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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Rocky in Rockford

    Posted by StarryMary at June 10, 2012
    Tags: Family   2012 June   Racial   Religion

    My life is an emotional train wreck for me. Im born into a religion that I think I feel I shouldnt belive in anymore, but if I do, half of my life would be ripped away from me. My friends, my family, my enviroment, everything.
    I never have been to a nonmuslims home in my entire FUCKING life. Im tired of all the God Damn- even if there is one- shit that I need to follow, and all of these religios blind idiots Im surrounded by sometimes. I want to tell my mom about this, but if I do, she will tell my dad who will laugh.

    He would sit down on his GINORMOUS ASS AND LAUGH
    he expects that I will go to a FUCKING IVY LEAGE SCHOOL AND MAKE TONS OF MONEY
    he is always racist, esscpecially to African Americans and Mexicans( Im deeply sorry if I was offensive to you)

    Sometimes he can be a very kind and gentle man. But other times, when he is angry, he is the meanest, cold hearted bastard you will know
    He is the reason I am embarrassed to be Pakistani sometimes.
    And if anyone I know discovers that I wrote this story, escpically dad, I will take those prized decortave swords decorated around the house and kill myself Laugh on that you Fat Racist
    Or hang myself with one of my moms scarfs, the things I love the most
    But I cant kill myself, my family would miss me, and my parents would be known as the two idiots who failed to lo...

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    Comments: 16   Votes:


    is this it?

    Posted by anonymous at March 14, 2012
    Tags: Justice   2012 March   Money   Racial

    i'm a 19 year old male living with my father,mother's living with new husband about 4 miles away from where i live every day i'm torn into making decisions from whose side to chose based on what happens...every month or so it's a new trip to court which are for a child support case concerning my brother and sister. i have yet to recieve my high school diploma due to constant suspensions from school which ended in me leaving once i turned for relationships...ive been single for 5 years so far, females have asked me why i am single and that i'm too cute to be single so much its unbelievable...i always respond,"i just haven't found the right one" but truthfully i just fear that the same situation as my parents will happen to could say i'm terribly scarred for quite a wile. financially i've been working part time at a golf course waking up at 4am to get ready. my shifts are from 5am-10pm weekends only which is barely enough to pay my liability charges for a car crash i was involved in at age 17. the same car i put up for sale a few days ago on craigslist working perfectly just to get called the next day demanding a refund because the vehicles engine blew. police were involved,but the officer that arrived turned out to be a racist because even though i had the upper hand because i had already given the vehicle up at the dmv i was forced to give the money back by the caucasian officer without even hearing the story, and the person demanding the money was also caucasian. so now im car-less, money-less, my next liability bill is due in 2 weeks and i have no way to get to work to make money. so what to i do? my only options are if i miraculously win at least 1000 dollars in a lotto scratcher for a temp. car or kill myself....u.s.a land of the free....not really

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Life sucks :/

    Posted by anonymous at February 22, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Juvenile problems   Racial

    Well where I come from, there is ONLY white people. I'm in 8th grade right now and I hate it. I'm black, fat, and just ugly. Apparently the only way to be popular at my shit school is to make fun of the opposite race. I can't even explain it. I don't think that their TRYING to be racist but still, I take strong offense to it. I've grown to hate my life, I'll admit it, I even used to cut myself. And I wont lie, it actually made me feel better. Oh and I'm not smart. I don't have many friends, because I never talk; nor smile anymore. I just get through with school and go home. I can honestly say that the only thing keeping me from killing myself is my two cats, and my mom and dad. Your probably thinking 'wow dumb animals' but their really the only thing that makes me feel better. I just think, why did God make me like this? Why did he make me with every single flaw? Why did he make those perfect white girls? Skinny, smart, funny, WHITE. Its like He dropped me on my head and then drop kicked me out of the clouds. Well there is WAY more. Comment and tell me what you think please. If you think my life isn't bad, tell me why. Thanks.

    Comments: 40   Votes:



    Posted by Ocan at February 2, 2012
    Tags: 2012 February   Racial   Sexuality

    I learned the feeling of hate. Never thought I would.

    I'm a legal immigrant that came to the U.S. over 15 years ago. I'm now 21. I'm gay, and was bullied through Middle School and High School. I was slapped, spat on, beat up, and bullied CONSTANTLY. I did terrible in High School because of all the bullying, so I went on to a Community College. I graduated with an AA and with a 4.0, although I did not make any friends and never spoke to anyone. I would just go home and do homework and sit in class. Then I decided to go somewhere I thought would be more "inclusive." However, now I'm going through a new type of discrimination, racism. I live in a place where everyone is white and American, and clearly do not want to associate with me. I tried really hard to fit in, to make friends, and change my life around. I got a job, go into a top college, and have been involved with school and really concentrated on my homework. Seems magical doesn't it? But guess what, my co-workers choose to not associate with me. My teachers give me lesser grades than the ones I have earned, no one wants to be my friend, and my roommates treat me like if I didn't exist, all four of them. I hate my life. I hate everyone around me. I hate the world.

    The harder you try, the harder things get. And sometimes the weight is so much on your shoulders that you collapse. Right now I'm at that point. I'm about to lose everything. And the only thing that keeps me from diying is a mother who has done EVERYTHING for me. I'm so sorry that I'm not as good as a son as she is a mother. She works so hard and has done so much for me. I love her so much. But if it weren't for her, today I will not be here. And let it be known that I only live because the thought of having her to go through my loss doesn't let me go in peace. But if something was to ever happen to her, you better believe that I will KILL MYSELF OFF THIS PLANET!!!!!!

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    My life.

    Posted by anonymous at December 21, 2011
    Tags: 2011 December   Juvenile problems   Racial

    I honestly can't see what to look forward to in life. I moved here from a foreign country 2 years ago. And I'm muslim, and in the U.S. It's horrible. I haven't been treated worse. The kids are terrible and the teachers don't do anything.I have bad acne and the jokes and taunts are endless. My parents want the best from me and I can't perform to that level. Girls don't even look at me. It's as if being muslim seperates you from the rest of the world. My father is shit hole. He doesn't abuse me. But he falls under strict punishment and discipline. Everyone seems to close in and I can't live this life. Maybe I am overreacting. But I'm no longer able to see the light. This story does not give me the full justice. All the torture I've suffered can't be expressed through these words, maybe through the tears I've shed.

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    Where is the love

    Posted by anonymous at May 21, 2011
    Tags: Independent circumstances   Family   2011 May   Racial   Religion   Society

    As much as my life is sucks it is an interesting life to live.I am the end product of match-making and inter-racial marriage,and both my parents are of mix parentage too and grown up from a different country and different lifestyle.Both of my parents came from a parents that have a multiple marriages, hence was not brought with proper parents and lacked of love. I am mixed with four different races, but my parents had make a big mistake in choosing one race and a religion for me,written in my birth certificate, as to follow the rule of the country,where they both met and got married.My life was a disaster in trying to be the race that appear in my ID, which was not even the race of my parents.It sucks to live in a country that demand to prove your identity with a race and religion and it is more sucks that I have no power to object to it as I was a baby.I was a confused child as my parents fought alot, my fucking mother started to humiliate my father races, and they lives seperate life,my father go back to his original country,I have to grow up in a two different country with a different lifestyles.I hate to be with my fucking mother as she had abused me alot,especially when she nagging and ranting like a mad woman, forcing me to devot to the religion that she had chosen for me.Unlike my father,he doesn't live based on any religion,his life was just to live and work hard to survive, and at the same time to appreciate and respect nature,as nature in return will be kind...

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    Comments: 26   Votes:


    An Immigrant's Tale.

    Posted by Fucked Over at May 21, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Independent circumstances   2011 May   Racial

    I have a fucked up life.... When I was 6 years old, my parents forced my to move from the country that I, to this day, LOVE to the country that I to this day HATE. When I arrived to this new country, I spoke not one word of English. To make it worse, when I had to enroll is school, I was constantly discriminated and made fun of because of my skin color, and the fact that I was a big boy. I got my first girlfriend when I was in 8th grade. It lasted 3 days. I never had too many friends, only back in my native country did I have tons of friends, but even so I only got to visit for about one month or two months each year. Anyway, I was made fun of skin color and stuff until I was a Freshman in high school, but I got over it. I lost weight, grew up, etc and girls call me the hottest guy in my entire High school ( sounds cocky, but I really do look like a super model ). But even though I look good, I still can't get a girlfriend because girls call me awkward. Last girlfriend I had lasted 2 months ( Record - btw Junior now ). Parents wise- never really talk to them and the only time I talk to my dad is when we fight and I fucking hate him. I've only had sex once, and I felt like a GOD DAMN loser. Religion wise, sure Gods exists, but he finds it so entertaining to fuck people over, this world is so fucking unfair, and he just sits back and laugh...I suffer from depression and have constant thoughts of attempting suicide. But what hurts most is when your friends don't drink from the same cup as you because of your skin color ( I'm slightly tan - in homeland, I'm considered white ).
    Oh well, thats my life for you, I read some of the other stories, hope you people's lives get better.

    Comments: 14   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at March 9, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 March   Racial

    I feel I've been putting up with being black way too long. I work harder and am smarter than most around me. I'm that guy that does 6 figs with little structured education. Being black gets in the way of everything. The pool of women I get to choose from is #1 so let's go there. Fat, nasty but educated women tend to approach me. Rarely a physically beautiful woman is attracted to me but that's what I want and am holding out for. I deserve it! I am decent fitness(no gut)with abs, facially attractive, better than avg penis and money. Clever and quick witted but am surrounded by lesser white guys that don't even try for but get women I'm into and they're not interested in. Talk about feeling invisible. Whenever we're out, it's always the girl with some flaw that's into me. ALL of the more attractive females are all into the white guys[(with no money) but forever better potential]. this has made me suicidal on several occasions with several failed attempts! Contemplating another because for a guy with my drive and fervor, I refuse to have less than I deserve and am worth. I am about to divorce a wife of cellulite she cant get rid of, for my freedom. Can't get it up for her any more. Am I wrong for feeling this way or having these opinions. I could go further into this with greater detail and experiences see no need to over explain the obvious anymore. I will read opinions though

    Comments: 38   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by f;lskjdf;kj at February 2, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 February   Racial

    life sucks im black and i have the most discusting hair!! its nappy and discusting i dont have a job and want one really bad im depressed all the time and have not accomplished one thing in my life as far as education,financial or social sucks becuase of so many things especially when your hair is always unmanagable and you have no money or tools to fix it i hate myself like 45 percent of the time and life just sucks! fuckin hate myself....i have had lots of mental and verbal abuse in my life and have a fiance that will more than likely murder me soon!! what a great life

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    36 and miserable

    Posted by James at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 January   Job   Racial

    ok try and keep up . im 36 years old on parole for various crimes and have been out and working as a limo driver in vegas for 2.5 years now and have a nice condo and my two sons 15 and 14 are living with me full time and i have a very attractive beautiful gf also living and helping me with my kids.sound like a perfect recovery story from prison to a happy life the movie on the oxygen channell and all the liberals would tear up at the story and just do whatever it is they do. but reality is i work 70 hours a week for the most fucked up company in the history of companies its not about a good work record or a good customer review its about what race you are or how much your paying management to succeed and i obviously failed cause i have the worst shift and whatnot and ny kids there sweet looking enough except ones a fucking drug dealer takes after his dad i guess and the other has no resoect for life or anything hes like fuck this fuck that fuck you alwasy just fucking fuck fuck fuck and my beautiful gf shes great except when we argue about how i dont make enough money and if only she could be a prostitute she would have things i swear to god we argue about that she has actually done it and has this hooker friend and has had 3 ways and shit i cant even explain it but my life totally fucking sucks thqanks email me at and tell me what a dumb ass i am or something

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at January 25, 2011
    Static LinkTags: 2011 January   Philosophical   Racial   Society   Unemployment

    life does suck...Try being 34 years old, get kicked out the military which you did 8 years, and have to depend on the govt for your living expenses when you move from Denver CO to Las Vegas NV, where unemployment is the highest in the fucking nation! Try living with the fact that your family looks at you differently like your the black sheep in the family because you date and married outside your race. Try taking a look at when you help people to try to better themselves they always fuck you over. Being an unemployed, but yet educated veteran is also a target for being a quote unquote terrorist. Try thinking about yourself not others...I can't, because its not in my nature. I have gone through more bullshit in life than others. I been in different countries. I seen life. And it all sucks. Everyone in this planet is oppressed in some shape form or another. And why? Because you let it to happen. You succumb to the fact that everyone has a different agenda. Even family. DTA. My motto. Even with my gf, family, whomever. Life as an atheist has been better than my ex-Christian life. You and only you is what matters. Fuck the rest. Being different is a good thing. Tell yourself that every day. This is your one and only life. Re-create and move on. Create yourself and by doing that, you will either hate life, enjoy it, or move on. Its a hard concept, but thats what the monetary system set up for us to live about. Blame yourself, and educate yourself, before pointing fingers. Life does suck but think about other options. Educate yourself.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by Vengeance at January 22, 2011
    Static LinkTags: 2011 January   Racial

    I have moved around alot because of racial bullying sum guy is following me around the country because I'm Asian he says he wants to hurt me because of a misunderstanding 15 years ago

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    My Stupidity

    Posted by Mr. enthusiamic at December 27, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Poverty   Racial   School

    I am a sophmore in college and I may have just failed out of Umich. It sucks because this is a really good ass school and my parents will be greatly dissapointed. In school the only friends I made were asian even though I am a black guy. I even ended up joining an asian frat.... I told everyone I was gonna become an aerospace engineer but I have just been teh suck at the physics and calc classes. Its not even like I cant do the work, its just I have no motivation to do it. My family is poor and i live in Detroit. Some times I even starve at home, and my dad is taking out loans just for me to go to school. How am I going to explain this to my family and friends. Without college I am nothing but another black guy in Detroit. I dont feel anything but disappointment; I try to drown it out but it only works so long. I probably lost the best girl that has ever happend to me and I have to live in the shitty house that is falling apart. for another year before I can come back to university. I'm so FUCKED. I'm just waiting for the mail to come saying i failed.....shit. seppuku

    My parents dont love each other anymore, my dad almost died of a heart attack recently, I never have any feelings, and when I do it is short lived, I suck at school.... GAHHH I cant end up like other worse stories on this site.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Mexican is stressed In the work place

    Posted by Mexican in Texas at December 4, 2010
    Tags: 2010 December   Job   Racial

    I have been working for a energy company here in Houston for 1/2 years. Not including the 6 months for a "probation period" period. The period was only supposed to be for 30 days. I was offered the job because I feel I was Mexican. My boss got with my other coworkers and suggeted that he was going to offer me the job as a Senior position. A senior position is much lower than I'm ranked now. Well the employees that I work with told him he is a principle with the education and experience. Also that he would not take a senior position keep in mind this was when the market was booming. Well any I received my offer to work with this energy company. I took the position due to getting adjusted in the area and the type of work that was needed. Well management never includes me on any of the decisions that are executed, they "forget" to invite me to meetings. I send them emails with no responce. I bring up issues during department meetings and they say that they will get back with me. To this day they still have not. I brought up issues on taking additional courses at the college for taking my level of education to another level and he would get with me. My managers "never" talk to me about anything. The have verbal converstions with the other caucasion employees but never have time for my ideas. It can not be about the work that I do due that I put out more work and at a better quality than my other coworkers. I am confused and sometimes feel that I am only on the payroll due to my skin color.

    Your comments are appreciated.

    Comments: 50   Votes:


    i hate my life

    Posted by ramsey at November 6, 2010
    Tags: Family   2010 November   Poverty   Racial

    I am 27years old I got pregnant at the age of 20 my family stopped talking to me because my bf of 2yrs was white! Asian people are NOT meant to mix apparently! My partner lost his job a few days before giving birth!I have gone hungry so I could feed my daughter! Now my daughter is 4yrs old and I gave up my family to be with my partner I trusted and loved! A few weeks ago he beat me up, I got him arrested! He got a suspended sentence and now because I have no money no where else to go or contact I have to remain with him! I hate my life he don't work I do I pay the rent council tax gas elec all his debts and mine! After the bills are paid I have 300dollars! This has to feed us three pay for bus fare buy my daughters school meals! I want to run away sooo far and start life again! But my daughter needs me where the justice??

    Comments: 17   Votes:


    I am alone

    Posted by chris at November 2, 2010
    Tags: Family   Friendship   Money   2010 November   Racial

    My father went to prison for murder when i was 4. My mom was diagnosed with cancer when i was 12. I had big ears and buck teeth as a kid. the other kids would call me stuff like "buccaneers" and "monkey boy". Im also not 1 race. People mistake me for arabic or spanish or just dont know what i am. All the friends i ever had fucked me over. My best friend greg had a black dude rob me at gunpoint for 187$. My other friend mike who ive known for 10 years stole an idea of mine for a coffee shop AND is using the name i gave him without giving me a job! I used to be so full of hope but now i dont trust anyone. I believe everyone is out for themselves. Its funny how as kids we are so anxious to become adults. But being an adult is just about MONEY. Even if you find someone to love you money will always be the underlying factor. The fucked up fact is: the government makes the money. YES! They print it themselves god didnt give it to them and say you only have this much so make it count.NO they fuckin make the money and make all of us fight for scraps. Life Sucks. I dont even like animals anymore. they too are selfish only showing loyalty to the next person with a bone in their hand. If it wasnt for my love of marijuana i would have killed myself or more likely someone else. Thank the Cannabis plant for making life suck a little less.

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    No Talent, Ethnic Minority, Fat + Ugly and Worst of all Gold Digger

    Posted by The Grey Area at October 23, 2010
    Tags: 2010 October   Racial

    I just need to get all this bullshit out, Please comment I need responses.

    I am a Somalian, my mum worked so hard to give me and my 2 sisters everything, she is a great woman, she used to carry us in one of those bikes with a basket when we were babies, she didn't have a car, people used to throw abuse at her, I love my mum so much I would die for her, but she doesn't think that :( They are not only words.

    my family is all I needed. My mum recently got together with a rich white man. We moved to a nice big house, nice cars.

    At my high school people always take the piss because my mum married him, she says she loves him, but its weird, I always think she did it only for the money, so we could have a better standard of living, so that me and my siblings could be happy, I feel so guilty.

    I don't get out much, my "close" friends (lol) barely talk to me, I stay at home 90% of the time, only going out for groceries or some form of clothes shopping, the only reason I have any friends is because of school, if there was no school I would never meet any1 or gain any skills.

    Now my cousins from somalia, there mum died, they have lived in somalia all there lives, (no technology etc etc) so now they have to come live with us, fresh Somalians, they will be fascinated with all the technology etc and people will mock them, I can't say this to any1 because they will think I am a selfish bastard, but it is the ugly truth. They will nev...

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    Comments: 14   Votes:



    Posted by screwy at August 30, 2010
    Tags: 2010 August   Family   Mistakes   Racial

    Makes life worth living? Abandoned as a child by both parents. Mom was crack addict. Dad was a self declared womanizer. But the bible (which I try to make my "guide" SAYS TO HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER...I have severe emotional issues because I hate my life. I hate being "black", a college dropout, and all the igorant shit I put up with everyday. I can't see my son, his mother doesn't acknowledge my parental rights unless I fucking pay her...she's the one who persuaded me about dropping out (dumb ass move). I have put in 60 applications for every job I've ever had. I've been poor and living in homeless shelters in Memphis, Nashville, and Atlanta. I moved to Atlanta and the fucking gay lifestyle reminds me of my child abuse (sexually)situation. I have way too many problems lately just staying uncle who I was living with kicked me out at 18 for taking money out of my own mothefucking bank account....the chick I lost my virginity too claimed I raped her...and my mother died two years ago leaving me brokenhearted and no inheritance. I hate this life. Fuck it. Memories and all.

    Comments: 44   Votes:


    who am I ?

    Posted by ms2re at June 29, 2010
    Tags: Abuse   Bad Luck   2010 June   Juvenile problems   Racial   Society

    I was taken from my biological parents at the age of three. The courts took me because someone in my family was abusing me. The year my country took me from my family, they adopted a flag. For two years I was sent from home to home, before the children's aid society noticed this was effecting me mentaly and decided to place me quickly and without care. I was put with a family, who molested/raped/sexually assaulted,humiliated, physically abused and racially descriminated me, on a regular basis. I was moved around from school to school, this family owned a lot of land up North as well as in West Ontario, they moved me from town to city on a regular basis, the adoptive mother, was a school teacher, and would teach me when we traveled to different countries. I was raped over seas shortly after I turned thirteen, on one of the boat cruses these parents took me on, when we came back to Canada, my parents gave me back to the system, and I was locked up till I was fifteen, for being raped over seas. The system gave me back to them just before my fifteenth birthday, these parents had moved to the city and sold there property up north, shortly after getting out of training school I was druged and raped again. These parents apparently baught the negatives from my abuser but never pressed charges against him. As soon as I was sixteen, they divorced and I have lived independantly ever since. I am older now and find it near impossable to contain my pain any longer, I know now, I was never cared for by my country, because brown skined people didn't matter then and they don't matter now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    Life sucks

    Posted by anonymous at May 31, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2010 May   Racial

    In 2007 me and my mom came here from asia.people were not very nice towards me.well maybe my mom didnt have to deal with them,but i had to,seeing tht i had to go to school and some of the learners made fun of me.i cant speak english tht well,i have a low self esteem,im suffering from bipolar and i have a tendancy to think im ill even if im very suicidal,and by the way people treated me,it made me to hate them even wil describe me as a misanthrope,yes iam one.
    i hate people.death is my opti

    Comments: 5   Votes:


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