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LIFE SUCKS : February 2009

Stories submitted by real people.


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  • STUPID!!
  • My life sucks, my wife cheating, my new baby, no job
  • getting nowhere...
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    My life sucks, my wife cheating, my new baby, no job

    Posted by anonymous at February 21, 2009
    Tags: Family   February 2009   Job   Relationship

    My life sucks to a large degree, albiet it could be very much worse.......there is always worse for sure!

    We moved to upstate NY so she could be the at home mom in our mid 40's and raise my first her 3rd child (her 2 from over 20 years ago). Well when we moved here it was on the premise that she be an at home mother, something she never got to do in her first marriage (#2 for both of us). We sold her place and paid for the remodel on my home up here leaving us with a 400 dollar house payment......pretty damn good huh!? Not really, the job network for what I do is pretty slim to sometimes up here so I've had to subsidize by going back south to work with my old employer on occasion. Well things have been tough for her with all this transition and for myself, but when I returned on the 24th of December discovered that she had an internet friend that has decided to help himself and redirect my wife's priorities to being on the internet exchanging some really hardcore sexual content, chat, photos, phone calls, money sent to him...everything short of actual sex and I'm not so sure of that. I got the chat, the phone calls, the photos of themselves......for 10 days I let them skirt me and confronted her use, then I had to literally show her the proof for admission, even after she swore on her father's grave she told me the truth......I did this 3 times total and unless I had, hard proof, she denies it. Now she wants to reconcile and be a mother and family again......after I served her with papers for custody.

    My life job and probably child support because my proof will be inadmissible and the courts don't care about it, just if the child is taken care of....... yeah my life sucks!

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    getting nowhere...

    Posted by anonymous at February 7, 2009
    Tags: February 2009   General

    I am 26 yr old male who still live under my parent's roof, and currently helping our family business. I would be nobody if it wasn't for the family business, which my parents created. I was never successful with anything. My grades were always average during highschool, but dropped out of college after 2 years. My relationship with girls were.... well,,, nothing, I still had no chance to have a real relationship with anyone. I am a loser who dropped out of college, yet didn't even get to have fun like I was supposed to,,, like most of the college dropouts did atleast. Am I going to be alone forever because of this endless cycle? How am I suppose to get out of this shithole and start new? How can I have any sort of confidence when I'm a mamaboy still,? My life seriously sucks.

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    Posted by anonymous at February 5, 2009
    Tags: February 2009   Friendship

    well i am an only child, and its so lonely. im in middle school, and everyone thinks im crazy and some evil friends dont want to be friends with me cuz im "wierd". a guy in my school goes up to me and says "i hate you" every day. he doesnt think it hurts my feelings but it does. people started a thing whhere if you touch me, you have to pass it on to someone else. I HATE MY LIFE.

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