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Wow. Life is so crappy.

Posted by Bere at June 15, 2010
Tags: Appearance  Health  2010 June

So my life entails waiting and waiting and waiting for something good to happen. Every day gets worse and then then I wish it was the day before because it seemed better than today.
I gained 100 pounds over the last couple of years. When I weighed 135, I was miserable and I thought I was fat. I wished I was 125. Then I weighed 150, then 160, 170, 180. Then I hit 200. It's unbelievable when I look in the damn mirror. It's disgusting. The thing is, I felt just as disgusting when I weighed 135. Now I weight 245.
Ponder that. I ran a marathon 2 years ago and I hated myself because I was a fat chick trying to run. Now I can't even walk up the stairs.
I wish I would get killed on the freeway, or get squashed in an earthquake.
But next year I'll probably weight 300 lbs, then I'll wish I looked the way I look now.
I have a super good looking boyfriend and he refuses to have sex with me. We've been together for 3 years, and we dated for a while ten years ago.
The sex was awesome. Now he won't even look at me. I don't blame him. But damn, there's gotta be someone out there that get turned on by fat chicks.
I hate everything about the way I look, people think I'm a bitch.
I'm lonely as hell. And I live in Orange County, CA where everyone is white, skinny, and rich.
My life sucks!!!!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 17,Jun,10 03:47

keep eating hot dogs and pizza and get even fatter, your bf will really want to have sex with u then hahaha!
By anonymous at 16,Aug,11 00:48

okay here is a multiple choice question you replied that way because
1-you have absolutely no life and so you decided to go on a site called lifesucks to make people feel worse as a revenge for being a loser with no life
2-you're life sucks even worse and so you're trying to feel better by making people feel worse
3-you're so ugly and abused that you try to bully other people online the same way you're being bullied
4-you're soooooooooooo dumb you really think its funny (in this case go get help)
5- all of the above
you want my opinion i think the answer is number 5

By anonymous at 17,Jun,10 12:12

I'd go to psychiatrist or psychologist with your problem and start to make gradual changes in your everyday diet. Do everything you can and spend every money you have just to make this change, because it affects your whole life!

By anonymous at 18,Jun,10 05:35

if you'll center your life around something else than food, it'll be easiter to loose weiidht, get a hobby! anything that'll make you stop thinking of food. when you eat, eat something you dont like (not fast food)!

By anonymous at 18,Jun,10 18:23


i was 210 lbs

lost 80 lbs by not eating

surviving on water and when i feel very hungry i eat something, like once every 2-3 days

and coffee

so simply put, you can do it

its not impossible
By anonymous at 24,Sep,10 05:02

That is awful advice you! starvation isn't the bloody key! All you do by starving is loose water, which goes on twice as badly as soon as you ea properly, not to mention it makes you spotty, your hair go lank, your breath smell like dog shit and makes you weak, the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your attitude to food, eat 5 small meals each day, drink water, eat wholemeal bread and pasta, get creative and enjoy food, exercise like taking a walk, swimming, yoga will help tone up the fat and make your stronger and less likely to get ill as often.
You Mrs 'I lost 80 pounds', are going to start eating one day and be fatter than ever.
By anonymous at 12,Nov,11 01:50 Fold Up

White people, smdh

By anonymous at 19,Jun,10 18:30

typical american piece of shit coming to terms with harsh realities of life

hey faggot, you dont need 2 cars, a big house, 3 times a day meal, diet snapples, and other redundant shit in your house

try minimalism, asceticism, buddhism, spiritualism, esotericism, etc fag-fag
By anonymous at 03,Jul,10 14:36

Psh. Russians. They strike again

By anonymous at 22,Dec,10 09:21

Just need to change your diet.
Try this: eat three GOOD meals a day.
This should include some meat, fresh vegetables (some cooked and some raw), whole grain bread, fruit.
Don't eat between meals, and don't eat any more after dinner, until the next morning.
Drink plenty of water between meals, a quart in the morning and a quart in the afternoon.
Start walking every day, a half hour to an hour.
Take vitamin and mineral supplements.
Start educating yourself on nutrition, make it your new hobby. And good luck and God bless your efforts!

By anonymous at 19,Sep,11 05:55

if you're white, date a black guy ...they love fat white chicks. if u can't do that join weight watchers

By anonymous at 21,Sep,11 17:08

Lol Just get dolled up and smell nice and find yourself a nice black gUY! (:

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