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LIFE SUCKS : 2011 January

Stories submitted by real people.


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Saddest stories:

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  • God, just kill me...please.
  • I can't move on
  • My life fucking sucks.
  • I hate everything
  • life is a prison
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  • My life is Shit
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  • Why is there so much pain in life?
  • a rough patch to start, is it that bad?
  • Does life = pain & suffering?
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  • Yay.
  • Twenty-6 Years & Counting ...
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  • hiya
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  • Trying but failing
  • poor as hell
  • im scaredd....
  • My life
  • So Disappointed
  • My life
  • what the fuck is really going on?
  • watching it a tll fall apart
  • Young but over.
  • My life
  • All the wrong choices
  • Fuck everything.
  • I've been used
  • Whoa, whoa...
  • i hate my fucking life.....
  • my life is shit!!!
  • How is this fair?
  • Just an other person among nobody !
  • life fucking sucks!!!!
  • wow life sucks lately
  • my life sucks
  • so life sucks
  • My life never goes the way I want it to!
  • mrs the same
  • It's a pile of shit that keeps inviting heaps of more shit.
  • my life sucks more than a lifetime movie
  • it could be worse i guess its jus getting there
  • Can't find a job.
  • Alone
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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    why cant they all just shut the fuck up and listen?????

    Posted by aloneanddontgiveashit at February 1, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 January

    since nobody is listening anyhow i figured id join the rest of you and bitch a while... my life sucks cause i got married at 19 moved in across the road from the worst hypacritical over christianized inlaws in the fuckin world. i used to be "normal" little shit builds up to bigger things.. im constantly watched the inlaws watch and god forbid i have a friend over cause believe you me they are gonna call the husband unit and tell him all about it. i have no privacy even at home. i try to vent my feelings to the hubby or family and all they say is grow up and deal with it. ???? fuck all of yall. (im from mississippi i say yall) doctors say im bipolar with clinical depression. hmmm i wasnt that way when i moved here.. but when you got a bitch for a mother in law who is constantly causing conflict with me and my husband and a bastard father in law who shoots my dog and smiles or the nosey grandma across the road as well who digs up my fucking flowers and plants them where she wants. Have my son and i get calls from inlaws at 11pm telling me not to give my 3 week old water?! just a little bit if i tell the rest ill get really pissed.. i cant leave my house without reporting to someone and for fucks sake i best not leave with my son and be gone more than an hour. sometimes it gets so unbearable i just want to die. but hell knows i couldnt leave my child behind in the hands of these assholes..... ugh.. i feel a little better now... no not really but it sounded good..

    Comments: 132   Votes:


    Just Life

    Posted by insanely intellectual at February 1, 2011
    Tags: General   2011 January

    I was in a really pissed off mood because me and my fiance got into yet another fight again. I was just on the computer trying to avoid him and typed "my life fucking sucks" into the search engine. I hit enter and this site popped up. I read some of the "stories" on here and some of them just sound like people bitching about nothing. I mean i'm sorry for saying that it's just i've heard worse. But i guess it makes people feel good to get their feelings out. Bottled up emotions are not something to take lightly, trust me, i know from personal experience. So i'm going to give it a shot and tell me story. First and foremost, I do not think that life sucks or that my life sucks, just get tired of bullshit from time to time. Okay well I grew up a pretty normal kid. I grew up in California and was pretty smart for my age and mature. Not in that way. By the time I was in fifth grade, I had a wierd obsession with greek mythology, foreign languages, I was studying different religions because i questioned christianity, and i wanted to be an archeologist. I played the clarient and the saxophone, but wanted to play the bass guitar. Well then the summer before 7th grade, I found out that I was going to be moving across the country to Alabama because my grandmother left my grandpa for another man. The man lived in alabama so she wanted us to go with her to live here. Well we did....psshhh....I started seventh grade and hated it. I have never met so many rich, snobby, racist, discrimana...

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    Comments: 9   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by problemattic at January 31, 2011
    Static LinkTags:   2011 January

    I am 22 years old I have 3 children who are seperated from me at this time. My stupid ass boyfriends mom thinks she is so perfect, she thinks cause she calls herself a christian she can treat people like crap with her fat ass. and has the ardasity to call me too skinny. she says im not good enough for her son but he's with me every day . right now she has two of my kids in her custody, she tricked her own son to get permanent custody of them while he was in jail. and told him it was temporary. I used to feed her annd her daughter with my food stamps each month. now since I don't have my kids she'a made it worse by wanitng me to visit them at some damn center. When your doing good people love you, when your doing bad they turn their back on you. no one is on my side execpt my babay daddy. So yeah I have an ager problem and busted 8 windows, but you knew I hads this issue you chose to deAL WITH IT, now you can't handle it and you got your ass on your shoulder like you never had help to get wheere yoy are. some christ like person you are, yeah his mom thinks she has all the glory, then she goes to the house of god and puts her nose high in the air like she can't smell her own shitt. well it stinks bad I guess she can't smell it cause she's been shittin on people her whole life. She won't let me see my kids unless it's in front of a office full of caseworkers and home reckers. fuck that shitt. Whats the difference between now and 2 months ago? A bunch of bullshit and people thinking their the the best thats what but she going to be hurt when this perfect christian women finds out her daughter is a lesbian.

    Comments: 1   Votes:



    Posted by ali at January 31, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Philosophical

    My life is not as bad as many of yours, I thought I have the worst life in the world but after I read a couple of posts; I noticed that non of our life sucks because we have some stuff that others do not and we have to be proud of them and enjoy them.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    It's not me

    Posted by anonymous at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 January   Philosophical   Society

    It's the world.

    The world is full of ambitionless fucktards who believe that their life's goal is to own a car, work a job that they hate, and do things because they're told to. No one ever considers ripping up the current system to replace it with something that works, because everyone is too concerned with their own immeadiate survival to think rationally about the way we live.

    I work as hard as I possibly can, only to know that when I'm done my work I'll be dilluted to the lowest common denominator. Sex, Beer, and Advertising.

    I would love to have sex with a woman, but they're psychotic and opportunistic. Yes, moreso than men. I have to live with a sense of shame and guilt because women get together and collectively squwak out the evils that men had done against them. My cock has never touched what lay beyond a pair of pants. Not even a mouth. And I am immeadiately "that asshole".

    I grow tired of convincing others that life is worth pursuing passionately, or that gaining talent takes effort and time. Instead I listen to worthless leeches tell me that I'm just "special", or "gifted", which seems to serve as a justification for their mediocrity, and their demand that I constantly help them with things they would be capable of if they weren't lazy morons. Their calling me "gifted" seems to lessen the value of the work I've done to be what I am.

    Every day I partake in the use of a shitty broken system that someone got paid to make. This system only remains in place because people are too fucking stupid to understand that things could be better. I have no choice in using these systems.

    I hate nearly the whole fucking lot of you. You make my life shit.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    "STFU, it's free-will"

    Posted by Devoted Saint at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Friendship   Health   2011 January   Philosophical

    I don't have the energy to write long.

    My GPA is shitty that I can doubt I will get a job after I graduate.

    My parents divorced.. moved around with my mom...from New York , Cali and now in Mass.. my sister got pregnant at 17 and went off with some idiot.. All my friends left me. New "Friends" do not like me.

    No one talks to me, etc. Never went to prom in high school or college..

    Psychiatric bills are killing me. I don't see the point but the judge tells me I have to.

    I was a Christian, but I deviated.

    Because from all the posts I see... if you ask God or other Christians about all these pains..

    Don't bother... They will all tell you the same.

    "Shut The Fuck Up, it's free-will.. nothing we can do." "Plus, God works through pain to shape people up." rofl... ya right..

    with this kinda anger, I am not afraid of all these criminals robbing people around... with this kind of mentality.. I think I can fight 4 guys at once and win..

    trust me, I've been stabbed and it doesn't hurt that much..

    'nuff said.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    Total Failure

    Posted by anonymous at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   Failure   Health   2011 January   Money

    Okay, so in high school I was the really smart successful guy with killer grades and scores and I made it to Harvard. That was half a lifetime ago and it was my biggest accomplishment. Since then it all fell apart.

    I was depressed in college and not very motivated b/c of unresolved personal health issues. I didn't try hard and got bad grades. Then I started a dot-com company and did that for 13 years. It made a nice salary but it finally ended in a lawsuit that emptied my bank account. Yep, 13 years of work and I'm back to zero. Now I have no advanced degree, no career history, no professional job experience, no capital to start over, and I'm old.

    Here's the bad part: my Harvard friends are rich. One was in early at Google. Two others are ibankers. They complain about six-figure bonuses (b/c they are used to seven) not realizing I am broke. Of my friends from high-school one owns a dental practice ($400k/year), one works at a hedge fund ($500k/yr), and one is a radiologist ($800k/year). Then there's a pediatrician, a corporate lawyer, etc. who make around $200k. And there are the tenured college professors who aren't rich but have total job security. None of these people will ever worry about their career future. Meantime I don't have one.

    Now I am finding I hate these people. They didn't suffer with my health issues and so they sailed ahead while I floundered and failed. The Harvard people were just too smart for me. But I was smarter than t...

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    Comments: 9   Votes:


    Can't find a job.

    Posted by Michigan sucks. at January 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Unemployment

    32 years old, no job. Graduated from University last March, still no work. Michigan sucks, highest unemployment in the country. Had to move in with mom. 32 year old man living in his mothers basement, pathetic and sad.

    Don't know what to do. I'm broke so I can't leave, but there's just no work out here. Can't even afford gas to put in my car so I don't go anywhere. At least I'm alive and relatively healthy.

    I'm not stupid, so why won't anyone hire me? Most of the people I graduated with (most of whom were C and D students) have found work. I studied hard in school and graduated with honors, but apparently that's not what employers are looking for - they just want pretty, young, and stupid girls to run their companies. What bullsh*t.

    I hate living here with my mom. It's beyond humiliating. I don't see a real future for me anymore like I did when I was in college. I'm smart, hard-working, and honest. You would think that these are qualities that employers are looking for, I guess you have to be stupid, pretty, dishonest, and egocentric to make it in the world today.

    I don't want much. I don't want a million dollars. I just want a good job, a modest income, a modest home, a decent car, and a real life of my own. Instead I'm all alone in my mom's basement. God this sucks. I hear people complaining about being caught up in "the rat race" all the time, but I would GLADLY trade my current situation for "the rat race" in a heartbeat!

    I know a lot of people have it much worse than I do, and at the very least I'm thankful for having a roof over my head. But I can't go on like this. I'm a grown man damn it, I can't be dependent like this anymore! I can't stand it, I wake up every day hoping that I'll get lucky. Maybe finally someone will give me a chance. I just don't know what else to do.

    Comments: 21   Votes:


    36 and miserable

    Posted by James at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 January   Job   Racial

    ok try and keep up . im 36 years old on parole for various crimes and have been out and working as a limo driver in vegas for 2.5 years now and have a nice condo and my two sons 15 and 14 are living with me full time and i have a very attractive beautiful gf also living and helping me with my kids.sound like a perfect recovery story from prison to a happy life the movie on the oxygen channell and all the liberals would tear up at the story and just do whatever it is they do. but reality is i work 70 hours a week for the most fucked up company in the history of companies its not about a good work record or a good customer review its about what race you are or how much your paying management to succeed and i obviously failed cause i have the worst shift and whatnot and ny kids there sweet looking enough except ones a fucking drug dealer takes after his dad i guess and the other has no resoect for life or anything hes like fuck this fuck that fuck you alwasy just fucking fuck fuck fuck and my beautiful gf shes great except when we argue about how i dont make enough money and if only she could be a prostitute she would have things i swear to god we argue about that she has actually done it and has this hooker friend and has had 3 ways and shit i cant even explain it but my life totally fucking sucks thqanks email me at and tell me what a dumb ass i am or something

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    losing your mom sucks but it could be worse

    Posted by anonymous at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Death   Family   2011 January   Juvenile problems

    So, I'm 15, a guy, home schooled all my life (i'm desperately behind, four years, i had a meltdown after my mom got diagnosed when i was 11, and didnt come back out of it til 13, but i didnt start trying to catch up til last summer), my mom has cancer, my dad works himself to death, my little brother whose 13 is estranged, we're trying to get rid of our house, my older siblings live across the country, so i never get to see them, most of the people i ever cared about are dead or removed from my life. i've recently accepted the fact that after doing everything we can for her, my mom's going to die, and i've always been extremely close to her. i dont think i've felt a real, positive emotion for the past month now. all i feel is apathy and hurt. its gotten so bad i feel physical pain from the hurt. im depressed as well. but i wouldnt try to kill myself. i already tried before, but the pistol jammed. the only good thing is i have a girlfriend who's crazy about me, and i'll admit i'm not all that stupid in spite of my grade. i'm not very attractive, i got most of my dad's rough features, bad acne, brown hair thats always plain. i'm socially awkward, in fact, i had to have special ed to learn how to speak properly, and at that it's still a challenge to complete a sentence. i'd give my life away if it'd mean my mom could get better. i could care less about anything material. i just want things back the way they were before she got sick.
    oh, and i don't have very many frie...

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    Comments: 4   Votes:


    no one's story blows more than mine

    Posted by youallneed to quit bitching at January 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Relationship

    I thought I was happily married, for 32+ years. I am a succesful engineer and I have worked hard to get where I am today. My wife has fybromalgia and for a good part of my marriage I worked a 10 hour day, only to come home, cook & clean the house, then spend the last few hours of the day playing with my kids before they were put to bed. My wife has been too sick to get off the couch. Without going into details I have discovered that despite the fact my beautiful wife was too ill to get off the couch, she has had enough energy to "F" half the neighborhood while I was hard at work. We are now separated and soon heading to divorce.

    Story end......I have met a woman who truly loves me. Had it not been for my wife's unfaithfulness I would have never known true love.

    Forget about the past and move forward!

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    Lucky . . .

    Posted by Lucky . . . at January 30, 2011
    Tags: 2011 January   Philosophical

    I'm lucky . . . I guess. I hate the person I'm with. But I'm stuck with her. I can't leave her. She's one of the last types of people I would ever otherwise be with. But you know what? I'm stuck.

    I got her pregnant. When that happened, I said "Oh SHIT." She wouldn't get an abortion - and I'm pretty a persuasive dude. When trying to talk sense into her didn't work, I simply got off the phone, got on my knees, and prayed, prayed, prayed. I said "God, PLEASE don't less this unwanted, demon-spawn thing growing in there be born. I absolutely PROMISE that if you make this thing go away, I will sacrifice my life for this female and stay here."

    A week or so later, she took a pill and got an abortion for a reason that just happened to come up (won't bother explaining it. The point is that GOD did that shit - lol).

    And well . . . I got it. I mean I GOT it. I understood that God did me that favor. Got rid of that thing/kid growing inside there. And well, I had to hold my end of the bargain up now. No way I'm going to back down on my promise to God. I was serious that if this kid was not born, I'd throw my life away - all my aspirations to find my soulmate, etc, someone I feel good about and with, someone I love - and stay with this person instead.

    And well . . . here I am . . . coming on seven years later.

    . . . Hating life . . . lol . . . Every day. Trying to deal with it . . . This prison. Looking (way) forward to de...

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    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Why is there so much pain in life?

    Posted by Mizar at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Health   2011 January   Poverty   Relationship   Stepdad

    I don't know where to begin. It seems like life is nothing but a series of painful situations and I have had my share. My story reads like a movie sometimes. It started when I was a kid. My step father hated me. He beat me at times for no reason, but it worsened after I fell from the cliff. I didn't break anything but I did rupture my spleen. Didn't know it at the time but as the months went by I felt an ever growing pain in my left side. I would complain about it but I would be beaten and/or put to work to get me to shut up about it. Even breathing became difficult. After a year of pain I finally reached the point where I didn't care anymore what my step father did to me and I refused to do any more physical work. I even told him that I didn't care if he beat me because I already hurt too much and nothing he did would make it worse. My mother finally took me to a doctor and I was immediately hospitalized. They thought I had cancer, that it was a massive tumor, but it was an 18 pound blood clot in my abdomen that had pushed my organs to the right and up into my chest. That is why I had trouble breathing.

    I married young. I wanted to get away from home but I also wanted to just have someone to love and be loved by. Never did I think that the beautiful woman I married could be such a monster. I was in the Navy then and every time I went to sea and came back I had to get my wife back from the arms of another. I also had to get her sober again. S...

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    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Life can get better.

    Posted by keimosobie at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Abuse   Family   2011 January

    My life went wrong when my Mom was 5 months pregnant at 14. My father was killed in Vietnam in may 1967. I was born sept 1967. My mother cried on my shoulder for 3 years. We lived off uncle sams death benifit for three years.
    Till the money ran out. then my mother met a guy who didnt want kids so i got dumped in a foster home where I was abused daily. I used to suffer from anal leakeg so my underwhere would have skid marks and I was spanked daily for this offense as well as every other made up offense you could think of. My foster dad was one sick bastard. At the age of five i told my social worker what was happening and I got sent to another one. My foster mom was a 60 year old battle axe not much love and zero understanding. Then I was adopted at age seven. I was told by my adopted family that they adopted me randomly but it turns out that they were related. My dead fathers brother and my mom that abondened me sister were maried. So when I desperately needed somewhere to fit in and belong I was told I was a stranger and adopted randomly. well my new parents got divorced at 14. my mom had an affair with her married boss and I was left alone most of the time. But i kept my head together and i made it anyway.

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    All the wrong choices

    Posted by Dan M at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Family   2011 January   Job   Money   Relationship

    This is why my life sucks. I got married at age 19 to my hischool sweetheart and had to kids with her. This was the love of my life. Sounds like a happy story right. Wrong during the whole marrige she never helped me, never cooked, rearly cleaned, and hardly ever worked. What she did do is repeatedly cheat on me and treat me and our children horribly. I put up with all of this to keep my family together only for her to break up the family anyway. Whats sad is that I still love her and although womwen seem to like me I cannot connect with any of them. My children are damaged from all of this and I don't know how to help them. Everyday I live a meaningless exsistance. I have a job I hate where I work with people I don't like and make just enough money to get by. I'm 41yrs old and feel my life may as well be over. The only joy I have is when my kids are doing okay wich is rearly. Unfortunatly they have issues as well. My children are biracial thier mother was black I am white not that its a bad thing but I see that they have a hard time with it and that also breaks my heart. My children live with me and rearly see thier mother. I get almost no help. I basicly live to take care of them. Every day I have to put on a fake smile Tell them everything is great and the relive the same crappy day over and over till I am lucky enough for It to be over.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    so life sucks

    Posted by lunch lady at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Death   Family   Health   2011 January

    I just lost my husband of 26 years to the most horrible version of brain cancer there is. It quite literally pulled his brain a[art. I have 2 teenage daughters that are heart broken and worried about their future. I also need some corrective heart surgery and some other surgery as well. I have had to put this off for the last 5 years as we struggles through my husband's cancer. Those girls that are so worried about their future are busy playing on the computer leaving everything to me to do. They beg and plead with me to take care of myself and not to leave them, but god forbid they help me in any way.

    I grew up with a single mom ant a time when mom's weren't single. My real dad, great man that he was, forgot to mention that he had 4 or 5 wives, non of whom he had gotten around to divorcing. Yeah, that was fun living in a small tow. I was BAD BLOOD! kids were told not to play with me.

    Anyhow, got over that and moved on. Things were pretty good for a whole. My mom met a new guy in her life, it all seemed good until his brother, who was a year older than me, decided that I was his own private sex toy. Years later I finally, after much councelling, told my mom and she replied, "kinda figure it was something like that but you know that I needed to keep the marriage together." Thanks mom! Loved the time that my step father cracked her head open with a garden how just because I wouldn't eat the squash he grew. Stood between them with the butcher knife and offered to eviserate him if he came close to my mom. I called the family doctor, he came to the house, stitched up my mom, had a beer with the stepdad. That was the end of what they did about it. I told the school councellor, my mom was called in, even with stitches in her head she told them I was lying and they believed her. I left after that, no surprise.

    Life has a funny way of kicking you I just give up!

    Comments: 3   Votes:


    Me Again

    Posted by anonymous at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Alcohol   Attitude   2011 January

    I wrote on here before.
    Things have not improved.. How could they? I feel shit as usual.
    I feel like I have wasted what life and my parents gave me. I was and I still am healthy but for how long? I smoke 2 packs a day and drink 3 bottles of wine a week. I am a basically a walking cancer.. It's so gonna hit me, I know it.. yet I do nothing about it. After reading people's stories on here, people have been raped, have to go through serious genetic disease.. I was born healthy and wealthy (through my family)..yet I f**ed it all and it's too late to reverse the process. It's gonna end very tragically, I know it. People have damaged me, life has f**ed me big time. The only way out is death.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Im ready to die.

    Posted by anonymous at January 30, 2011
    Tags: Drugs   Family   2011 January   Poverty

    Well to start today is the one year anniversary of my sisters death from an overdose. I hadent talked to her for maybe 2 years because she was so bad on drugs that i didnt want to deal with it. I feel like i just want to kill myself so i can go be with her. The only person in the world i can trust is a teacher in my school who was there with me when i got the call about my sister. And even me and her are not as good as we used to be. i feel like im just getting on her nerves. I have about the laziest, meaniest, most irresponsible parents. My mom who i live with, spends all of the money she gets for me from child support on cigs, booze and going to the casino and gambling for her and my step dad who hates me. I have to save money from my grandparents and aunts and unlces that havent diowned me because of my mother so that i can but my own cloths and shoes. I did have a phone on my mothers plan but she lost soo much money at the casino last month she couldnt pay that bill or the cable bill or anything else for that matter, but thats all that got shut off so far. Basically my mother does not care what i do as long as i still live there so she can get money for me. I have not seen my dad in over a month because he is nothing but a drunk who does not care at all about me as long as he has money for booze. Im really depressed and i cant snap out of it, for over a year i have wanted to just kill myself but i do not want to spend eternity in hell. I dont know if i belive in god ...

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    Comments: 5   Votes:


    My Life Sucks Too

    Posted by anonymous at January 29, 2011
    Tags: Attitude   2011 January   Juvenile problems

    I go to a good school but my grades are pathetic. I failed in several subjects repeatedly. I put all the efforts but still get nowhere. Whereas my peers go through the stuff the last day before the test and come out with flying colors. They look down upon me and ignore me and my feelings. I feel like shit in the class with all the brilliant students around me. They do everything well. And I suck at everything

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    My life

    Posted by A at January 29, 2011
    Tags: Health   2011 January   Loneliness

    I'm a 20 year old male, and I hate my life.

    I was diagnosed with Chron disease at the age of 12, and I had to take some pills that made my face really swallow, which made me constantly being harassed at school.

    2 years later, I got a severe acne problem (and I mean, really severe) that made my entire face look like an erupting volcano. Combined with the swalowness of my face, not only it made me look like a monster, as it was really painfull through the entire day. Sometimes I just wanted to go to the kitchen and grab a knife and manually rip off those painfull tumors under my skin. My disease (which is related to the intestines) made me constantly want to go to the bathroom during classes, which made me a laughing stock in my class. I cried every single night, sometimes I still do, because I never understood what I had done to deserve this.

    Only now at the age of 20 my disease stabilized. My face is normal, and my acne problem disapeared (for now). I almost look like a normal person, excluding my acne scars through my entire face. However, the damage has been done: I had the wrost childhood I can imagine. I never talked to people because of the way I looked like, and now I have poorly social skills. I have no friends. I'm a virgin and don't even know how to talk to girls, my entire childhood left a trauma on me that I don't have a single drop of confidence. I see all the people I knew being sucessfull in life, getting their driver's license and...

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