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true story, no BS

Posted by useless at January 23, 2011
Tags: 2011 January  Job  Poverty  Relationship  School

Life sucks.

Shipped off to boarding schools and summer camps so the elite little jerks could use me as a patsy for all the meanest pranks ever.

Grade school had 2 teachers FIRED for being abusive to boys in class.

High school, failed, sent to high end prep school on a dish-washing scholorship. Love the abuse thrown at me by the little turds. The dean would send me to detention for walking on the grass.

Barely passed high school, had to earn last english credit the summer after I graduated. I was handed a blank diploma and not allowed to stand with my class.

Married right out of high school to a cheating bitch. 13 months of marriage and 22 months of divorce. Lost everything. Literally walked out of laywer's office because car was reposessed.

Worked a long string of dead end jobs for crappy pay for empty headed morons who would boast how much salary they made. Then send me to go clean the dumpster. I kid you not.

2nd wife, even worst than the 1st. I made the mistake of having children with this demon-bitch-cast-out-of-hell. 2 beutifull babies turned against me by that thundercunt. Divorce lasted 3 3/4 years. Lost everything again. Lived in a box made of pallets under a shipping dock (in secret) where I worked for a year. Fired by a surfer-boy idiot who makes over 100k annually because I wasn't dressed they way he thought I should be.

Demon-bitch worked for department of human services and spent the remaining 18 years screwing me down just because she can. Lost my drivers license. lost my job(s). Lost my carreer.

Met a gal who SAID she would love me, but when I was unemployed, (last job sent over 80 jobs to singapore) she tossed me out of the house.

I fished this old laptop computer out of the trash and got it working. Piggy-backed onto some idiots unsecured router.

Because of the american (notice the small 'a') corporate attitude about greed being the reason for living, whatever small dental benefits I once had are now out of my price range. (namely, unemployed = zero) my teeth are rotting out of my skull. Havn't had a physical for over 25 years thanks to the same corporate greed mongers. I'm 50 years old, penniless, don't own a car, don't have a license, don't a job, zero money, my kids hate me, parents just died (without saying goodbye) and Im starving to death in freezing tempatures.

Next time you hear some brain damaged fool spouting off on how good we have it here in this beknighted country don't believe them. They are lieing.

Life sucks.

America sucks.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Feb,11 12:57

yap Uncle Sam is greedy. HE WANTTS YOUR SOUL!

By anonymous at 21,Feb,11 16:05

Im really sorry to here that Brother I truly hope somehow ...your life gets better

By anonymous at 23,Feb,11 14:34

you really suck at life. hahaha.

By anonymous at 24,Feb,11 08:18

im sooo sorry to hear that. But you know what?? Ill cum see you under the dock n make ur life great

By at 15,Apr,11 19:16

Kewl you shuold come up with that. Excellent!

By anonymous at 11,Aug,11 14:18

wow, I mean this as totally not an insult or to be insensitive, but I would have completely blown my own brains out by now if this story was my life.

Actually scratch that, I would killed my ex-wives first, at least if I could get to them, then mayby a lawyer or 2, preferrably the ones that represented the ex-wives in divorce.

Then it would be my turn.

Take solace from the fact that you havent done this yet, you got more strength then I got brother, but I can agree with you on one thing....

Life does suck. Completely and truly.

By anonymous at 10,Apr,12 19:57

accidentally pressed not bad. so wrong. i feel you

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