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i hate my life

Posted by lifesucksforme24/7 at March 15, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  Loneliness  2010 March  Money  Racial

i'm a 14 year old guy. i live in canada and my life sucks like hell! i have acne and i never had a girlfriend and most likely never will. i told this girl i'm in love with her but she doesn't love me. she doesn't even wan't to be friends. i could tell that the only reason she talked to me is because she likes to be nice to people and she was enjoying the attention. i lied to her and said that i've had girlfriends before because i thought that women like guys that had other women before. she stopped talking to me and ever since then my grades dropped( they were quite low already becuase i'm new to canada and i'm living with my dad for the first time, adjusting to there lifstyle and weather and i can't stop crying because i miss my mom and sisters cuz i don't live with them anymore. i've tried masturbation but when i tried it i didn't know that it was frowned upon by society and that in some religions its considered a sin. masturbation is also addicting. i tried stopping and i hate doing it but i can't stop. it relieves stress. but unfortunately not enough stress. i'm scared of the dark sometimes. i cry when i'm alone. i get teased because of acne. girls don't even look at me. the other day i was at the doctors office and his assistant nusre was strapping some kinda machine thingy to me and it felt good to have a woman touch me. other than that, the closest i've ever come to a woman touching me was getting slapped infront of about 40 people beacuse i asked this girl out who already had a boyfriend(BTW i didn't know she did)another reason i hate my life is cuz i'm black. i'm not even dark looking i have fearly light skin like will smith and yet people look at me differently because of my skin colour. i bearly have friends. i only have 1 female friend. 1 FREAKING FEMALE FRIEND AND WE BEARLY TALK TO EACH OTHER NOW CUZ SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND. my dad is an asshole. he has financial issues but he buys his gf all sorts of things and when we go out all he buys me is food. i lived with him and my mom for the first 4-5 years of my life and then they got devorsed and i lived with my mom for seven years and now i live with my dad. i have no talents what so ever. i used to sing but ever since puberty hit me like a rock i can't even speak properly. i collect transformers and i've been collecting them for about 3 years no andso far i only have 14. FOURFUCKINGTEEN!!! they only cost about $15 per transformer but yet he can afford to buy me food for $30 and take me to the movies which costs about $50 bucks. I WANT TO BE SOMEBODY IN LIFE. I WANT TO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. i know people think 14 is to young and that i have lots more time but it kills me to see guys with gf's and couples holding hands. especially when there my age


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 12:59

Oh yes the teen blues.

Look at those guys with GFs and I don't.

Well get used to rejection because life will be full of it. Masturbation at your age is normal for the very reasons you stated.

Look at this way, any girl not interested in you is not worth your time or energy. Keep up the struggle and understand that any GF you get now will not be the one to change your Depends when you are 70. Meeting that lass will come later and carry its own set of problems.

You are a good person. Just keep up the fight. We've all been there.

The Psych Doc

By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 15:45

Dont worry. Just think this way; the guys who picks at you, what can you use them for? just ignore them? they dont bring good to ur life so why think about them? ive been there myself. Got acne still. Guys can still get girls even they have acne. Dont worry.

Best Regards,
A guy 14 years.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 16:08

Its me again, You could try to play a mmo, a game that involves with ppl all over the world. Me self it helps. example eve, We teamwork, we laugh, we talk together, and the best, they dont know you IRL so they cant be all like teaseteasetease.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,10 23:07

14 and want a girlfriend. Listen, your appearance will change, you will not have skin problems forever. Sometimes, we want something so badly and it turns out that it is not very good for us. The same goes for young men and women. I always try to let men know, that every good lookin woman is not good for him. Masterbation, I really can't say thats wrong. Trust me,
many people do it, men and women, and according to your stage of development, you are doing what young people do at this stage of their lives.This is when you find your identity and discover who you are in relationship with other people. Stop trying so hard. It will happen for you, but you can't force it. The "IT" is LIFE, the normal process of life. My concern for you, is that because you really want someone "NOW", you will accept a girl who is not into you for "you" and you will do "really stupid" things to please her. Don't fall for that trick. What you fail to realize is that there will always be a girl out there for you. Don't appear desparate, but confident. As for your dad, talk to him or ask your mother to talk to him with you or for you. Pull those grades up, if you go to college, the girls will come.If you don't choose the college path, the girls will still come. It looks really bleak now because you are in middle shool or starting high school. You will be really amazed how things turn out for you. I use to run a college dorm, therefore, I have heard so many stories from young people. I wish you the best. Remember you determine your future and your success. I can assure you that if you re-think and re-focus , things will be diffent. What you haven't considered is that there may be a girl at your school who is too shy to say something to you for fear of rejection. Remember, there is no girl out there worth your future and you have to start planning for it now. Good luck to you and your successful future. P.S. Don't stop singing. PEACE!!!!!

By at 14,Aug,10 16:13

well... 14 is too young to say that, your acne will dissapear, and even so, you can get a girlfriend even with acne don't worry about it. Masturbation is completly normal at your age. About the GF's don't worry about that, you have a lot of time to things like that, you need socialized with more people and make friends (males and females) carry of your own problems and RELAX... you're just 14, you got a lot of things ahead.

By at 18,Aug,10 06:34

Hi i am also 14 and i have never had a girlfriend, i don't really get teased at school but i just don't really fit in. I have friends but i still hate my life and girls always give me bad looks and i to hate seeing guys my own age having girlfriends. I masterbate everyday it's normal for 14 year olds. Anyway buddy stay strong dont let anyone get to you dont give up singing and im sure things should work out.


By anonymous at 23,Aug,10 04:30

What do all teenagers have in common? Some sort of acne. What else do they all do? They eat chocolate - stop eating chocolate and the spots will stop.

I was a teenager not long ago and the only thing I didn't do like all my friends did was eating chocolate - and guess what, I was the only one without spots!

By anonymous at 20,Sep,10 17:17

Okay, I'm a 14 year old male, I've had acne for 2 years now. I have scars all over my face and one on the end of my bloody nose (worst place I probably could have got one). If your so worried about your acne ask your dad to book a doctors appointment for you and the doctor should give you something for it. if he won't drink 2 litres of water a day, go running and take a shower afterwards, no money needed for those methods. Just because you have acne doesn't mean you can't get a girlfriend. As i said I have acne and have had many girlfriends. You just need to be more self confident. Start talking to people, get interested in some sports or hobbies. Masturbation, don't worry about it, I masturbate a lot too. I think you should talk to your dad. tell him how you feel, there no point in keeping everything bottled up inside you. All I have to say man is don't worry, you will get a girlfriend if you try, don't worry about your acne it's normal. Good luck!

By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 14:18

ur only a teen and if you think its bad now buckle your fuckin seatbelt

By at 09,Nov,10 06:55

Hey I am kig drealdeal. Holla @ me. We could be hommie. I am based here in united kingdom. Don't worry about them haters and as 4 girls we could share taughts and idea on how u could get 1. We are just gonna have some laughs and try lift up your spirit. I believe in u and from what u have written, I can see a bill gate and clinton in u just like an obama is inside me. Bless and hope 2 hear from u soon.

Kig drealdeal
Jus try holla.
Peace N Luv

By anonymous at 10,Nov,10 08:44

My God, We wait millions of years to be born then its complete misery until we go back to the endless non existence that awaits, great isn't it?.

By anonymous at 13,Mar,11 15:15

i say jerk away. jerkig off's fun. i love jerking offf. that's what my life revolves around. i wake up, i jerk off, i'm at work, cofee break, i jerk offf,, cute girl i see on cubicle 9 every single day... jerk off before lunch time.

lunchtime??/ TADDAA jerk offf before it's over.
2 oclock?? and you feel like taking a siesta??? DRINK SOME COFFEEE and BOOM JERK OFFF.
get home from work, RUB ONE off in the bathroom,
i watch my daily dose of tv and BOOOM, jerk off to charley sheeen and his life style. his life style i should say.

brush my teeth and sit on the toylet and take a pisss as i brush my teeth,, JERK OFF.

AND OF course i can't go to sleep without jerking offf.

wake up in the middle of the night with a boner cos i had some hot dream. RUB ONE off in the sheets,, it will dry out. i'll eventually do laundry

just woke up??? rub one off

i love my dick.
By anonymous at 23,Apr,11 13:03

Haha very funny comment.

By anonymous at 18,Nov,11 19:21

I've had acne ever since i was about 12 and now im 19 , and still have bad acne, I've used every thing and anything there ever was to get rid of it , yet I still have acne and scars all over my face, I have 0 confidence because the last like 10 girls I've tried to date , I've set up dates , and everything then last minute they cancel , and end up dating another guy or they end up hanging out with someone else that day, it makes we want to die inside, Yeah for them its just like he'll be fine , im just one girl what could it do. But actually I am hurt and have manic depression severely and it gives me thoughts I dont ever want to have I've tried everything I'm on the break of the end

By at 20,Apr,12 05:43

Aloha! sxu

By anonymous at 05,Jun,12 16:17

hey don't listen to them, things will get better, I am 22 and when I was younger I was right in your position. pick on, beat up all that ra. anyway yes she new year is awesome, and college kicks ass.. it's so much different, and stupid high school kids. for now, say screw them, and think people are petty, they will have there day, just think about your future, an have as much fun as you can. Just worry about youreself,

By cbd washington dc at 25,Sep,20 06:59

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