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Fuck Life

Posted by anonymous at December 5, 2010
Tags: Appearance  Attitude  2010 December  Job  Money

I am 28 yrs a bigger guy i weigh about 210 now i was 250 7 months ago so i guess that makes me feel a little better,But i say to myself why did i loose weight if i dont go out anywhere and show myself off.My job sucks ass i hate it i worked there for 6 years and make nothing...under 20,000 a year.I still live at home with my parents and fucking hate it.I do not have the balls to kill myself.I have only had 1 girlfriend my whole life and lost my virginity when i was 27 years old.I hate living,,,,some people are cut out for life on this ball of stress that is called earth and im not one of them.I have no friends and go out no place.I still have no idea what i am going to do about my future....for some reason i dont care because i really dont see a future for myself...I hope i will be dead to be honest


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Dec,10 08:49

My mom told me something once that seems simplistic, but she was so right: THINK POSITIVE.

Do you need more education for a better job? Start thinking about how you could do that. Get a piece of paper and write down everything that you REALLY want.
Do you want to be independent, have your own apartment, more of a social life, etc? Then start thinking about what it would take to get yourself there. Hey, what have you got to lose? Could it be worse? At least you tried for something better.

By anonymous at 22,Dec,10 19:09

You have three choices.

1. Kill yourself.

2. Do nothing and stay miserable.

3. Change.
By anonymous at 22,Dec,10 21:44

3. Obama says sup
By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 00:04

Obama has only made things worse.

By anonymous at 24,Dec,10 01:59

Do what you enjoy, forget about what society tells us what you and I need.Forget the Xmas lineups at Macy's that's not where its at.Grab a fishing rod and walk into a sunset, enjoy a nicely brewed coffee and forget about the opposite sex.Then and only then my friend you will start to love life in its simplicity!
A Friend From Canada

By at 26,Dec,10 03:14

read dr. phils book self matters.

and i know why yo lost that weight, you lost those pounds for yourself.

Keep up that damn good work bro, and it will pay off in the end.

Take care of yourself. buy fixing yourself you are opening the door and inviting others into your life.

You are on the right track you started losing wieght dont give up now, get more motivated.

Get the book i swear it helped me and it will help you

You matter, and you have to matter to you.

You cannot expect others to love something you dont. And you do love yourself, you just forget some times. :)

By anonymous at 25,Mar,11 22:00

Jesus Christ and the Bible are your only answer. Read the Bible- start in the New Testament and read on. email me if you need advice-
By anonymous at 12,Apr,11 01:02

keep your religious nonsense
By anonymous at 11,May,11 13:16 Fold Up

why r u trolling every rant entry with your crap ?

By at 12,Apr,11 01:05

i know how you feel im turning 25 this month, i have no colllege education, i cant find work, i have no future

By at 11,May,11 13:25

i m 20 pounds overweight
i hate what i m doing now
I still live at home with my dad and fucking hate it
i am too pussy to kill myself
i had only one bf all my life with whom i lost my virginity
i am going through post break up shit and i wish i werent born
i need someone to rant who rants back.will u please?
yours is an old entry but will you please ?

By anonymous at 04,Dec,12 19:41

I feel ya 100% I'm 27 have a shitty job been to college but seems they just want your money and dont really want to teach you shit! It's a scam if you ask me, but yea any ways I'm fed up with this ball of smashed wolf pussy they call earth too! I also am To scared to cap my self but dec 21st is coming up so maybe for once something I want to happen in my life will!

By anonymous at 04,Dec,12 19:45

I am so sick of the stay positive bs lol I've tried it all faked it and everythin but didn't work hell I even tried that bs book "the secret" yea that just made shit worse.

By mia pron khalifa at 25,Oct,19 22:57

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