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My Stupidity

Posted by Mr. enthusiamic at December 27, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Poverty  Racial  School

I am a sophmore in college and I may have just failed out of Umich. It sucks because this is a really good ass school and my parents will be greatly dissapointed. In school the only friends I made were asian even though I am a black guy. I even ended up joining an asian frat.... I told everyone I was gonna become an aerospace engineer but I have just been teh suck at the physics and calc classes. Its not even like I cant do the work, its just I have no motivation to do it. My family is poor and i live in Detroit. Some times I even starve at home, and my dad is taking out loans just for me to go to school. How am I going to explain this to my family and friends. Without college I am nothing but another black guy in Detroit. I dont feel anything but disappointment; I try to drown it out but it only works so long. I probably lost the best girl that has ever happend to me and I have to live in the shitty house that is falling apart. for another year before I can come back to university. I'm so FUCKED. I'm just waiting for the mail to come saying i failed.....shit. seppuku

My parents dont love each other anymore, my dad almost died of a heart attack recently, I never have any feelings, and when I do it is short lived, I suck at school.... GAHHH I cant end up like other worse stories on this site.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Jan,11 11:59

It's sad and hard but you've got to cheer up, no motivation is the worst thing, try to remember the good times and live, college is hard and even if you can't become a space engineer try to catch a good diplom delivering you a stable job wich can provide you a life in security.
for your parents sadly love isn't eternal, you're stuck in the middle but you've to be good, it's your parents, protect your mom and your siblings if you have and your father seems to trying hard for you so you can do it, even it's seems bad and hard , do it

By anonymous at 16,Jan,11 23:43

Obviously you are pretty smart guy who had good ambition. somewhere along the line you lost a little hope and motivation. The good news is you are still a bright guy and if you focus on studying instead of girls you will have much more options. You arent just some black guy in detroit. You have a lot of intelligence and potential. its hard losing a girl and thats hurting your motivation. Pull yourself together and focus on studying now even if its really boring. Girls aren't going anywhere. Sounds also like you are too much into your social life with frats etc. Your asian friends are staying up all night studying for tests so should you.

By anonymous at 05,Feb,11 19:38

OK dick head, take the ASVAB and joing the Marine Corps--they will make a man out of you. Race does not matter in the Corps. You are just a selfish pussy! You'll get a chance to develop some self esteem by actually being a part of something greater than yourself. After a couple of years, you will be able to return to college and have the motivation not to mention self respect to get through.

Your parents have done their part, they gave you a home where you could focus on education. You've wasted that opportunity. Being black is not the problem, you are. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make something of yourself. Your other options are prison or death.
By anonymous at 03,Mar,11 02:03

The Marine Corps arent the answer for everyone.. I felt like your answer was very rude and offensive. I know how he feels. I have always been good at school, and have just got into a Masters Physician Asst. Program after two years of trying to get in.. I dont know if I will make it. I am the first person to graduate college in my family, and I am about to fail them and myself if I do not pass. You have a lot of pressure, more then the average college student. My advice to you is to change your major, or take the classes you had a hard time with another professor. I took physics with an incompetant professor and failed the first quiz. I took it in the summer (fast class) with a good professor, and got an A. Keep up the good work, please dont give up.

By anonymous at 27,Mar,11 00:21

my dad died of heart disease my sophmore year. i'm from the hood I too embraced the Asian culture especially in graduate school when traveling abroad. i guess i wanted to escape my black curse by speaking Mandarin and dating asian men IT DIDnt work. don't feel bad start working your plan b, c ,d try to avoid the hood at all cost it will make your relationship much better. worksources have alternative programs that are paid for. you should NOT have your parents get any other loans etc cuz you all will feel worse when you fail. spend extra time working, looking for scholarships join special interest, men groups etc.
WHAT are you interested in ? I was going to be an attorney to escape the hood and to please my family. years later I have debt and no job. Your life is quasi sucky. you are still young you are at an impasse... Use this time to make better choices. Ok if its 2 late b/c your post is old... I hope you research alternative programs. Follow your passion. spend time with your family especially your dad. read the unemployed folks with more than 60,000 in debt like myself and thank God, budha or your "lucky" stars

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