
    I really couldn't believe or imagine how Cruel people are, No one wants to give you a Chance, No one cares -> but i just don't understand How people make it? what about Them -those people -who re hiring, there was Time when They were looking for a job, Someone HELP them right??? Someone give them a hand that they started..
    No matter how much , how hard i try i just Can't find that Job.....I think Pretty soon i am going to be Homeless. And scary thing is No one can help me.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Humans are a pathetic Race. I hate that I am Human.

    Posted by Meow! at April 8, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Philosophical   Society

    Humans are a pathetic Race. I hate that I am Human.

    Humans are such a pathetic race. We take the best of anything and crush it, manipulate it and use it and abuse until there is nothing left and still, we are jealous and envious and want more. Nothing is ever enough.

    We are all just a bunch of chemical reactions, occurring to ensure species survival. Live your life and try not to waste too much so we can all enjoy the short time we have. Once it's gone, that's it. Believe what you want, but this is the Real Truth, the Meaning of Life.

    I hate that I am a human, but I don't want to be any other creature either. I hate that I am able to think and I wish that I was born ignorant. Ignorance is bliss??? Is it??? I wish my brain processes and memories were never born. I hate how ungrateful I am. I am in a first world country, I would Love to give my life for someone more deserving (like in a 3rd world country) Maybe I am stupid. The world is at my doorstep in a first world country, and I'm too depressed and caught up in the fact that I have a bad back, and stuffed knees and allergies to everything, sick all the time, in agony all the time to get over myself and try to make the most of life. But then, 3rd world country people are human too. Given money, they too, just like successful 1st world country people would become corrupt and abuse the system and want more.

    We are overpopulated. For goodness sake. Why the hell are people everywhere, inc...

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    Comments: 37   Votes:


    kill me. just kidding. but make this world better.

    Posted by itreallydoesntmatter. at April 5, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Society

    Ever since this world hit the year 2000, everything has went downhill. The government own everything. They have taken away eveything possible chance if freedom. freedom. I'm not even sure what that word properly means now. and this is not illegal because I'm using my right of my 'freedom of speech' so suck me. GOD WORLD, THERE IS 900 MILLION PEOPLE OUT THERE! GET A FUCKING GRIP AND PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. I'm never coming on this site again for the years I've still got to live, because I don't remember how I got onto it do I won't get any of your comments.

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    fuck uuuuu

    Posted by jayjay at April 1, 2012
    Tags: 2012 April   Attitude   Society

    Im 29 years old, Im a vet of both iraq) and afghanistan. I was honorably discharged at the rank of sergeant.
    Every fucking day I look at these piece of shit people these fucking low life scumbags with there pants hanging not even off their ass now they have the fucking balls to wear the waist of the pants below there ass almost to their knees, they wear the fucking thermal underwear like that hides it, like I cant see your tiny pencil dick. What the fuck have they ever done with they're fucking life except waste it on a fucking corner, collecting welfare smoking weed. All the fucking shit iv done, all the time the sweat the blood and this is how god punishes me, He makes them think that there somehow superior. Get a fucking life you deadbeat piece of shit monkey motherfucker, Go fucking hang yourself.

    Comments: 13   Votes:


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