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Don't drink and drive

Posted by no jobsha at April 16, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Job  Justice  Mistakes  Society  Unemployment

Three months ago, I was what most would consider a successful person. I worked as a RN case manager in home care. I loved my work and had been doing it for 20 years, 10 years in Michigan.
I went to college when I was in my late twenties, after my husband left me. I worked and went to school with 2 small children at home. I became a nurse. It was great. I moved to Arizona, lived there for 15 years.
Came back to Michigan when my daughter had children. My grand children. I worked there as a case manager in home care. Doing what I do best, caring for other people.
In June my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer, she had surgery in august. I worked every day, then went to the hospital to take care of her. Make sure she gets up and walks, that she is eating right and that she is telling them about any pain.
When she was released, I worked every day and went to her home every evening to take care of her. She lives 40 miles from me. I did this for two weeks. When she was able to care for her self, get out of bed without assist, make her on food and shower alone, I went home after work on a Friday evening.
I was sitting at home and decided I would go have a few beers at a bar close to an old apartment that I used to go to. I liked to play keno. Long story short, I was stopped for speeding and arrested for driving while intoxicated. I did what every one does and obtained an lawyer, went to court. Did not get much help from my attorney, I didnít know that I needed a special attorney, who only dealt with DUI cases or as my attorney pointed out later, an attorney who could fight for my job.
In December, I plead to a lesser charge, less points, but still impaired driving. A week later Human Resources called me on the job and told me to meet them at the end of my day. I was laid off for 60 days. I no longer was able to meet the job requirement of acceptable driving record. During this s time I could try to get a job in the hospital.
I was 60 years old at the time. Unable to do hospital staff work. I applied for a position in the hospital for care manager, same thing as case manager, but all work is done in the hospital. I did not get the job.
I am on unemployment, but it covers my rent and a few bills. My cobra insurance is almost five hundred dollars a month. I am using my retirement fund to pay for this.
Now I am 61 years old, am unable to get a job in home care. And to old to get job in hospital.
I plead with the Police chief of the city I was arrested in to lower the charge, so I could keep my job. He refused. I donít understand this.
This was a first offense, I had a clean driving record, no tickets. I made a mistake. How often have you had a few drinks and drove home, did you think you were impaired? The bar tender continued to serve me drinks, when I left, no one told me to take a cab, or offered to give me a ride.
I believe the charge could have been lowered with the stipulation that if I ever was seen in court for similar driving offenses, that high penalties would be sanctioned. But to loose your job over a first offense.


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By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 02:37

Somethings happen for a reason.

Friend works at a hotel which is closing, last day is in June. She put her home on the market & sold it. At the time, she had a offer on another home which did not go through. She had no where to go after the close date of her sold home & soon no job to qualify for a mortgate. She had a hard time finding a new place & it turns out the place she did find was a better price & better home.

You mention you visited your sister while she was sick at home. Is there any other employer that provides this service? What about social services? Maybe an insurance company? You sound like a very caring person. Your skills can be applied to almost anything. And, if they mention the age & only if... remind them that regis, barbara walters, etc.. are still working & they're much older.

You have no restrictions. You are needed somewhere and just need to find the place. Start looking and I hope you enjoy yourself while you do.

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 10:56

The exact same thing happened to me. I lost my job following a DUI conviction. Like you I pleaded with the arresting officer and later the attorney to do anything to lessen the charge to save my job. I said I would pay all the consequences and fines of a DUI, just lessen the charge to reckless driving so I wouldn't lose my job. I had to use a company vehicle for my job. I was terminated after the conviction and have been unemployed for over two years. With the economy, it has been extremely difficult to even get a phone interview, much less a real, in person interview. I'm 49 and companies are hiring younger works. In the couple instances I have had an interview, the job application requires me to list any felonies or misdemeanors. I have to list my one and only DUI misdemeanor. With the over abundance of applicants for one position, I believe disclosing that misdemeanor makes it easier to not select me for a position and choose someone with a "clean" record. Unfortunately, many employers have a mistaken belief that getting a DUI is a reflection of a person's character when it was just a stupid mistake. I bet many hiring managers have driven after consuming alcohol and have just been lucky enough to have never been pulled over. It's just ridiculous that one mistake can ruin someone's career. I went from a comfortable lifestyle to one in which I'm struggling day to day. In some states, DUI's can be expunged after some time and the consequences are paid. Not in Virginia! Virginia sucks!

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 23:43

In this world you are truly on your on. Cops are assholes and could care less about helping anyone unless you are someone with money or political pull. I know because I was a cop for about 5 years back in the nineties. I, myself, was a different very rare kind of cop. I only arrested or wrote citations as a last resort in situations because I knew how much an arrest or citation could totally wreck someone's life or career and affect that person's family. Just because you wear a badge and have arrest powers does not give you the right to be a total dickhead. To give you an example, I was radar certified but I gave 25 miles over on speeding before I would pull somebody over and even then it wasn't a certainty or guarantee that I would automatically write a citation. If the person had a decent attitude then I would give them a warning. It was my view that in most cases a warning ticket worked just a well in getting someone to slow down then giving them a citation, now, of course, their were exceptions to my rule, if the person acted like a total dick or had a record a mile long, then, of course they would drive away holding a ticket. There were several times were I stopped someone for DWI and once I checked their record and found out it was clean and it was obvious that they were a hard working good person who made a mistake then I would help them out by making them park the car and then calling a family member or a cab to give them a ride home. If I caught them a second time then that would be a different story but the fact is I never had 'a second time' ever happen and the people I helped were very greatful and apprieciative for having a heart and helping them out. I mean, too me, that's what police work was all about 'helping people' you know 'protect and serve'. Being a cop does not make you God and nobody is perfect except for god. In the end I got burned out because the other cops I worked with hated the fact that I wasn't a hard ass with the public and made my life hell to the point where I quit and moved on to a different line off work it because I refused to be a asshole like the other cops I worked with. For example, my sargeant was the kind of dickhead who would pepper spray a person's dog because he thought it was fun to see the dog wimper, wine and suffer, a real asshole. I totally sympathize with your situation and feel for you losing your career over one mistake. It's sad that god will protect people who are total pieces of shit and yet not do anything to help or protect honest hard working people who mind thier own business and have never done anything or caused any harm to anybody. This world totally sucks and there isn't a damn thing you can do to change it.
By anonymous at 26,Apr,12 16:41

thanks for your comments, I know a few officers, they are nice guys, I don't blame the officer. I this world of technology, he didn't have much of a choice. Almost all have wireless mic's on their collars, dash cams. If they let you go and you eventually do hurt someone while driving, they could be blamed for letting you off. I just think the chief could have lowered it, if i ever had another one, the judge could have given me a hard sentence.
Anyway everything happens for a reason, after 4 month of being unemployed, I have an interview for a job.
By anonymous at 07,Aug,12 15:33 Fold Up

It's unfortunate that you have to quit your position because of some a few bad apples or many more. Newly young graduates need someone like you to provide guidance and show how officer should be conducted. Most cops today are quite arrogrant and believe they are the law and instead of protecting the people, their out there "strong arming" the public. I remember a few 20 years back, when I saw a police car or an officer, I feel safe and they were easily to approach and talk to knowing that they are out there to protect your well-being but now these days, you're just hoping their not behind you while you are driving. It is sad, that most cops don't have any common sense or decency. I hope there are more cops like you left because my faith in the law enforcement has pretty much gone down hill.

By at 21,Apr,12 04:10

obvious translation?
obvious translation.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,12 23:28

Oh boo fucking hoo. You drank and drove and now you're trying to blame it on the bar tender and the patrons. If you mowed someone down while wasted would you try and blame them, too?

You're a lush and now everyone on the Internet knows. Get a life.
By anonymous at 26,Apr,12 16:33

I have a life and its a good one, sounds like yours is too, enjoy it.

By anonymous at 27,May,12 07:51

There are jobs out there that do not require you to have a driver's license. I get that you are highly trained and educated to do this one thing but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to remain employed. I have two full time of them is at McDonalds and I am 51 years old! I don't have time to moan and whimper about the unfairness of life. I don't care if I have to clean toilets or dig ditches; I will do whatever it takes to survive and retirement is not an option, now or ever. Suck it up, princess.

By at 24,Mar,13 22:30

that really sucks that you lost your job over one DUI. I had gotten two DUI's in six months right after I got a really good job and they didn't fire me. they were ashamed of me but let me ride my bicycle to and from work and allowed for those stupid AA meetings and DUI classes so I could get my license back. hell even my boss would take us out to dinner once in awhile and at the company christmas party and the bowling alley. everyone was having a drink or two just about and drove out of there like it was no problem. i was laughing deep down inside because i couldn't believe just how hypocritical the world really is. hell even years ago i did some computer repair work for this lady who found me on the internet and her husband was a sheriff and he was getting ready to go to work that evening and was drinking a beer or two with his pizza. i couldn't fuckin believe it. it's really sad in this world how easy it is to fuck up your life with some piddly little charges like that. people automatically think that if you drink and drive your going to mow down a family or something like that but they dont realize that is the most extreme thing and in really they are taking the extreme and ruining peoples lives thinking that will scare people into not doing it. it's just a messed up world we live in. now i'm getting passed up for jobs when some other companies didn't even care about minor criminal records and piddly shit like that but now i dont know what i'm going to do. eventually i got canned from that job. it did kind of suck anyways because it was only part time. i just think that there is a distiction between criminals and misdemeanor offenses. how is anyone supposed to rehabilitate and turn over a new leaf if even one small mistake closes doors for them. i guess its really like this if you screw up even once in life you will be made to pay for it over and over until you die. it's really sad. none of us deserve to pay over and over again.

By Lele at 15,May,17 01:27

Wow, that's a really clever way of thkiinng about it!

By washington dc cbd at 28,Sep,20 17:45

R9K4Vw It as the little changes which will make the largest changes.

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