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My life cannot get any worse... no really

Posted by anonymous at July 24, 2010
Tags: Appearance  Attitude  Health  2010 July

lets just start out by saying im fat... and extremely ugly i dont have any boobs and cannot even wear a trainning bra. bear in mind i am 18 and never had a boyfriend i am 354 pounds i was asked to prom by a gorgeous guy but after buying a new dress and getting ready for the greatest night of my life ... he never came. my kancales are bigger than my non-existant ass. i see no point to shave my 6 inch pubes because im never going to get laid and even if i wanted to its practically impossible to see down there. i constantly smell like tuna and no one in school will appoach me. i have contemplated killing myself but my thick skin makes it hard to cut myself, so instead i entertain myself by eating 1 gallon of cookie dough ice cream every night. i would like to lose weight but the ice cream is the only thing keeping me alive. the kids in my neighborhood write fatass on my already shitty car and leave dog crap in the drivers seat and because i cant see past my flat chest i always sit on it.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 30,Jul,10 12:07

I know it must be very heard for you; people are very wicked but the time is coming when they will have to answer for their actions do not disrepair I am in pain all day every day and like you think of killing myself but God holds me in his hand till the time comes when I will no longer feel pain or sadness and the former things of this system will be over
God bless you and keep you Dave
By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 03:34

hey dave, i think you got trolled...

By anonymous at 30,Jul,10 21:16

i no u r sad and in pain but only u can change urself and make urself happy lose weight ,exersise join a jym u alone can make urself happy and stick 2 fingers up 2 those who insult u and make fun of u , i wish u sucsess u go for it ,i no u can do it for u

By anonymous at 30,Jul,10 22:45


By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 06:39

Too obvious. Nice shot troll

By anonymous at 31,Jul,10 14:19

nice try...but not on your character building...and don't send that manuscript to mcmillans just yet

By anonymous at 01,Aug,10 08:40

have you ever thought of tryin to lose weight???

By anonymous at 03,Aug,10 02:22

I've been there before,feeling like that. Buts its about who you are. I'm no small girl never been. Well my bff of yrs is bigger than me and she has had a pretty good love life. Its cause she is so confident in herself. She said shes glad shes big cause she knows they are with her for her. I know u probably hate hearing this i know i do but alot of it is confidence..i wont lie there are plenty of assholes out there

By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 09:28

do you ever think that your attitude is because of mood swings because of inactivity and a poor diet? when your body and brain do not have the right balance of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, people start to feel like you do (not just overeating). It can go as far as serious chemical imbalances taht induce depression ect.

So, I ask you, since you can decide what to eat... why choose failure over success, when it is certainly possible? Did you know you can choose, every day, to become exactly what you want- emotionally, physically, spiritually?

Notice that I did NOT say painlessly or easily.

Energy should flow through your body. calories in, calories out- not just in expenditure from walking or something, but mentally, too- from being out, not holed up in yourself and your house and everything else that enables lack of health.

So much success is possible for you. Go get it- dont stop. Its so very important to not stop. I cant stress that enough. if you give up once, you will quit. never ever stop- and if you falter, forgive and get back to it quickly- dont waste time beating yourself up or things like that. its useless and does not produce good results.

so if anything is useless and does not produce good results, quit it and start doing the things that do.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,10 08:40

You sound like my type of girl. I would take you home and feed you with a steady diet of Twinkies.

By anonymous at 28,Sep,10 18:00

Your story is either fake...or you are just in need of help,who would post they dont shave there 6 inch hair?

By anonymous at 28,Sep,10 18:02

im never eating tuna again!!!!!!!

By anonymous at 21,Dec,10 09:24

mm i love a big girl and am a great fan of tuna sushi

By anonymous at 22,Dec,10 09:12

I'll tell you the same thing I told the lady in the previous post:

Read Susan Powter's books, they will help you.
You need to educate yourself about diet, nutrition, and food. It is very important to make this change.
Also, is you're not getting any exercise, try to start walking every day, just do what YOU can, and don't give up. Things can change for you, I promise.

Your weight is not normal, and God never intended for you to have this abnormal weight. If you think it cannot change, you are wrong, it CAN change. It will just take some time and effort on your part. You have to believe that, because if you don't believe it, things will NEVER change for you.

Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself, and don't try to take on too much as you work toward better health. You are a beautiful person inside, and you deserve to have a happy and healthy life.

By anonymous at 28,Feb,11 20:58

Troll alert!

By anonymous at 25,Mar,11 22:01

Jesus Christ and the Bible are your only answer. Read the Bible- start in the New Testament and read on. email me if you need advice-

By at 16,Apr,11 10:41

goWeBi Real brain power on dipslay. Thanks for that answer!

By at 29,Jun,12 22:25

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