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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Am I ugly?

    Posted by KuromiLuv at April 15, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   2012 April   Attitude

    I want to know if im ugly or not to you. I hate my face. All my features are fairly pretty, i've got big eyes tht change color after a long amount of time, my nose is small, my lips are big but in a good way. But then my acne screws up the whole thing -_- I've had dark spots for a long time, (i dont get pimples anymore)
    but i still wash my face at least twice a day. I drink lots of water and do my best to make it go away but it wont. im in my teenage years just to let you know. My body is ok but could be better. Im thick but not fat. My hair is brown but looks jet black also its short and im tall for my age... And this isnt a story about how life sucks, I just want to know what you think. Nothing mean please

    Comments: 22   Votes:


    worst. life. ever.

    Posted by Nick at April 12, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   2012 April   Attitude

    I'm underweight. Can't gain weight. Ugly. Naturally heavy bags under my eyes. Bad breath. Poor memory. Poor social and conversation skills. Degenerating brain. No friends. No talent. Nobody loves me. I don't have a girlfriend. I pay for sex. FOr companionship; in a city that's FAMOUS for having aids. Fuck me. I get diarrhea from milk, peanut butter, bananas, etc. I get gas easily. VERY easily. SO easy in fact, i can't hang with friends (if i had any) because i have bad gas and I'd be farting by people, and people would either move, or be really really pissed. I've been told I'm boring. I am boring. FUCK me. If I died today, only my family would care. And a few of th em would be secretly please. fuckin' assholes. My life sucks. Oh, and I'm black. ANd you know how bad black guys have it in this world. My life sucks.

    Comments: 22   Votes:


    Teen Years SUCK

    Posted by anonymous at April 11, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   2012 April   Attitude   Juvenile problems

    Hey guys, my life just sucks. Everyday i wake up in the morning in front of my mirror just trying to get used to my horrible self. I'm really ashamed of my body im tall and skinny.I have stretch marks on my back ALL FUCKING OVER MY BACK, on my shoulders and ass, and to top it off i have horrible acne on forehead. I suck at sports, the only one im good at are the easy ones, like soccer and track probably because im mexican, yes, im mexican. I go to an all white and black school, i know barely and spanish, and theres like 5 mexicans max. Most of them arn't even my friends. I have horrible grades B's and C's. I barely hear my parents say theyre proud of me, because im a freking dumbass, I never do anything right. My best friend gets all the girls, hes white and he was some skater looking dude when i first met him, but no he was a realy good soccer player and everybody likes him. I thought he was a loser when i first met him. Only the ugly girls like me and some weird looking pretty ones that ocasionally talk to me. And whenever i was born i was premature. im 14 and i want suicide LIFE SUCKS

    Comments: 11   Votes:



    Posted by Insecure at April 2, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   2012 April   Attitude

    I am ugly. No doubt about it. I hear people telling me that all the time. One kid said " the reason you don't have a boyfriend is because your an ugly fuck" ... I cried. So now whenever I think a guy likes me I tell myself it's not real because my face ruins everything, but when I finally grow the little bit of confidence to talk to him and tell him how I feel, they reject me. Yesterday my best guy friend freaken rejected me! He said to me that if I loose some unnecasarry weight and take care of my self he will consider. Some friend. But that is not the point. The point is that I don't want to be alone forever. And don't say there is somebody for everybody because that is something pretty and confident girls say..

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    the ugly bitch i am

    Posted by ugly bitch at March 27, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2012 March

    once u become ugly or once u notice that you are ugly there is no turning back... you cannot convince yourself that you are pretty.. and ugly brings alot to you. it brings never having a boyfriend, all your friends are prettier and it brings depression. I have never been so insecure , i have no idea what got into me.. and the thing is i dont care if im " pretty " or "cute" i want to be fucking beauitufl and gorgeous!! will i ever be that girl that everyone looks at and says "wowww" NO ofcourse not cause i have thiss fucking huge nose , moustache coming, small lips, weird eyes, nasty curly ass hair... im a girl btw and im only 14 but i feel like life is just going so wrong and i always have bad luck and i always cover my face and im just so fucking ugly its fucking disgusting, i am a joke , i feel bad for people that have to look at me beccause i know i would not want to look at someone that looks like me.. my noseee fuckinggg killlssss me you dont understand i wish i had a cute small nose but noooo i have this fucking hugee shitt.. like wtff i cant take pics cuz of my nose nd on top of all my flaws i have yellow teeth which i dont get because i brush my teeth every day twice a day.................... ughhh i hate myself so muchhh, i always think about suicide but thwen i think what if i change?? maybe theres hoppe i doubt it tho.. im so unexperienced (not tht i should be ) but still everyone made out already with boys nd i had one nasty ass tap kiss when iwas in 4th gra...

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    Comments: 23   Votes:


    I'm pretty much a pathetic waste of space.

    Posted by Losergirl at March 25, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2012 March   Unemployment

    I'm really fat, extremely lazy, and live at home with my parents. At the moment, I am job-less. I don't mooch off my parents at least - I don't spend any money since I don't go out. My family is all the same. We are all lazy, self-centered, and put each other down to help our egos since they are all extremely low. I've worked in healthcare since I was 18. I'm 22 now and its the only job I can get - my employers and patients love me, but I hate it! Old people treat us aides like complete shit. We are basically slaves to patients and nurses. We wipe their shit, take care of dead people, do the nurses job, etc. And they whine...sooo much...I'll put the ladies in 5 different shirts because NONE of them are good enough...and she'll end up wanting the first one she tried on. They constantly tell me "Hunny, lose some weight because you're so pretty, but no man will marry a portly girl like you" Truth, but BITCH - you don't think I know this?! I can't do it anymore. My family treats me like shit. My dad despises me. Literally, he gets grossed out being by me - & I don't smell, I checked. He constantly talks about committing suicide because he hates his life and family...and I try to be so nice to him? I used to be thin, but my boyfriend at the time was abusive and called me fat (I weighed like 130lbs) and gross..NOW I actually AM fat and gross. I have not ONE single friend. I get nervous leaving the house because I hate myself so much. I feel like everyone looks at me because I'm pathetic.

    Comments: 15   Votes:


    my life

    Posted by anonymous at March 18, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   2012 March

    im so glad i came across this as i thought i was the only one who was suffering from being ugly and having no friends, i can so relate to everyone on here sharing there stories it makes my heart bleed,i to am ugly and im 36 and i have carried this with me since primary school yes i was teased and bullied on my looks i never had many friends even to this day i admit i dont have anyone except family,but i wasnt always like this in my 20s i seemed to have the world as my oyster i had friends i met through car clubs,i had some nice lookin girlfriends,i used to go out to clubs and parties i was pretty confident back then and it all changed after hittin the late 20s i lost friends they moved away or had families,relationships ended and ended quicker than before,my life turned upside down,i was a hermit couldnt go out in public to afraid to meet new pple dont get involved in anything pretty much stay home and live my world inside,i even dont like goin out to put the bin out each week,im that bad i even put limo tint on everycar i have so know one sees me,i avoid goin to the shops cause all i get is girls lookin and gigglin or makin some comments when they walk past ya,u ever get that feeling of being insecure and no confidence at all,i dont know what has happened but my life has just to tottally nothin now and no matter when pple say go out and meet pple as much as i like to i just cant do it,just the fact of what pple would say about me or even see me,i hate goin to large over...

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    Comments: 15   Votes:


    Being Fat

    Posted by No Fat Chicks at March 16, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2012 March

    I was the fat chick all my life. Food has always been an addiction for me. Literally. I felt empty inside unless I ate something unhealthy. My parents found me disgusting, and the rest of the world agreed. Ever since I was 12, I've been obese. I never had a boyfriend even though I think I was a really sweet girl, nicer than the pretty girls ever were. I never approached guys because I always thought who could possibly love me? I finally qualified for bariatric surgery because I couldn't control what I shoved in my mouth. I'm now 30, and much thinner and guys have started acting interested in me. Unfortunatly, I don't feel the same anymore. I don't trust people now. I really just want to be alone for the rest of my life, because really I'm just a fat girl in a thin girl's body. Sometimes when you win, you lose.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Ugly sad and depressed.

    Posted by anonymous at March 14, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2012 March   Sexuality

    I am 22, male-gay. I am so ugly that I am worthless. No takes me seriously. I am disrespected or simply taken for granted. I am place in a very disadvantaged position wherein the world I live judges me on how I look physically. I can't enjoy my life because on how I look. I am made fun because of my condition.  I have a fat face with facial features that are too near each other. My eyebrows are sagging that it makes my eyes smaller. My nose doesn't have a bridge, it has a flat tip and wide alars. My lips are thick uneven and very disproportionate. 

    My skin is full of imperfections. Acne, blackheads, whiteheads, ice pick scars, deep scars, spots, and unwanted facial hair and enlarged pores. I have cystic acne which is very hard to treat even with Accutane. 

    My body is very disproportionate. Not muscular enough for a man's body. I have a big belly with tiny arms and legs. I have been working out for the past 5 years but my efforts proved to be ineffective. 

    I want to enjoy my life. But I am restricted on the way I look. I can't look well in pictures and go out with friends because I can't look good because of my face and skin and I can't wear nice clothes because of my body. Why is the world like this? It is soo unfair for me to have these soo much problems to bear. I cry every night because I feel like I'm doomed, I am a useless garbage. No matter what I do I look disgusting and filthy. I am exhausted and aggravated by life. I have no friends and...

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    Comments: 35   Votes:


    stupid, ugly, lonely, sad

    Posted by stupidguy at March 10, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   Friendship   2012 March   Money


    As I was young, my friends always made fun of my intellect. They often exposed me in public and soon everyone laughed at me. I am not very smart. That pretty much killed me.

    And also I am ugly, very ugly. My skin is very thin and full of acne. At parties I was often called "Pizza face". I went to several doctors about it but every single one of them proposed cremes (or other stuff) which made it much worse. Then I realized that food may cause it. So I stopped eating pretty much everything which contains fat and sugar. It got a little bit better, but not much.

    I am broke. When I wander through the streets I either get looks out of pity or I disgust people. And of course I never had a girlfriend, even so I tried hard by reading books and training "in the fields" (clubs, parties, ...). Never had a chance.

    I guess the thing I mostly hate are my friends. They always try to encourage me. I'm not sure they do this to make me feel better. I rather think they do this to keep their illusion, that their success came from their actions. The truth is: Life is a joke and it doesn't matter how much you try to accomplish something if you are full of sh*t. You will fail all the time.

    I wish someone would someday tell me that I shouldn't try to be loved. That I shouldn't put all effort in finding a girlfriend but just to accept my situation. But since they always tell me not to give up, I blame myself, even though deep down I know better.

    I have no hope. And now I somehow feel tricked, as they told me it would get better. It didn't. I am 25 years old and I pretty much everything went worse. Still stupid, still ugly, still lonely. I don't see how it could possibly turn out good.

    For about one year, I wish for death every day. Often I can't even concentrate on my work. But I cannot kill myself, I'm not selfish enough.

    So I just wait...

    Comments: 33   Votes:


    When you google I hate my life

    Posted by anonymous at February 27, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2012 February   Loneliness

    You find this sight. Well I hate my life. I'm 34 and my life is stuck in neutral. I've never succeeded at anything for very long. I'm broke and need antidepressants and can't afford the ones that actually work! A typical day for me involves getting up stumbling around making tea, trying not to rip everyone's head off because I feel so miserable inside. And then trying not to cry all day every time something upsets me. And well being depressed a lot of things upset me.

    I feel so fucking alone, even though I have great friends. My partner has no clue. . . We haven't had sex in 6 months. And not for lack of me wanting too.

    Oh did I mention that I am fucking FAT. I weight 350 pounds. I have an issue with binge eating. And being depressed it's easy to overeat. I was dieting, lost weight for a couple weeks, then got in a fight with my spouse an BAM a week of binging I couldn't seem to stop for nothing, every bite of food making me feel more miserable about my lack of control. All the weight back...

    What the fuck is wrong with me!

    So I hate my life, and see no way it's going to get better anytime soon.

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    society is cruel

    Posted by anonymous at February 26, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2012 February

    im a good and kind person but im rejected by society because im so differant. im ugly and slightly chubby and i really like scary and weird stuff but am ridiculed for it. im 20 years old and still a virgin because of my unfortunate looks and girls who like the stuff i like dont even want me. girls are always going out with these stuck up guys who treat them terrible but they dont like nice guys like me. only the good looking people are the most succesful ones in this cruel society that says everyone has to be perfect but i have this creepy but positive feeling that when the last days on earth come it doesnt matter any more because everyone will be equel because nothing matters any more. i know alot of people are going to give me some fucking bullshit about being single and not getting laid when they comment but i have had worse by the popular kids in school. i know my grammer and spelling sucks but i never paid attention in school do to my deppresion and anxiety. im only good at history, science and creative writing. so i hope the people on the comments who tell me im a loser and should kill myself change there attitudes and try to become a better person and just be nice to people but thats there problem.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    living a lie

    Posted by anonymous at February 25, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2012 February

    no one knows that I'm so depressed. My life is not so bad, externally. I am not poor, hungry, stupid or alone.But I have hardly any friends. One is depressed, and one doesn't care about me. The thing that gnaws on me is my appearance. People don't treat me well because of how I look. I have acne, wrinkles already (I am a teenager!), and the worst thing is the hair.


    and I'm a girl.

    It doesn't matter where I go or what I do, I'm constantly dampened by my horrible appearance. Sure I can work hard, get money, live in a big house etc etc. But that won't bring me happiness. Happiness primarily comes from relationships with people, friendships and partnerships. Doesn't it?
    Without these relationships (and believe me, I try) what good is it. Even when I do go and do something with people I don't feel included because of how I look.

    I know it seems trivial but it's actually not.
    It doesn't matter what I do in my life, my ugliness will follow me.
    Forever and ever.
    So I think about suicide a lot.

    that's all folks

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    I'm fat, ugly and just betrayed one of my best friends, I hate my life.

    Posted by anonymous at February 24, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2012 February

    I think my title says everything, the worst thing i have ever done (I have done some bad things over my time of being alive) is betrayed my bestfriend, I I feel so shit, now a lot of my friends are giving me a hard time and there is noting i can do about it, because it's all my fault. I dont expect people to feel sorry for me, because i know i have done wrong, but i cant help but feel sorry for myself. In school i get bullied, because of the way i look, and im not going to lie, it brings me down, i know people say words cant hurt, but they do. I'm fat, and a girl, that isnt a good combination. I'm not attractive, yet i still manage to get the one person my friend likes, which i didnt wannt but just happened. I never want to go near boys just because of what happened, but i've never had a boyfriend anyway, so i dont think it will matter. I'm not cool. I'm not pretty. I'm not skinny. oh and pervs like me. Brill.
    I'm also depressed. Like properly, I can't handle my emotions, and i need anger management, I can't handle my anger and it scares me and the people around me. I hate it. I wish i could be someone else, or even just somewhere else. Anyone want to help me?

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    God Hates Me.

    Posted by anonymous at February 23, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   Childhood   2012 February   Health   Relationship   School

    My life has always been a living hell, my childhood was horrible, and I can't remember one happy memory from it at all, I was always chubby so in school I was bullied and traumatized, every, single, day. School was HELL, pure hell.
    Until I dropped out at the age of 14 because I couldn't handle it anymore. At home I had 3 older brothers who always bullied me growing up, a father who didn't think girls should go fishing with him and my brothers every night, I was suppossed to stay home and do chores. I had no friends, not one. At age 14 my oldest brother produced a child, then went to prison for drugs, and his flake of a gf left the child with my parents. Well, my mom had to work, and my father had more "important" stuff to do than to raise another child, so guess who got to be the "babysitter"?. More like a mother, I had to take care of her every single day, and play the role of a mother, and housekeeper, at age 14, until I was 21 and finally moved out, My teenage years waisted raising my brothers kid, playing mom and housekeeper, and chatting on the internet with my "only friends". In which one hellacious online dating relationship with a married man scarred me for life. So there I was, an emotionaly fucked up, 300lb teenager, diagnosed with depression and bi-polar, and social anxiety disorder, alone, no friends, parents didn't want me, raising someone elses kid, God hated me, I was sure of it. fast forward a few years and now I am married to a man who is 20yrs older t...

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    Comments: 30   Votes:


    My Body

    Posted by nurse_mama at February 22, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   2012 February

    I hate my body. Since I was a tiny little girl, my ass has been huge. When I'm skinny: ass is fat. When I'm heavy: ass is fat. My arms a gigantic. I dress to hide my ass and my arms. Even if it is hot outside, I'm wearing long sleeves. I'll be at a bbq or something like that, sweat pouring down my face because I'm so goddamn hot from wearing long sleeves and something to cover my big ass. I can't walk in front of someone because I'm terrified of what my ass looks like.

    I was teased mercilessly as a child about my ass and my arms. On the basketball team in high school, I heard one of my teammates sing the lyrics to that old song about having a big butt. Everyone giggled. In middle school, a boy sitting next to me decided it was his place to tell me how giant my arms were. Telling me that I needed to diet because it was gross. I was not overweight. I was never overweight until age 38. Now, at 41, I need to lose about 60 pounds. But when people were commenting on my arms and ass, I was less than 130 pounds.

    I know I have a pretty face. I don't care. All I worry about is my arms and ass. I wish I could afford to have them fixed. I cannot imagine going through a day without worrying about my body. I cannot imagine feeling comfortable in my own skin.

    Comments: 19   Votes:


    Life is unfair.

    Posted by Samantha Nanda at January 27, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   2012 January   Juvenile problems

    life is so unfair. ever since i was little i was ugly and nobody ever liked me. i looked around and almost all the girls around me were moving on with there lives getting boyfriends and being happy. i was always different from others, i didn't want to be apart of the crowd. i always felt like an outcast. it isn't fair, my whole family is full of pretty bitches. everyone has ALWAYS lied to my face telling me im beautiful. they are fake as fuck. they don't realize how fake they are. on top of that i suffer from depression. i hear voices and see things. i might go crazy one day, yeah i guess i have my good times. but whats the point of living if i am ugly and fat? i eat so much everyday. i don't care if life will get better. i just know god doesn't have a plan for me. he never payed attention to me. he made me a hindu, he made me hate my family. he doesn't even know who i am. i am only fucking 15. karma is a bitch, i am a bully and i talk too much shit so nobody fucking likes me. but i don't give a fuck. i know my family has problems, but god damn it there just so fake. i wish i could start new. fuck my life. i have no friends, fuck everyone. if your reading this go fucking slit your wrist.

    Comments: 26   Votes:


    I'm ugly I want to die

    Posted by Ugly Asian at January 19, 2012
    Tags: Appearance   2012 January   Sexuality

    I'm 25. Acne. Big stomach, small legs and arms. Ugly face. Oh wait, I'm gay too. My face is so horrible, aside from the fact that I'm ugly, my face is full of acne, scars, comedones and blackheads. I want to die, I don't wanna go to school or work or go outside the house. I can't wear nice clothes because I have poor/bad body and if that's not enough of a problem, I am gay and I can't tell my family. I never had a boyfriend. No one likes me. No one loves me. This isnt life. I thought of committing suicide or worshiping the devil to give me beauty. No one can help me. Please kill me now. I wish the world would end in 2012 so I don't need to struggle in this life to survive.

    Comments: 64   Votes:


    my life is a joke.

    Posted by anonymous at November 3, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 November   Relationship

    I'm a 26 year old female virgin who wouldn't know how to flirt if I was held at gunpoint and told to try. Because of this, I've never had a boyfriend and haven't even been asked out on a date. I got depressed a few years ago and went on anti-depressants that made me gain 100 pounds. So, now, I'm a fatass on top of being a pathetic loner. I just started a new job that I'm terrible at. My crappy performance on the job has only been "enhanced" by memory loss and speech problems that have no medical explanation. My co-workers hate me. I'm up to my eyeballs in student loan debt and will probably never pay it off. I DO have a life insurance policy on myself. So, I'm probably worth more to the world dead than alive. Lucky me.

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    Im Ugly

    Posted by jeff at October 31, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 October

    I am so ugly, I am covered in red oily zits. Im fat and im 34. No girl has ever looked at me. Im a virgin and never kissed a girl. I hate myself. But I know one day I will get a hooker and be ok. Even hookers tell me no.

    Comments: 27   Votes:


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