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Life does suck, what's the point of it all??

Posted by Leo at January 10, 2011
Tags: Alcohol  Attitude  Failure  2011 January  Loneliness  Philosophical

Before I start my sorry, let me tell you my English kinda sucks as it's not my native language.. Anyway that's not even the biggest issue. The real issue is the fact I have become the shawdow of the person I used to be.
I used to be a well liked guy, I was perceived as funny and cool to be with, rather not bad looking. Self confidence has always been a problem for me but it didn't show so I used to be able to could get away with it.

Then things started to change in 2005 when a physical (medical but not too serious) problem started to arise. Basically I started to sweat more than usual. I used all sort of over the counter medication but it always kinda failed.. Now it's alright I have sort of managed to control the issue but the psychological done is almost irreversible. I started to withdraw myself, called sick at work all the time because I couldn't face being around people, turned down friends invitations... Five years down the line, I am lonely, I feel trapped, too old to start a new career, and I feel like I can't do the job I was trained to do because how could I help people when I can't help myself!!!???

So basically I am almost 33 years old , I am broke because I have left my previous job, I can't face meeting new people and I feel I have developped a drink problem. Last Friday I drank so much and freaked out, I kinda wanna to kill myself. I called the equivalent of 991 to get advice coz I didn't know who to talk to. I didn't even give my name but within 5 minutes two ambulance crew and two cops turned at my door. It made things a lot worse.. They frog marched me to an ambulance.. How f** embarassing is that??

Anyway my life sucks and I am thinking about jumping off a bridge sometimes soon if things do not get better.


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By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 19:53

Hey Leo,
Life is not the prettiest of affairs, we all go through the bullshit life throws at us. You have ur sweating problem and I had acne. Now it wasn't ur typical whiteheads tiny pimples you can barely notice, I mean I had some huge fucking volcanos on my face. Which started in middle school and persisted until the end of high school and then some. But the only thing I could do was keep pushing forward, everyone thought I was the nicest person who was really in touch with his feelings and "down to earth" but what else could I do? I had nothing going for me on the outside so I had to look in. It really turned me into a caring person. Sometimes we have to stop looking at all of our imperfections and reach out to others like us who are suffering through physical or mental hardships, it transforms you. Imagine if everyone helped someone else through counseling or what have you the worked would be a better place full of caring people. Do not throw your life away. Maybe what you could do is try to make someones life worth living.

Lalin voice of aldrich
By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 19:11

Thanks for your message. I agree with you, helping people is rewarding but at one point in my life, the state I've been in for the last 5 years, there is no way I can help someome. How could I ? I used to be good at what I was doing but not anymore. My own insecurities were devastating and I just couldn't concentrate on what the client was saying. Maybe I'll resume my career if i ever manage to get sorted, in the meantime I am in full self-destruction mode, I am very aware of that.
By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 19:22 Fold Up

It's be again, i forgot.. Not related to my problem but since you mentioned acne, I heard on the news Roaccutane has been withdrawn in my country. Apparently it led to a lot of people committing suicide. Just wanted to let you know.

By anonymous at 28,Jan,11 19:54

The world not the worked sorry
By anonymous at 29,Jan,11 19:13

Yeah I know, my post is full of typos, I was wasted when I wrote it.
By anonymous at 01,Feb,11 12:58

Lol thnx for the help, I hope everything turns a out ok for you. Take care of yourself

By anonymous at 03,Feb,11 11:14

If u dont have self confidence in lyf den for sure u wont have control over ur lyf... the best thing u can do is to ignore all the self confidence issues... if u make friends with people u will notice not every friend that u make are self confident.... but still dey get over wid it... i've crossd ur phase n now i tell u i have embraced my lyf n started making friends n at work i speak to all my colleage n im liked by dem... thats the best way to get rid of all ur problems.. over a period of time u'l forget the problems u faced in lyf....
By anonymous at 03,Feb,11 17:04

Thanks for the advice. I hope you're right when you say that over a period of time i'll forget the issues I have faced in the past.
By anonymous at 03,Feb,11 17:10 Fold Up

one last thing, yes you are right, I should ignore my self-confidence issues. I am working very hard on that. Some days I manage, some days I don't..

By anonymous at 07,Feb,11 13:59

you fucking freak please go jump of that building....All of you with your sad stories!!!!!!!!!! i may not live in america or all those kwl places....and dont have all the opetuneties you freaks have but i dont fucking moan about my life rocks!!!!!!!!!!! sowi im not english ...all of u people are a excuse for humanbeings

By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 21:35

Ur"life rocks" because you're probably quite "simple" or retarded if you prefer.. You just don't realize how shit your pathetic life is! At least we do! Speaking of which, why would anyone come onto that sort of website if you don't wanna read sad stories.. You third world piece of shit.
By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 21:36

Meant to be sent to the above poster! 09 frb 20.35
By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 21:36

12.49 sorry looooooooooooooool
By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 21:36


By Venom at 16,Feb,11 10:45

hope u move on !

By anonymous at 07,Jul,11 06:22

life is shit and unfair anyway. In a nutshell the undeserving,talentless, greedy, incompetent, dim-witted idiots get all the wealth hence having easy lifes. The kind hearted, good souls who would never dream of hurting anyone get all the abuse, shit and victimisation. In short you're punished for doing good and rewarded for doing bad. All the bullies at school turn into the managers and directors once they leave and continue their bullying in the workplace and get away with it. Those who were bullied get ignored, unrecognised and just continous crap hurled at them throughout their whole lives. Things really don't improve once you leave school. So much for there being a God. SO FRICKING UNFAIR! FUCK LIFE AND FUCK PEOPLE!

By anonymous at 01,Feb,12 19:30

Don't dare smile. If I really do and and not the normal fake mask that i put on everyday,someone or something(pet) dies! I have no family. Killed by drunk drivers, taken. By cancer. Poeple are so rude and inconsiderate. Never thinking of the next person. So alone! If most of these people get to heaven, i don't want to go.
I can't be so lucky and die young. Sick joke bring me into this world! Such a waste!

By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 03:32

This website sucks. Have some faith people.

By Pantalon Lacoste Soldes at 01,Sep,14 19:42

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