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LIFE SUCKS : 2011 April

Stories submitted by real people.


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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    my life

    Posted by anonymous at April 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Attitude   Failure   Money   Philosophical

    In short.. this is my situation: Im a 21 year old student who just found out that he failed University... after two years. I know right? Two years of my life wasted in the library, in lectures, in classes, listening to theory that nobody ever applies in real life. 20.000$ debt, and worst of all.. I have nothing to show for. I have no job prospect.. I dont even know what I should do now. I still need to tell my parents about it, and even though I know they won't be mad at me, they will be dissappointed. And that cuts deep... This isn't even the main issue though. The main issue is that I just don't know what to do with my life. Im average in all criterias in life.. I have nothing what I stand out for. Im a bad student(obviously lulz), I cant play an instrument, I don't do any sports, I look average, I had only two serious gf's in my life, and both those relationships caused nothing but pain... I have no motivation, I don't have a lively personality, I can't laugh at much, Im not funny. Ive learnt that one must focus on their good qualities, but i seriously have none. My best friend moved to Europe, and we barely ever speak. That dude was my right hand man (no homo)Loved him, and he accepted everything about me. Everyday I get angry... angry at all these idiots that i speak to every day. I get angry at these girls I know I can't get, angry at me not being able to do anything productive, angry of being enslaved into this backwards society full of judgement, angry at doucheb...

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    When it just keeps getting darker

    Posted by Knight at April 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Philosophical

    The world is falling apart, people are starving, animals are being abused, nature is disappearing,... And all we care about is our own little world, trying to make more money, trying to be cool, trying to fit in, and other bullshit.

    Tell me...What the hell are we doing?

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Life is too hard

    Posted by peter at April 30, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   2011 April   Attitude

    I suffer from anxiety which makes every social situation painful for me. Anything that requires me to think on the spot usually causes me to stress out, unless I know the subject material really well.

    I can come across as really normal when people first get to know me because I have pre learnt all the social cues necessary to appear normal. I am lucky that I speak rather articulately, so at first impressions people would probably think I'm rather intelligent but I'm sure that once they got to know me properly, they'de probably change their mind.

    I am 25 years old and feel that my life is wasting away. I am well educated, having completed both and Engineering and a Commerce degree. However I felt that I worked very hard to get these qualifications and my marks were good. However it was at the expense of a near zilch social life. In terms of relationships I've only really ever had one which didn't last that long because I broke it off due to my insecurity of the whole affair. (I thought she was too good for me, not physically, but mentally I felt I was way less mature).

    Many people around me think I'm really smart. Yet I put it down to really hard work. I feel the reason why I worked so hard was to cover up all my weaknesses such as anxiety and severe lack of a social life.

    So I managed to get a job in my field that pays good money but I don't know if I'm happy there, nor do I know whether I'll be good at my job as its not just book smarts that allows you to succeed in the real world, which I'm starting to learn. I also don't even know if I want to be spending the rest of my life working now. I feel I've already missed out so much on the social scene and I'm only getting older.

    I know on the outset people will look at me and go 'wow, he's worked hard, now hes got a good job bla bla' and think I must be happy but I'm not..

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    It could've all been better

    Posted by anonymous at April 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Friendship   Juvenile problems

    Back in elementry school i had tons of really good friends who were always there for me. My stupid ass decided after the first semester of 5th grade to homeschool due to some problems of leaving school early alot which i dont feel like explaining why. So i homeschooled the rest of 5th to 7th grade.

    During those lonely 2 and a half years, i slowly started to stop seeing my friends. They were starting to not hang with me as much. Soon enough i would find myself every weekend doing nothing. Very lonely. So i went to a small charter school for 8th grade.

    I met one of my old friends who did drugs. He didnt start going to my school till the 2nd week so since i got shy from being alone a while i was always alone. He was really popular so i ONE other GOOD friend now. After the 2nd semester i was smoking weed with him almost every week. My grades plumeted but some how managed C's and B's.

    I gotta say i had some good memories from 8th grade, but none as good as the time i was with all my real friends who i no longer even see. I was hoping to hang out with my old elementry friends since i found out most of the group i was with was going to the same high school.

    They seemed like they changed a lot and just didnt really wanna hang with me anymore because i was so quiet and shy. So i sticked with my one friend i had. Not the one who introduced me to drugs. He would smoke every now and then though and i would almost everyDAY alone. even though im in...

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    Married to the bitch/Life of quiet desperation

    Posted by anonymous at April 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Philosophical   Relationship

    Let me start off right...I DO love my wife. That's why I'm still married to her.

    The problem is, she is so critical ALL the time! I know I'm not perfect, but she thrives on telling me about every single little thing I do that she feels could have been done better - and there's virtually NOTHING that couldn't have been done better! It has resulted in a truly negative environment for me. Just this evening I was seeking her input on an issue with one of our children, and after several suggestions and requests for input from her with no response, I went ahead and dealt with the issue in accordance with my last suggestion to her. THREE HOURS of calls and texts about this with no input from her; and when I made a decision, committed to it and notified her, she responded within 2 MINUTES to tell me I had screwed it up. It was a subjective issue too, concerning how long our 18 year old should be able to hang out at a jazz festival with her friends on a weekend. I said 11 hours with a curfew at 10pm, so 11am (after chores) to 10pm. My wife blew her stack over that.

    I could put up with all of the criticism and negativity if there was any positive feedback to balance it, but that doesn't happen. On those occasions that I do something which is either perfect or so close to it she cannot find anything to criticize, she ignores it. Moves on to the next thing, and continues until she DOES find something to criticize.

    It's not like I'm a drunk, unsup...

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    Posted by fuck at April 29, 2011
    Tags: Anger   2011 April

    i have a baby a wife no mother fucking job mother in law makes me want to kill self no were will fucking hire me im ready to go jump off a fucking clif i hate these new fucking online apps dont know what the fuck im doing i hate my mother fucking life

    Comments: 17   Votes:



    Posted by Just Me at April 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Family   Juvenile problems

    I am 18 years old and I hate my mother so much ! There is no particular reason for that but everything that she does or even says irritates me so much that I want to spit in her face but I was raised well so I do not allow myself to beat her like girls in other families do. If I could just release the anger, the hate, the despite that I have against her... It is so hard to live with a person who you completely and absolutely hate. Every time I have to put a smile on my face when I see her in the house although deep down I just HATE her.
    You may ask about my relationship with my dad. Well, it is completely different. I do not picture my life without him, at my lows he always understood me and supported me. Unfortunately, my daddy lives in another country as his works there and i am studying in other country where I was actually born so I get to live with my so-called mother. I just don't know what to do, apart from being confused, I am disappointed all the time. It is really hard.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    fuck man ive wasted 25 years of my life

    Posted by anonymous at April 29, 2011
    Tags: Addictions   2011 April

    shit, ive wasted all my good young years. Doing drugs(all kinds crack,coke,pills etc) going in and out of jail, wasting good opportunities (could have had a hot Girlfriend twice, but me and fuckin dumb ass head) fuck now that i realize it, its not like i can go back in the past and start over. I just keep getting drunk/using drugs and i still like crap, FUCK LIFE

    Comments: 9   Votes:



    Posted by FML at April 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Juvenile problems

    the girl i loved ever since i knew what love is doesnt love me, got caught smoking 5 times im 15, one of my closest friends is gonna get 50 people to fight me because someone told him that im the one who runed his relatonship cause someone told his that he was getting drunk, cant call the cops cause his dad is well connected and where i lve that will get me into even deeper shit. My parents hate me cause the school keeps screwing me over with detentions i dont deserve, and my grades are dropping, they want me to be like my sister who graduated from one of the top universities and is now a doctor and i dont know what to do FUCK MY LIFE!

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    POSSESSION (its just one part of my terrible life)

    Posted by DanLONER at April 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Attitude   Childhood   Religion

    My life is screwed very badly. I am 16 years old and been possessed.Yes it's up to you to believe it or not. Seriously I was possessed. I am only 16 this year. I was possessed since last year dec. I am a singaporean and in my country, most of the people believe taoism or buddhism. When I say taosim, it's not the philosphy thingy. I mean it is TAOIST DEITY, TAOIST GOD. I know you americans are so ignorant to think that taoism is just a philosophy but it is more than that. okay. During hungry ghost month, in the lunar calendar which was around september in 2010, I accidentally kicked the offerings to the spirits and ghosts at the roadside. In the hungry ghost months, all the ghosts and spirits from the hungry ghost realm in hell are released and we have to offer them joss paper and joss sticks and foods at the roadside and we pray to them. AND I KICKED THE OFFERINGS. AND WHEN I KICKED IT, THERE'S WHIRLWIND AND I KNEW THAT SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. But everything seemed fine for the next few days. Until a few weeks later, I was possessed in my dream. Yeah the possession was really really terrifying. I can't really remember what actually happened clearly but I remembered I suddenly woke up, then couldn't move at all, then I convulsed heavily then felt extreme coldness and soon everything went into haze. Then what I was trying to do was to call god for help by chanting bodhisattva guan yin name which are "Na Mo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa". Yeahh. Then I woke up and wore all sorts of god...

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    Posted by daring2defy at April 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Drugs   Money   Sexuality

    Stumbling across this site has led me to believe that I need to vent. Not just to post how I feel, but for myself to have some better understanding of whats going on inside my head.

    Don't get me wrong, my childhood was fine. Sure my father wasn't there most of the time, but he needed to support the family, and I can't blame him for who I've become.

    I'm a 22 year old guy who has just dropped out of college for the second time. I'm gay.....but i've never told anyone, and I have no honest plans to. I'm in financial trouble because I fear everything that involves stepping up to the plate and solving my problems.....and I just want to know why.

    I'm a smart guy, gifted really....but what does that matter when your mind won't let you succeed. I was a single semester away from graduating my diploma program, and just stopped going. I never quit.....I just never went back. Time and time again they would call me, looking for answers, to know some idea of what was going on, and I just wouldn't answer the phone. Dealing with problems isn't really what I do best. Because I didn't do this, every day I continue to get billed for a private school in which i'm not attending......and to this day its still an issue I haven't settled.

    I consistently lie about my life, I guess I can throw that one down to being gay. Even though i'm sure through time my parents and friends would accept me, i can't accept it myself. I've never loved a man before, and...

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    why god??? Why??

    Posted by anonymous at April 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Philosophical

    im sooo sick of everyone blaming god for all their mishaps...but why dont we blame man's sin upon the world for the mishaps. God has given us salvation through jesus and all the man wants is for us to love and care for one another, but instead we cry and whine..shame on us, count your blessings, our redemption draws near. 1st timothy chapter 3, and all of revelations..give those a read and actually try reading the bible instead of going by the main stream of what you hear from godless people i.e. Catholics, atheists, humanists ect ect, think godly and not humanly..god kills because he can, and who the hell are we to argue with him...he knows his kingdom awaits the faithful and they have nothing to worry about, if everyones lifewas perfect we would be spoiled rotten and wouldnt learn a damn thing....god doesnt intervene much, because earth was his gift to us to play steward to until judgement, all as a test.....instead of blaming god, try praising god THE RIGHT WAY, read your bibles with an open heart and mind..and realise gods first top two thy god with all your heart, soul, and mind.....and to love thy neighbor as thy self. If we did the things jesus commanded in the gospels, poverty and violence would be vanquished overnight, and creating a positive dominoe effect...we would spend money on education and children and space exploration instead of this abomination war machine...we would all instantly become at peace.....amen!!

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    Caring Family

    Posted by justme at April 29, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Family

    my life sucks. im 21 years old and have absolutely no motivation in life.
    My parents have neglected me and so have my sisters....nobody in this godforsaken family knows anything about each other. in my younger years i didnt know what it was like to live a normal american life because i was stuck inside all the time until highschool but when that hit i was socially awkward because i didnt know how to interact with new people. im not the greatest person in school and honestly dont think i can improve no matter how hard i try. my family keeps on pushing it onto me and telling me to be a engineer like my sisters fiance but im not that person, why cant they accept me for who i am? with them threatening to kick me out on the streets every other day my mind can barely cope with anything.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    My life is a mess.

    Posted by anonymous at April 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Attitude   Juvenile problems

    I feel like a burden to everyone. I've lost most of my friends because of the way I've acted in the past, and now my best friends who I'm really close to have started to ignore me. My main best friend is more like a therapist to me and I can tell I wear her out. My moods make me so hard to handle. I screw everything up.I'm failing school because I'm constantly so exhausted to do any work (I'm anaemic), so I might not be able to get out of this awful town and go to a good college. All my friends are very clever and always get A's and I always get U's and F's. My two ex-friends keep leaving me very abusive messages via instant message, and have spread unfair rumours about me to everyone I know. I hardly ever see my dad, who is a workaholic, and my mom annoys the hell outta' me. I'm close to my sister who is great and helps me out a lot, but she is moving to a town three hours away for university very soon, and I will have to get 2 trains down to see her. My grandmother has cancer and I look after her a lot, everyday. Most of my teachers hate me and think I'm just a little punk who doesn't put effort into getting good grades - but really I just can't concentrate and all I want is too sleep. I only go into school three days a week because I'm very depressed, but because of this I'm missing out of a lot of work, which then gets me more depressed and the cycle starts again. I'm 14. I recently met this really nice guy and he said he liked me, then the next day he met anothe...

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    most of my life

    Posted by dee at April 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Family

    what i remember about childhood is mostlly happy until i turned 10. at 10 my mom had a breakdown, she wouldnt say so but i know it was. we would go back and forth from our house to my grandmas house everytime my parents had a major fight. my sisters do not remember this they think that its no big deal. well it is to me. my mom use to lock herself in the bedroom and stay there until she wanted to come out. i understand that now that i am a mom. but could i really do that, the answer is that i am older i feel like i really do not want to deal with some of the crap that goes on with my mother. dont get me wrong i really love my mom but i still have worries. my sisters do not remember me hooking them up in the stroller to walk to grammas to be told we were terrible children. i do.. they do not remember hearing the fights, seeing mom zonked out on some drug the doc gave to her. I DO !!!

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at April 28, 2011
    Static LinkTags: 2011 April   Family   Friendship

    My life is shit. My ex-best friend constantly puts me down and treats me like shit, she always says things to piss me off on purpose, she always makes mean little comments and it's fucking depressing. I'm trying my hardest in school and yet I always get F's and disappoint my teachers, I'm failing all of school and I doubt I will ever be successful, what makes it worse is that all my friends are really clever and get A's and B's and I know they'll move out of this shit hole town and have a good life. I have 3 best friends now, two guys and one girl, the girl is my main best friend, although I always feel like a burden to her. The guys are really nice but one likes me and I don't like him, which makes everything awkward. My mom and dad are okay but they are annoying as fuck sometimes. My sister is great and I'm quite close to her, but she's moving out of this horrible town and going to university really soon, so I'm stuck with dealing with my parents on my own. My other two ex-friends both hate me now (although I do hate them too) and leave me abusive messages and avoid me in school, so I'm alone in my classes and have no one to talk to. I feel like I'm losing everyone, and I probably am. fml

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Fucked by Life

    Posted by anonymous at April 28, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 April   Attitude

    when i was 8 years old i got into a serious accident that disfigured my entire face. I completed elementary school and went on to high school had lots of friends both guys and girls wonderful time the condition of my face never caused any problems and did i mention that i am seriously overweight? well i am 310 pounds of pure wasted space on this earth everything went well i had good social skills and what not although i had no girlfriend but i had a few close friends that were girls. I did well at High School started at a prominent College and that is were it went down hill for me it was as if i never could have fit in there at all i was constantly stared at and made fun of and the the girls were really pretty and they only liked the footballers and basket ballers I had three friends and the rest of guys were really good looking guys and never hung out with me i really felt like a loser in college . I dropped out and it made matters worse the expectance of Par Excellence from my parents and the pressure of my siblings who are well educated.
    I am currently 21 years old looking for a job never had a girlfriend never had sex i have no self confidence and esteem and i don't even know how to ask a girl out i am an Ideal loser i see no future for my self and await 2012. I feel like a fat ugly loser who has never achieved anything in life and it really gets to me everytime i watch my disfigured face and i really hate my self.

    Comments: 17   Votes:


    the world in peril

    Posted by hope777 at April 28, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Society

    im pissed because noone will stand up to our government, i cant do it alone...they take freedoms slowly and abuse the law for their own benefit and yet lazy fat assed americans are so brain dead they wont do a damn thing about it, i cant fight them alone...where is this countries unity...oh yeah we are to busy deciding whether or not fags can get married and other meaningless crap, all the while our goverment is declaring war on us. WAKE UP YOU DUMB ASS PEOPLE, YOUR GOVERMENT, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN , DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY, THEY only care about controlling your lives for the sake of their own undeserved entitlements...the end of the world is upon us and all people care about is american fucking idol and what charlie sheen's hollow ass says....this,country is doomed.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Out again

    Posted by Sara at April 28, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   2011 April

    I am out of jail again. I am now on probation. That place is very scary for me and there is always a fear of being raped. I am going to keep myself out of trouble. I mwill dod what I ust and I will be able to go back to work. I served my two monthes. I hate being afraid day and night. No to help me and I would on y own for long periods of time. Scary during thunderstorms. It makes look much scarier and more spooky. I am out I plan to stay out of jail.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    ugh, suppose its not that bad.

    Posted by blaaah at April 27, 2011
    Tags: 2011 April   Juvenile problems

    my dad was a total prick to me on this one holiday, he said to me 'i dont have a daughter' and that he'd kill my mum, bla bla bla, which really upset me. Things happened that night on holiday, bad things. I was in a foreign place, i was scared. Once i got back i refused to see him again. My brother then gets loads of grief from my dad because i decided not to see him anymore which made me feel really guilty.

    i thought once i started high school things would be okay and to be honest they were at the beginning. In year nine i moved to a higher class and became bestfriends with this girl, we were so similar and i was happy we were bestfriends. We went to this party and my bestfriend started making out with this other girl and i was there like wtf? but everything was fine after for a while i suppose.

    I started cutting myself, don't ask me why i just did. My friend started seeing this girl she was making out with at the party. My bestfriend ditched me for her new girlfriend and everybody needs a bestfriend so times were hard. Her girlfriend started hanging around with us and she was horrible, she didn't treat my bestfriend right and she was constantly putting me down by calling me fat and ugly, etc. i continued to cut and went through a stage of being really depressed, her girlfriend would always be like 'ugh you're in a bad mood.. AGAIN!'

    things got slightly better but still haven't got my bestfriend back and i get load of grief about not seeing my dad.

    Comments: 3   Votes:


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