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My life sucks

Posted by anonymous at August 25, 2009
Tags: Appearance  August 2009  Family  Sexuality  Violence

My father and mother are together and I have a roof over my head and three siblings. My dad cheats on my mother whenever he gets the chance and treats her like shit. She does nothing to defend herself so we don't either. My brothers are drug addicts since the age of twelve. My sister was raped by her five year old gangster boyfriend at the age of 16. Me well what can I say I was almost raped twice once by my bro and once by my uncle. I have been stalked and almost raped by strangers on the street. I was once beautiful and since these events I have made it my goal for no man to look at me with desire so I gained just enough about 30 lbs and am the ugliest girl now in my opinion that I have no friends. Even though I'm miserable im content with the fact that nothing like this will ever happen to me.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 09,Sep,09 23:19

By mun ya dam biss at 12,Jul,12 05:03

I Know right ssseeeeeehhhhhh

By anonymous at 10,Dec,09 23:06

your mother may have fucked up the marriage long before your dad cheated and your bro is sick not you. start living for you and god
By anonymous at 18,Jul,12 14:59

Keep your god to your self

By anonymous at 15,Jan,10 14:12

you need a life. loose weight, move out of your getto house and get a life. fagg stop lying. if it were really true you wouldnt post that shit on a webstie you would be ashamed. youre a FAGGGGG
By anonymous at 19,Jan,13 16:22

SHut The fuck up

By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 05:51

why is it. its like. theres no god. snap.nvm

this story juz convinced me not to have any child.

i dont want any baby to be born into this FUCKED UP world. and if u saying thats wrong THEN FUCK U . u HOMO rich MONEY ASS WIPE BITCH!.
By anonymous at 12,Jul,12 05:10


By anonymous at 21,Jul,10 11:40

My father was the same way and my moher devorced him. he was lazy he would get fired from a job and he quickly get anotherone but in later years he did not get anotherjob and my mother was wroking and our house got forclosed on and we lost our house but my mother rented another house so were not homeless. I am not settled when we move it takes me awhile to get settled and I think the neighbors are weird. It tkes awhile to get used to the nieghbors. Being is not healthy. I don't lokk at women ith desire i will ak woman out and then W have fine time nd repsect her and never ever hurt awoman it is dishonerable for a man to thurt a woman. I will anything for woman now I have wife she is preeety I did deired she desired me becuaae I am a hoorable guy.
By anonymous at 05,Feb,12 07:41

now 2012, too old story

By Maddie at 29,Aug,10 01:01

It seems like you just need a friend and someone to talk to email me
By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 01:12

Dont email this guy, he'll probably rape you-
By Nathan at 21,Oct,11 05:48

u think thats funny u sick fuck
By anonymous at 05,Feb,12 07:28 Fold Up

By anonymous at 05,Feb,12 07:31 Fold Up

and correct
By anonymous at 31,Dec,12 01:00 Fold Up


By at 09,May,11 08:34

By anonymous at 15,Sep,12 04:25

By anonymous at 19,Jan,13 16:21

YOU need to shut the fuck up you don't know shit!

By anonymous at 16,May,11 19:02

How the hell does a 16 year old get raped by a 5 year old??????
By anonymous at 27,Jan,12 14:46

Maybe she meant she's been with him for 5 years? o.O?
By anonymous at 05,Feb,12 07:37 Fold Up

so it MEANS BS, no 16 or no 5

By anonymous at 14,Aug,12 17:10

im 42 ive been fired twice in 6 months, I dont think my wife loves me anymore.ive been on n off drugs since I was 17.IM trying 2 maintain a normal life,but I cant find reasons to reanforce my day to day.No worry havent pulled the trigger yet
By anonymous at 31,Aug,12 05:38

please don't pull the trigger. Life goes through twist and turns and up and downs. Right now you are down and right around the road there is a new reason to live and if you check out during the down part of life you never get to see the up. we are all suffering in this world as the bible describes as "critcle times hard to deal with" but remember that everyone is suffering with you and if we all pulled the trigger none of us would have gotten to see that things can go up from down. I suggest the next time the Jehovah witnesses knock at your door your give them a chance they have life saving good news for you from the creator himself.
By anonymous at 15,Sep,12 04:26 Fold Up


By anonymous at 20,Sep,12 23:03

I realized today that everyone in my life just acts like get give s shit about me just to keep me doing what they need me to do for them. No one actually cares about me they only care about what I can do for them. It's time to shed my skin and look out for myself.

By anonymous at 25,Sep,12 16:18

Why is life so hard for some people ? I wish I had a family to help support me some of time but i don,t what can i do when you only have you.

By anonymous at 19,Jan,13 16:19

Listen your life maybe like this but i am going through this now and don't let it get to you just keep a weapon of some sort with you. Don't let them get to you find somebody that can help you.

By anonymous at 19,Jan,13 16:20

By anonymous at 06,Feb,13 17:41

your mom suck

By anonymous at 23,Mar,13 01:57

How can your sister be raped by a 5 year old?

By anonymous at 23,Mar,13 23:01

dont be so cruel it happens and you get low selfworth and have to learn how to get past it..lean on God he will help u thru it all;..............

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