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LIFE SUCKS : 2011 August

Stories submitted by real people.


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Saddest stories:

  • My life will make you feel better.
  • My life sucks Im 45 and dont have a future so depressed
  • When will the pain end???
  • I don't know how i can go on
  • Everything Sucks
  • I guess I'm a slut.
  • Why
  • Eternal Void
  • Ugly asshole
  • American Dream = Nightmare
  • I lost my husband
  • I keep hitting rock bottom...
  • I'm the biggest loser on the planet
  • Try this on for size
  • LOL
  • sucidal; don't read this because it is so fucked up
  • RN
  • fuck this life.
  • my "unlife"
  • Life can always be worse...
  • Life is hell
  • The life of me.
  • all of a sudden not looking so good
  • Sad in LA
  • thanks for nothing.
  • I can't do this...
  • lonely, empty and dead all cuz of my parents
  • life sucks
  • I'm horrible
  • Life sucks!
  • Just another typical emo teen...
  • I try so hard
  • Cruelty.
  • I hate everything. Including me.
  • Fucked over since birth
  • It's shit.
  • A Drink called loneliness
  • Yes it sucks
  • Murder
  • Godamn my life sucks ass
  • I'm a waste.
  • forever lonely
  • 29 years old and i cant wait to die
  • no money, no life.
  • Broken
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Drinking has ruined my life! And yes, il drink to that ;-)

    Posted by Lala10 at September 1, 2011
    Tags: Alcohol   2011 August

    I am a twenty seven yr old female, very out going, funny, attractive... So I'm told, and the cruelest hateful/hated bitch when I get wasted. I've lost my relationship and most of my friends and family over the last few years. Wtf do I do now? I don't fiend for alcohol or drink daily but when I do I black out and destroy people with words. I have no one to talk to now.....

    Comments: 13   Votes:


    Can't wait to get OUT

    Posted by Dont wanna know at August 31, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Family

    I have a drug addict dad and a spineless mom. I can not STAND how manipulative he is. He blames everyone around him. If he doesnt get to smoke 2-4 times a day, hes an ass and makes sure everyone around him is miserable. im still 16 and God willing, I get my license in a month so i can LEAVE when he starts. Hes always talking down to me, my parents are always screaming at each other, bringing me into it somehow, one trying to get me to side with the other. If i dont agree with my mom, she cries; if i dont agree with my dad, he freaks out, calling me a psycho, saying how im just like my mother. But i could handle that maybe if it was constant. Its the fact that when i get home im always thinking," how is he gonna act now?" hes bipolar. a second ago he was saying how he was gonna beat my ass (im a girl btw) and now hes acting all chipper. im going INSANE. I cant stand it here anymore and im so afraid im going to end up like my parents when im older. I just wanna get out. get out now so my life wont suck anymore than it does.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Life story.

    Posted by sayuri at August 31, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Loneliness   Relationship


    My story begins my boyfriend just dumped me because I was to emotional. And my best friend doesn't speak to me either. Great right?. It's like life has ended. I've borderline. Live is hard being alone. Bad childhood, bad memories, raped and abused. Couldn't life be any better then that? When I started to believe this was going great this was supposed to happen. That I was supposed to lose the love of my life. Fuck. I feel so suicidal and I want to self injury so much. I want to take my life so badly because I can't stand it being apart from my ex. Because I love him so much. He saved me but now I'm all alone again. This sucks.

    Comments: 7   Votes:



    Posted by Hell at August 31, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   2011 August   Juvenile problems

    My mother always loved my brother, but never showed me much of love. But I know she loves me, somehow she does. My dad was always pointing out how wrong, and dumb, and stupid I was. And he always started screaming with me when I messed something up, or even when I didn't made anything wrong. I was always competing with my bro, but I always lost. Always! He got everything that mattered to me, my mom's love, friends, he was stronger than me, got medals and shit...

    In school, I tried being a nice person, and making people to like me. But I failed. I failed from my first class, to this day. People avoided me, made funny of me. But I got some friends. I only managed to get a girlfriend at 16 years old, after being lied by my virtual gf.

    Somehow, I know I can turn this game on, I know that all that pain and all that shit was somehow my fault. Not in a bad way, but it was all responses on actions and choices I've made!

    I don't want to kill myself, I don't want to die. But I hate a lot of people that I have to see everyday and live with, people that I wanted to love, but I can't.

    I really don't know what I want in life, I'm scared to make full blown decisions that I can't turn them back. I'm afraid to see my life passing on my eyes, with me doing nothing but logging on facebook, twitter and living a fake virtual life.

    I'm smart, beautiful, strong, passionate about life. But shit, I don't know why everything is so hard, why everythin...

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    Comments: 2   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at August 31, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Family   Money

    I'm 21 years old. Biological father kicked out when i was 6 for being an alcoholic, then my step father kicked out when i was 16 for having a cocaine addiction. Stole my 6000$ in savings for college which was already hard to do seing as though i only make minimum wage. I also had a leased car at that time and now im already 2000$ in debt and i work to pay for my car to go to work to pay for my car. Im still a virgin, even though im a pretty outgoing nice and fun guy to be around. I had some close friends but now their all away at university and college and they dont talk to me anymore. I live in my grandmas basement and im told everyday that i only have a few months left to live here but i cant get rid of my car to save money to get my own place. I feel like im too young to be in a shitty situation like this, im already developing an anxiety disorder and other health problems and im extremely stressed out. I feel like life in todays society isnt being lived the way that it should be. Everyone always fighting, money ruling the world, wars breaking out everyday. All everyone does is work and struggle to get by. Im becomming very depressed and i just dont care to live anymore. I wont end my own life, but at the same time right now my life means absolutely nothing to me. Deeper and deeper depression will rule me until the day i die.

    Comments: 3   Votes:



    Posted by whatever at August 31, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Job   Unemployment

    As if it even matters... But what the hell.. I worked for the same mom and pop joint for the past 15 yrs. I started when I was 16 waiting tables. By the time I was 21 I was the general manager making more money than I could possibly comprehend. Bought a house got married blah blah. The house and husband didn't last becuse my job was most important. December 2011 the owner of the restaurant gave the entire staff a 3 day notice and shut the doors. Then killed himself!!! I swear! So now I'm 31 finally in a relationship with a person who has the same ideas, goals etc. So my BIGGEST FEAR is that he's goning realized after 8 months of job searching , creating debit for not only myself but him, that I'm a loser and bounce. I've never had so much trouble or been told no so much in my life. All I know is the restaurant business and 12 years of bouncing around from major to major in school I've got nothing. I don't consider myself better than any job... But I'd at the very least like a consideration. And WTF is all this apply online/ or our website! I just want to find something do I can pull my own weight and contribute to this partnership and have his back! Anywhooo. Like I said blah blah

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    I hate bollywood and Indian tv

    Posted by El.Asso.Wipo at August 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Society

    thank god i have the internet where i can download good tv shows, music and movies.
    but what i hate being part Indian is that whatever is on tv and in out movies reflect our culture. i know a lot of the more educated or cosmopolitan generation don't give a shit about the indian media but they're shallow as hell in their own way.
    but these Indian shows and movies are such shit.
    The stories are shallow. The songs suck. wait. why the fuck are there songs in every fucking movie? if there's a non-bollywoodesque art movie, it's either very violent or extremely tragic or both, usually about mumbai's underworld or someone with some rare disease.
    and south indian movie are shittier still. very ugly heroes. i know you shouldn't call someone ugly but Jesus man they are so grotesque. they look evil and this is the protagonist.

    why i posted this here was that, these movies reflect a majority of our culture, which shows that we are hysteric people. we say we are emotional or sentimental. BULLSHIT !!! we are hysterical. not even extreme like some suicidal jihadist, just hysterical as in no reason behind the emotion, no control over the mind.

    so i feel bad that a majority of my people are like this. no wonder we are so backward.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    American Dream = Nightmare

    Posted by david at August 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Meaninglessness   Poverty

    My name is David. i am 26 years old i live in a small town in southwest georgia were there is no jobs and little hope of sucess my family and i are to poor for college and tech school doesnt get u far these days. the town i live in is slowly being overun by mexicans who stare at you like they want you dead. i never had any friends growing up and didnt have a girlfriend until i was 20. she like me was born dirt poor. my father a alcoholic would come home occasionally from his truck driving job to beat us and my mother , through many years he managed to keep it hide. my uncle sued the county works so he literally gave us a bad name round here. my extended family has nothing to do with me or my brother. our county is mainly farmers,farmers and farmers . i have nothing against blue collar workers and i have try many times to get some kind of job but being 4'8 and 145 pounds soaking wet doesnt help. the school i attended was horrible basically the guy with a big jacked up truck got the most pussy and being poor i got none of that. i wasnt a goth or nerd i was just broke and it showed. i wasnt bullied or beat up . it was more like they just ignored me totally like i wasnt here....i have felt this way for most of my life .. the only chance i had to get out of here was in 9th grade were in french class (which was mandatory to take some kind of languge) i made a 100 and had the chance to go to france ..but was beaten by a jock who got a 101 yeah it was total bullshit... i know live in a cottage on a dirt road with my girlfirend and we barely make it .. i often think that she will leave me cause of the circumstanes... i watch as yeaR AFTER YEAR I SIT AND GET OLDER NOT ADVANCING ANY WAY IN LIFE ...SEEMS POINTLESS ..

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Downward spiral. Life with SCI

    Posted by Steve at August 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Health   Society

    Lets see, I was busted up at 16 years old by a snowmobile accident. I was the popular kid, the tough kid. The independant kid. Wow. When I see victoms now the first thing I think to myself is "they have'nt a clue as to the pain and suffering thats coming....psychological more than anything". Its been 26 years for me and I kinda have to count the years as I lost count after I realized I was in this situation longer than when life was good. I was told in 84 that it might be 10 years for the cure. What remarkable BS as I think back. No one knew that aids would all but rob the majority of funding for other afflictions. So 25 years later there is not much hope. I thought I was promised by god that I would walk again...I guess that somehow made me feel better. I'm thinking know that there is no god, or that I have been foresaken.
    Part of me still hopes that I wont be forgotten but time is a ticking. I feel I would lose all hope but not for the thought that there must be a god and that maybe I just dont get why I was allowed to have this happen to me. I suppose it could be worse as I could be dead or have even worse I'll take what I got and try to make good with the crappy heand I was delt. The things that suck the most, and there is no discussions that ease or make this crap go away, are as follows; Seeing an attractive girl that you would otherwise have little or no problem with that attraction being reciprocated....only for all of them to look away time and t...

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    life is full of negative forces

    Posted by anonymous at August 30, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 August   Society

    i was happy once. its like 25 yrs ago. i am 35 yrs now. school days were just fine. . life started changing in 1993. i went to college but lost all interest in studies . had few friends then who have left me now. Reason everyone of them is well settled except me. i was a good student till 1993. all my studies have gone in vain . i could not consolidate on what i learnt from school or college. i am currently doing a job which a 12 th pass can do. i am post graduate. i get job offers which are substandard. in my city jobs are there but below my caliber. and you know people who have studied less than me are filling in those jobs. and i am left with no job . few places i applied and got job also but at all places i could not work more than a month. good jobs are taken up by jack or pull and push. jack means some one helping a person from above someone who knows that person for the job. the best part of my youth got wasted. i am on medicine ARIP MT. its for mental disorder. because in 1998 some guys in my post graduate college attacked and humiliated me. eg. they told me to do some homo things. one guy who was 6 feet 4 inches and well built attacked me physically. i was already on the verge of collapse because i got a very bad college for my post graduate studies and these negative events happened within few days. i was so dejected i left my college and studies in between. my father instead of understanding my problem shouted at me 'you wasted my money'. i slowl...

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    Life Sucks :D

    Posted by anonymous at August 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Family

    Well, I can't say anything has ever gone right in my life. I early on realized being the middle child was a difficult position to fulfill. My sister being 3 years older was love and doted on when she was born. I got that same thing, for 11 months, then my little brother was born and well...that's when my life started sucking. At 6 my parents divorced. At 11 my cousin died on 911 in one of the plane crashes into the tower, following the year anniversary my grandmother was being killed by cancer. She passed away that year, when I was 12, of leukemia. Three days later my aunt committed suicide. Five days later my grandfather suffered a severe stroke, was hospitalized and deemed incapable of coming out of his vegetative state. With those deaths, I was hoping it to be the end. In 2004 my father, with the loss of his mother, committed suicide as well. :D So I was left fatherless, one grandparent down on each side of my parents, and my mother's sister. Shortly things slowed down, my life began to mellow out. Finally people stopped dying! Then at 17 I got into illegal activities, pursuing a self-destructive path while dealing with the constant fighting between my eldest sister and mother fighting and blaming each other for all their problems and my father's death. Eventually the police report came back to us years later, only for us to learn that my father wasn't trying to kill himself, he was trying to alleviate extensive pain in his jaw. My father overdosed on acetaminophen, o...

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    Comments: 7   Votes:


    they dont care so why should i

    Posted by tiara at August 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Family   Juvenile problems

    Im just going to go by nickname which is stated above. I guess thats not really important im here because maybe someone has a grudge against im talking about the spirit world. Maybe i was evil in a past life and this is what i get it. And so like the rest you im here cause my life sucks.
    I never saw it coming there was all these happy times at first wed never been to disneyland but hey who cared if your dad could hoist you up on his shoulders and sing aladdin songs to you nothing else mattered. If your mom woke you and your brother and sisters in the middle of the night for ice cream who cared. WE were fortunate. Then mommy lost her job all of a sudden my mom was left at home with us spankings occassionaly to keep us in line. Who knew where my dad he stayed out sometimes 10 to 11 and somehow all the stuff my mom and dad put eachother through there still together and they dont like eachother. Through those bad moments they never physically hit anyone though they lost control with my oldest sister and had a couple of battles with her. But in there defense my sister left some marks on them in her rage and it started over with me and i had marks my dad had marks everyone had marks at one point. And i was the most sensitive couldnt cope so what do they do with people who cant cope they cage them up in mental hospitals not once but just to many times to count. What happens to people in mental hospitals well your given all these blah blah blah and then skimmed down to the l...

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    Comments: 2   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by Raptordead at August 30, 2011
    Static LinkTags: 2011 August   Family   Juvenile problems

    I'm a 14 year old girl and have a shit family, i know this isn't the worste but it's what i feel. My life was great; it was just me, my brother, Mum and my Dad (but my mum and dad have been divorced since i was 3 months old). I was six when all the bliss left and i found some fat guy lying on the couch in my Mum's home, My Mum introduced him to me as Bruce her new "boyfriend". He was nice at first, you should know the type trying to get affection from me and my brother, buying us nice gifts, taking us out for hot chocolate and buying us junk food for dinner. After about 6 months of them dating Burce knocked up my Mum and so they got married because of it, Mum was about 7 months through the pregnancy when she got married to Bruce and the wedding was a cheap ass wedding, my Mum just wore her best dress from her wardobe and there wasn't even a priest. About a couple of weeks later my Mum started bleeding in the middle of the night so Bruce took her to the hospital. That night my Mum lost over 170 litres of blood, the doctors kept giving her blood but it kept just coming back out. After the bleeding eventually stopped my Mum only just survived, and my baby sister Emilia was born. While my Mum was in hospital my Dad was preparing to be a single parent and no one told me and my brother what was happening! we were asleep. Now that I'm 14 and i was seven when my half sister was born, now she's seven and i wish she was never born!!! she's a stupid peice of shit that makes my life...

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    Comments: 4   Votes:


    why does my dad treat my mum like crap

    Posted by Alone at August 29, 2011
    Tags: Abuse   2011 August   Family

    my dad lately has become a right cunt, my mum will try her outright best to make him happy by making phone calls to him during work so he doesn't get bored etc but he throws it all back into her face, he constantly calls her a whore and if she ever mentions any male my dad will assume that shes slept with him, i believe this is some sort of reverse psychology and my dad is cheating on my mum he constantly goes off on his own when we go around town he sometimes says hes leaving us for ever and comes back the next day on holiday he'll constantly check his phone, im just fed up with it plus my mum can't leave him cause their in joint debt together im just sick and tired of seeing my mum who does everything for us from getting everything ready for school to sorting out documents and paying bills to even working part time too just to make my dads life that easier yet nothing good comes in return. it makes me feel awful seeing my mum getting knocked down like this where its come to the point that i see nothing in my dad anymore and don't even think of him as a dad ive even dreamt and wished for him to be killed so that my mm could be happier sometimes i feel as even a hitman is necessary just to split them up cause she can't do it herself. i don't know what to do anymore ive got a levels to do and this on my mind constantly as he has lashed out on us once with a knife threatening to kill us which he did end up in prison for a night for but we made him seem as if he was the good guy, this is my story and i just dont know what to do with life anymore.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    I'm horrible

    Posted by anonymous at August 29, 2011
    Tags: Addictions   Alcohol   2011 August   Drugs   Family

    I hate myself. My self esteem is medium but I simply just hate me. My parents are strict abusive Russian Orthodox but I live in Washington state. I'm moved to America when I was 10, I'm 14 and I'm an alcoholic and crackhead, and so are my parents. I have unlimited access to alcohol, money, and I always spend it on crack or meth, and my parents always have Everclear or vodka at the homes. I make my family cry and don't know why. I have only love 1 girl in the world, emotionally, and realized she was a manipulative and bad. She has a long history of sex/physical abuse, drug abuse and crime in her life and I loved her dearly but when she tell me her stories I realize that all people are scum including her and myself. Nobody cares about anyone in this world and all are secretly backstabbers and bad. I've lost 45 kilograms from the meth and my teachers see it and threaten me to tell rehab. I get in fights with people and I got stabbed last week. I will never have a wife or girl because I don't trust peoples. My principal says I'm so smart for any college but too lazy to do homework and my grades are bad and I will not graduate school. I don't know how life will be after this. I am horrible.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Godamn my life sucks ass

    Posted by anonymous at August 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Juvenile problems

    When I was about the age of 15 I realized that my life is a piece of shit. My parents don't respect keep making fun of me. My brother on the other hand is the worlds biggest dick head I am sick of him. He got arrested and put in juvi about 4 times already and what did my parents do? FUCKING GET HIM A CAR! A fucking blackberry a new xbox and the hugest room the house. Me on the other hand I don't even have cloths to wear for my 1st day of highschool which will fucking suck because I have a decent amount of friends but I never had one that was a girl. One time I thought I did but she didn't like me at all! My mom breaks all my stuff when my brother does something bad even though I didn't do shit. My dad fucking beats me and is diagnoised with bipolar disorder he gets mad for no reason and takes it out on me. School is even fucking worse I have such bad grades even though I work so hard, I been working my ass off all 3 years of middle school but I always end up with a F in math. I get made fun of at school because I never been with a girl or seen talking to one in the matter of fact and I tell them because I am muslim and they even make fun of me more. People ask me what my race is like everyday and it pisses me off. I work the hardest in my family around the house even though i get treated badly. So when I grow up I will be lonley have no firends and root alone in apartment without nobody in my life

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Alone Indian in America makes me Depressed

    Posted by Arun at August 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Loneliness

    I am an Indian, Came to US for work.
    I am 25 years old Guy seeking out a Successful career.
    But where the Hell does this Shit takes me??
    Being an Indian among Americans Alienates me and while I am seeing my Colleagues with their Girl Friends, I get Frustrated.

    I know that It doesn't makes sense that Being an Indian/American is the reason for my Depression.
    But the Lack of friends.

    I approached few people so that they will be my friends.
    But they are available at the Office hours, But at the Weekends and Evenings, I am all alone, How long can I spend my life like watching movies, Browsing etc.??

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    why my life sucks

    Posted by dallaskid at August 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   General

    I guess the word natural is not a known word to me. I do not know what natural is. I have never known anything natural.
    Nothing comes natural to me.
    I do everything I can to get into a tier one fraternity. Somehow although I am a part of it, I feel as if I don’t belong.
    I work my ass off to make a 4.0. I was in the library almost every weeknight. No one congratulates me on my grades.
    Although I show up to all functions and social gatherings in my fraternity not one person has asked me to hangout since pledgeship.
    My ex-girlfriend drank so much she blacked out and slammed the freezer door in my face while I was getting meat out of the fridge. Why? I don’t fucking know. She then called the cops on me and banned me from ever being on her property and told me she never wants to leave me again.
    I cannot act in a social environment in the same manner as normal people.
    I cannot get the positive attention I desire to have from my own parents and piers.
    I cannot have a normal relationship with a girl.
    Having a life is not natural to me.

    Hit me with the fridge
    Told me “I never want to see you again”
    When I told Katie that I would be okay just talking to my brothers, she says, “What? It’s not like they’re your friends.”
    -That was literally the same day as when I confessed to her earlier that I was having trouble fitting in with them. Lowest. Blow. Ever.

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    i hate myself

    Posted by mohamed at August 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Family

    well my life as i sed sucks i hate my self more than anything i want to just leave this word... it all started when i was 10 my father start fighting with mom he hated me even know i was still small couldn't understand anything they are divorced now im the first at school trying so hard to graduate to pilots school here in my country but.. no.. when i start raising 70000 dollars it got cancelled i don't have a goal for my life now why take the chance threw it anyway? once my dad hits my mom so i started protecting her he hit me in my had i have a tumor now... so me and my mom hided in a room yet he started hitting the door with everything trying to break it i was crying my guts off telling him to stop.. god my life is an ass... my family is a 7 members im now 16 with suicidal feelings that im actualy looking for the tiniest reason to do it my brothers and sister never cares about me even know im the responsible one they don't give a shit about me they always treat me with shit and nasty stuff calling me gay and every possible word you can find im on drugs . alcohol . weed.. anything just to forget my life... i don't have friends im alone i don't go out at all unless it was an emergency.. never had a real girlfriend never been in love so what you think about my life? answere please

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    Life of mediocrity

    Posted by anonymous at August 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 August   Meaninglessness

    Reading some of the other stories on here really puts what I'm about to say to shame.
    Never been molested or anything like that(with my luck that'd be the only action I'd ever be lucky enough to get), I've just gone Un-noticed my whole life. Lived a mediocre life in an average as fuck famly that I'm starting to think that I'll never escape. Graduated high school last may and since then I just dunno what I'm s'posed to do. Too stupid to go to a college, unless community college counts, but that's really just the high school after high school. I'll pass on that. Can't find a job without prior works experience, which I don't have. I'd attempt a life of crime, but this place just isn't big enough to successfully pull that off. Society has pretty
    Much ignored me for the last 18 years, maybe I'd finally get a little recognition if I took a shotgun into a crowded building and showed em what I think of this life. I have no respect for people, and I avoid them as much as possible, which has definantly contributed to this stagnant existence that I'm in now. I suppose the worst thing about my life has been that I've never really felt "fulfilled". Everything about life just seems pointless, theres no meaning to anything that happens. I don't feel truly suicidal, I think if I sincerely felt like dying, I'd just up and do it, since theres no
    Meaning to existing, why leave anything behind? Fuck up as much things as you can and leave it for the next guy to clean up. Burn the...

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