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My life fucking sucks.

Posted by anonymous at January 26, 2011
Tags: 2011 January  Juvenile problems  School

I'm a freshmen in High School.Nobody loves me. The one person who ever actually cared left me because I'm too much to deal with. I've loved only one other person for years and he doesn't even care about me. He hates me. My whole family says I'm an asshole who will never get anywhere in life. My family wouldn't care if I didn't wake up tomorrow morning, and I wouldn't care if they died either. Nobody has told me I love you in years. My friends don't care about me. I don't even have one best friend I can talk to. I don't trust people and nobody trusts me. I'm so lonely and sad. I cry every night because I'm so pathetic. I'm absolutely all alone. I hate being 15. I hate life. I wish the whole world would just explode so I could die. My life fucking sucks.


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By anonymous at 25,Feb,11 03:33

please... i know its terrible to stand all these problems, but u should stand.
be sure they all make you a stronger person.

i understand u. because i have some kind of ur problems too...
but we should stand!

By anonymous at 25,Feb,11 13:24

Just concentrate on SCHOOL I was the same as you sad and lonely at your age and I fucked school up because of it . If I had done well in school I would have been succesful and my life would be totally different you have the oppertunity while your young to change your circumstances ..please do it you can have an AWESOME adult life if you try hard while your young and make your own success !

By anonymous at 06,Mar,11 20:34

Hey, don't give up. High school sucks because you are not really in control of your life, but you'll be an adult soon. I went thru the same shit when I was your age. It totally sucks! But now I'm 30, married to the best man ever, I have my own business and make lots of money and travel the world...and have 2 beautiful kids that tell me they love me about 100 times a day. You can make your own family one day! You can't make the family that raises you though, and sometimes we get dealt a crappy one. One day you'll have kids that you will love more than ANYTHING you could EVER imagine and that love is what life is all about. I'm sorry your family is missing out on that, but you don't have too. Focus on your future and dream big and then work hard to get to that dream and NEVER give up!! :)

By anonymous at 11,Apr,11 22:19

i am right there with you life does fucking suck

By anonymous at 11,Apr,11 22:21


By anonymous at 25,Apr,11 22:53

Dont give up. 15 SUCKS. Hard. But you will get through it. Sounds trite. but its true. LOVE.
By anonymous at 01,Mar,13 01:09

No it's not going to be alright I need to die I'm 11 I know u will think I'm overreacting but I'm not if u were me u would be dead by now the only thing keeping my alive is weed I don't smoke it but the plant it's just majestic

By anonymous at 14,Jun,11 16:09

Sorry dude. It just gets worse. Your problems will become more and more ridgid and real, and life will just suck more and more
By anonymous at 25,Jul,11 01:59

Wow ur fucked doesnt get worse this person is just a dick. You will figure things out and another couple years you will be on ur oen. Jang in there
By anonymous at 11,Aug,11 14:07

the person who posted that life just sucks more and more is not a dick, they are telling the truth, life just gets worse and worse as time goes by, your youth leaves you, your friends move on (if you were lucky to have any that is).

I aint saying 15 is any easier by the way, I dont remember it being terribly easy either, but at least you didnt have bills to pay, a shitty, meaningless job to work that gives you no sense of accomplishment, and other ridiculous responsibilities that you dont want or need.
By anonymous at 20,Dec,11 22:18

TO the last person on here:
Just because your life sucks and the person who posted this thinks life sucks now, doesn't mean it will continue to. Unless you keep thinking it will.
My life sucked so bad for 30 years that I prayed every day for the strength to kill myself. Every fucking day!!
Then, one day I woke up and realized that what was stopping me from killing myself was that I couldn't put my Mom through that. So, I said to myself, if I can't kill myself, then I better figure out a way to pull myself out of this shit heap.
Well, the biggest thing I learned, isn't that the world sucks. It's your attitude that sucks. Change your attitude, change your way of thinking and change your way of looking at the world, and life will get better.
It doesn't happen over night, but I can honestly say that I stopped wanting to kill myself about 6 years ago, and slowly, life has continued to get better and better.
But it's all in little increments. But you have to want it to get better. You have to try to be happy. You have to try to make life better. You have to try to look at things a little brighter. And you have to do it every day. All day. It's hard work at first and it will take a lot of practice. But anyone has the ability to do it. But you have to have the will to do it and the determination to make your life better.
Have you noticed a pattern? YOU. YOU. YOU. YOU have to do it. YOU have the ability to turn your life around and YOU are the only one who can.
You can't sit around every day focusing on the negative and focusing on how much your life sucks and expect everything to just change one day all by itself.
It's all up to you. How badly do you want happiness?

By anonymous at 01,Jan,12 15:20

To the previous poster...thank you, that is just what I needed.

By anonymous at 18,Jan,12 22:30

I have just about the same problem and think about suicide daily I have no one to help me because no one will listen to me and I get bullied every single fucking day and no one even cares...

By anonymous at 28,Jan,12 00:49

Hi. Im in the EXAT same spot as you! Except im a guy..m 14 a freshmen in highschool turning 15 in a couple mounths and the girl I liked just broke my heart to:(( heres my email.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 01:32

Life sucks wifey commited suicide three times always broke got laid off second job what else no aupport from family even though they drive beamers
By anonymous at 07,Apr,13 13:59

should probably just rape a few kids and then murder some babies. always make me feel better.

By anonymous at 01,Oct,12 03:48

so I'm 20 went through the shit bag high school and was hatted no one liked me. I wasn't too thrilled on getting out except on the fact I didn't have to see any ass holes. I work at costco and they are extremely good to you there. I have 0 true friends and don't do anything fun. there's the events and adventures option but it sounds lame. I'm super super jealous of my co worker josh who dates every girl I work with. for my whole life I have been kind to people and helping the ones who want help. I was a police cadet then had to quit cuz of 2 jobs. but I've never had any true fun like going to house parties and having a fun group of friends. its been the movies and small booring dinners. tbis coworker josh has the most game in the universe I'm so jealous it upsets me. I keep to myself in life and don't get out much. I stick to black ops and that's about it. I've been told to smile but that does jack shit for me. my life really just sucks and I don't feel it getting better. a job wow but no social life. I feel every time I meet a person I fuck up a friend ship. I like this one girl I work with but I'm nervous and scared that ill fuck that up too. I've thought about killing myself a couple of times but I just can't do it. all the ass holea in life get everything and the good guys get shit. so good guys do finish last, so be an ass hole u wont be last. so its not getting better it fucking sucks

By anonymous at 27,Nov,12 05:10

Hey kid..whoever u r..Just remember this whole world is a fucking shit bullshit place.. All people are fucking slaves of their fucking desires..nobody cares for anybody.nwadays even mothers bring up their children with the thought that her son will bring her luxury n fame n money..dats it..all r fucked up nwadays..n yea the few sensible n intelligent ppl left r being left lonely..most of d lonely guys r sensible ppl who really arent that addicted to life's fucking pleasures..we r lonely bcoz d majority of ppl in dis world are fucked up FOOLS..MERE FOOLS!

By anonymous at 01,Jan,13 03:04

My life sucks to say:( in so lonely . I just wana smoke my life away and get so fucked up. So much for a new years 2013. Every new just fucking sucks for me. I'm told everyday I'm so much to be thankful for. Jesus died for me and you. But why the fuck did he have to leave us on hell. You shoulda took me with him:( god . I just hate everything right now and yes I wish the world wild fuckig explode and that feelings did not exist . Feelings are stupid and I fucking hate them more than anything. It's funny how so many people can make you feel so good but it take that one person that puts your life in a fuckjng whole and makes you wana give up. Ugh I hate my life and everything about it

By anonymous at 06,Jan,13 07:27

people say you wont get anywhere in life, prove them wrong.

By anonymous at 01,Mar,13 01:02

U r not alone I'm obsessed with weed nobody likes me my soul was fucked over by everyone all the people I know thinks I'm some fucking crazy person who will pull out an M1611 at any moment and blow my brains on the wall it could happen just to let u know I'm only 11. These 11 year here on this stupid shit people call earth i want to rip out a knife and cut away at my toes to my neck and watch blood drip down my arms. I don't know what to do

By anonymous at 28,Mar,13 11:29

loose some weight asshole

By anonymous at 08,Apr,13 22:28

hi eva

By anonymous at 18,Aug,13 15:38

why don't all of you high schoolers shut the fuck up. you think you have problems you don't have fucking problems. I have three kids that are starving every day an I have a job. it just that this fuck up world lets any joe blow reach into my bank accout an fucking take what the fuck they want. so fuck my kids an my wife an my life as long as they get there fucking money WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!! love in this world? what the hell ever. the love in this world left when jesus went back up too the father.

By Beaver at 03,Nov,13 22:59

We all Grow up have all this energy Then slowly start to rot away. Are body gets old any we all die. What is the meaning of life. I Don't Know All I know is it fucking Sucks. Signed Beaver!!!!!!!!!

By crorkz jremy at 23,Nov,14 16:26

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By anonymous at 26,Jan,20 19:57

i feel ur pain... everyday i have to go through a bunch of shit and just be sad every night. ;C

By anonymous at 18,Jun,20 13:23

My life kinda sucks, I知 bad at everything. I hate my school, I知 surprised if I値l even make it to college but I have suicidal thoughts because of what I知 going through right now, the coronavirus has stressed the shit outta me and I知 15 and I think I知 too old to live, I wish that one day I壇 play Minecraft and an Enderman would just jump out of the tv and eat me. Life really sucks.

By washington dc cbd at 28,Sep,20 12:07

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