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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    My life getting sucks

    Posted by Frederick at October 31, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   Job   2011 October

    I am 26 years old, still single and never had a gf before, due to my low self esteem and concern of my look because I am fat, whenever I am with girls I always find uneasy, makes me hard to ask a girls out.

    My work getting sucks too, unable to focus on work and always way behind my schedule. The boss had warmed me that if she heard another complaint I will be kick.

    Felt lost and depress now, I know my family always support me still I unable to go through myself this stage, started to skip work now and play games at home.

    Life kinda sucks now

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    28 and overweight

    Posted by Karen at October 2, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Health   2011 October   Relationship

    I hate my life. I always have. Turning 28 in three days only makes me hate it more. Iím overweight, unhappy, and I feel like I just wanna curl up somewhere and die. Iíve always felt like an outcast. Ever since grade school, I was always the last one picked. Itís hard for me to make friends because of the number of times a so called ďfriendĒ stabbed me in the back or made comments about me behind my back. I canít, for the life of me, find a boyfriend, or even a date. Iíve tried online dating, but that turned into a disaster. The last guy I met online stood me up. I have trouble talking to guys. And when I do end up talking to them, itís usually because they want something from me, and then once theyíve gotten it, they high tail it out of there faster than the speed of light. I recently broke my leg, and ever since then, my health problems have escalated. Iím in constant pain, I canít exercise, and even the mention of ice puts me in a state of panic. Ever since then, Iíve been diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. Iíve had problems with my menstrual cycle that make me fear going to the bathroom. And because of the fact that I couldnít deal with my depression, my last two friends dropped me like a rock because the just didnít want to deal with me anymore. My family constantly picks on me about one thing or another, usually my weight or my lack of a boyfriend or my lack of a social life. Itís a struggle to get up every day and face myself in the mirror because all I see is this disgusting, fat, ugly being that doesnít deserve to live. Iím beginning to wonder why I was even put on this earth if every day Iím stuck feeling like I donít belong.

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    fucked from the start

    Posted by anonymous at September 29, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Independent circumstances   Life Story   2011 September

    so my father dies when im only 10 months old. my mother decides she wants to move to the united states. we do on a 3 month visa. i was only 1 year old at the time. we go to newyork. my mother is barely 21 and decides she'd rather enjoy her 20's than stick by her son and be a good mother. im left to be raised by my grandmother and whatever babysitter they can afford to put the burden of my life upon. fast forward 15 years and we live in georgia now. mother is now an overprotective jesus freak. i cant get a job because my visa ran out 14 years ago and am considered "ineligible to work in the united states". That means no drivers license either. Stranded at home and BEGGING for rides from friends when they can spare one at their goddamn convinience. im a very independant person and having to rely on others causes me alot of frustration, stress, and anxiety. i turn 16, puberty hits and my face breaks out like a ticking time bomb. mom had the same in her teens, so geneticaly im fucked. puberty+stress+shitty genes+being to fucking poor to see a doctor+mother not caring enough to provide as much as a little knowledge or support+poor mans diet=total face fuck. i mean these werent just pimples, but deep rooted, puss filled balls from fucking hell. even without picking at them they managed to fuck me up completely. im 20 now and have horrble scars all over my face. i cant even go outside without people GAWKING at me. peoples faces are what greets the world, its what people remembe...

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    Comments: 6   Votes:


    Life is so shit

    Posted by Hannah at September 16, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 September

    Ever since i was 5 my whole family have started to hate me and its making my life shit. I have no friends what so ever and im getting really fat since i hit puberty. My mum told me i need to lose weight but shes constantly stoned and shagging all different men. My only friend clare used to help me out but now all she cares about is shagging men like my mum. I really dont no what to do...moral of the story i wish i wasnt so fat.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    life... just take out the f, and you got lie

    Posted by .... at September 16, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Juvenile problems   2011 September

    all my life ive been letdown. i have always been letdown by family friends and all the lies ive been told. it never came to me till i was a freshmen in high school. i never was successful at anything to do. i had no ambition or motivation to better myself or even attempt to try. freshmen year i was always picked on, i was the fat guy on the football team who tried his best but coaches never gave credit to. so i decided to quit. i went to one dance that year, i tried to dance with some girls, it was like i wasnt even there, then some guy just pushed me aside and was grinding with his girlfriend, i just sat in the back crying. sophomore year i decided to do football again, i weighed at least 300+ pounds so i was picked on even when i kept up with the team i remember we had one last condition and two coaches were picking on me. one of the coaches said " hey fat-f*** pretend theres a cheeseburger at the end of the line" ignoring his rude comment i kept up with the rest. the other coach said to me " thats right move them ham hawks boy" so i quit because "No matter what i do, it never pays off" sophomore year was nothing but more misery, when summer came along i decided to work out, i had one and one motivation only "to get a girlfriend by losing wieght" when summer was over i was 290 and everyone commented on it, i was like finally this is gonna pay off. Still that year was miserable and still no girlfriend. if you read this far im impressed at the fact your still here, it mean...

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    Comments: 11   Votes:


    ugly and lonely...wooppieeeee!!!!

    Posted by nickel at September 8, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Job   Relationship   2011 September

    No beating around the bush here, so here goes. I'm a 34 year old single mom to a 11 year old son and I weigh almost 300 lbs, have zits, I have to wear a hair piece cause all my hair fell out and I'm in love with my best friend. He doesn't want a relationship, no suprise there. I work in a dead end job where they call me "big girl". I went to school to be a dental assistant but I'm really no good at it so I have decided to stay at my dead end job. The only life I have is hanging out with my son but he has his own life now so I spend a lot of time alone. I don't live. I exist.

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    fat and ugly girl

    Posted by anonymous at September 5, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2011 September

    hi. I just need to vent this. I am a fat and ugly girl and i am a total failure in my life. I have such big dreams but i doubt that i can ever fulfill even one of them. Ever since i grew fat, boys avoided me and i craved for love. I have spent lots of nights crying and begging god to send love in my life. And then nearly 6 months ago, a long time friend proposed me. I hesistated a lot bcoz i had started believing that love was not for fat girls. But i decided to take a chance. And then i had to move in with him because of some reasons. Everything was fine, till his mom came to visit us. All she could see in me was my fat. She has long gone but since then, my guy has changed. Ever since then, all he sees in me is how fat i am. He has even refused thrice when i offered sex. Earlier we couldnt keep our hands off each other. Now he rarely kisses me. I m so broken. I m feeling unwanted and worthless. I wish that i could loose weight overnight, become hot and sexy, and then dump him.

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    Ugly asshole

    Posted by fucking_loser at August 27, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   Appearance   Attitude   2011 August   Juvenile problems

    21 year old, ugly guy. Short heighted, face looks like a world war battlefield, scarred and full of potholes due to a bad case of acne in the teenage. Never had a girlfriend, no chance of having one in the near future (atleast one who is better looking then me).

    I have moderately severe depression, bipolar 2, mild attention deficit disorder, social anxiety, taking cipralex for over a year, over time tolerance develops to the drug and it stops working and i have to increase dose. Soon it will stop working altogether.

    Parents in a dysfunctional marriage. Sister has mild mental retardation and personality disorder.

    I have been bullied in the past. Hate my life. Will probably remain a virgin till 40, if only i dont go to a hooker before then.

    Life is pathetic for the ugly geeks like me. Girls dont give us a second look, we're just an object of ridicule. And looks are something you are born with, and you cant change them. I hate those assholes who have the gift of good looks and enjoy their lives and pass time by making a mockery of people who are ugly.

    Comments: 23   Votes:


    F*ck my life...

    Posted by Emma at July 27, 2011
    Tags: Anxiety   Appearance   2011 July   Juvenile problems

    My life is sh*t. I know I'm only 15 but it sucks so much.

    I have two friends. Who basically never hang out with me, making me a loner. Because most of the time I CHOOSE not to hang out with them, None the less they don't want to hang out with me anyways. Since the age of eight I've been a loner, I've always enjoyed being alone instead of being surrounded by people. I hate being social. I HATE IT.

    I'm over-wheight. I'm so scared about my health. I'm scared to see how heavy I really am. But I'm definetly fat. Making it impossible to find clothes that look okay but fit. I'm not over wheight to the point I need to shop at big and tall but I'm still pretty fat for my age.

    I've missed so much school to the point where I would rather just die than do it. Yes, lots of kids hate school. But I actually like it, but due to my parents I've missed a ton of it.

    I have a huge anxiety disorder. I got anxious over the smallest things.

    I want to kill myself, but I don't have the guts to do it. Well first option is to shoot myself, Which I can't do because I don't have a gun, and how is a 15 year old going to get a gun? Another option is that I hang myself, but I have a fear of suffocation. Which is the whole point of hanging myself. So hanging and drowning myself are not options. Other than an over dose from drugs, I don't know what I could possibly do to kill myself. I wish everything would just work out for me. But obviously that's never going to happen.

    Comments: 11   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at July 27, 2011
    Static LinkTags: Appearance   2011 July

    I'm havin kinda bad dirty pimples on my face.. i dunno how to get away from these i wish i could have done somethin earlier. My Face Sucks !!

    Comments: 1   Votes:


    Im fuckin ugly

    Posted by Sunny at July 24, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2011 July

    Yes,im fuckin ugly.My hair is curly,scruffy,im short,thin,fuckin ugly...Nobody takes a 2nd luk at me.Nobody seems 2 care.Girls freak out so i don't date.My fucking life gets worse day by day.Sumtimes i blame god 4 everythin.No luck,no girls,no real frenz,no fun always frown......

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    i woke up again this morning :(

    Posted by saleenah at July 23, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   Family   2011 July

    every single morning i wake up at 7 am, i am immediately greeted by my mother yelling at me about how i am so lazy and i need to get up and start working out, clean the house, look for a job, and if its not done by the time she gets back from work, im the laziest most worthless and useless thing in her life. my brother and nephew can lay around all day and she wont say a word to them, except maybe if they want something to eat. no matter how hard i try to help her out with everything, and i am the only one who helps her out, she doesn't care, because to her i am nothing but a fat, ugly disgusting poor excuse for a human being. she cant stand looking at me, overtime she does she makes a comment about how ugly i am, and compares me to everyone else. why cant i be like them, why cant i be pretty and thin like the rest of the kids. I suppose she is right i am useless, i don't know anything about anything, i don't have a job, i don't have any friends no one to talk to at all. my mom says i don't have anyone because of how i look and she's right again. i know how i am, but i just get so tired of hearing it i guess, it still hurts every time. the doctors say i need to be committed in a psychiatric facility because of how fucked up i am, they say im a danger to myself and others, i guess its true, but i cant even tell my mom about it, she and the rest of my family would think i was a pussy or something. i wish my dad was still alive, i miss him so much. he was the only one who seemed to kinda like having me around, and was always proud of me no matter how insignificant my accomplishment was. but he's not here anymore. i hope that today is the last day im alive. i don't know how much longer i can take this.

    Comments: 10   Votes:


    sad fat story

    Posted by girl at July 19, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 July

    im a girl from kuwait 23 year my big grandfather from iran . im fat girl i have nice face but so fat body , i didnt live life which i want i hadnt boyfriend, i havent friends , always i thinking about ppl who made mistakes with me i set in my room eat chocolate and watching tv or login internet im sence person i have many dreams but i didnt do anything i dream i be singer but i shy to sing when i be with myself sometimes i think im strong girl and sometimes i think im stupid girl , i cant say bad words to ppl when they say that i said that just when i fighting , i love my family and i have many dreams i wish i work in many europe countries but i love my family and cant leave them always i thinking may be something happen if im not avaliable , i love fashion i have many beauty things but i didnt use them always i say when i lose wight , i like shoppng always when my money finish i still in home watching tv , always i thinking about ppl who was not nice with me , i have broken heart , i have many problems i keep them in y heart i talking always with my mother but i cant say what feel , really i like her smile and sometimes talk with her in hight voice after i sad caz i love her and i dont want do that with them m if u reply on my story i will say many things ABOUT MY STUPID LIFE , i need u m i need ur advices

    Comments: 9   Votes:


    If your fat you'll never be accepted

    Posted by Robert28 at July 10, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2011 July   Juvenile problems

    I'm 16 year old boy and before middle school I was happy with my body I honestly didn't care that I was over wight with long eye lashes, big lips, a lisp, fucked up teeth, kankles, and I sucked at all subjects other then writing. But the the shit storm that was middle school changed all that. The fucking hell hole was nothing but being called fat ass and a fag. I tried to find a safe place where I was safe, I tried foot ball and a was ok I guess but I looked around and saw that EVERY ONE was a fucking waste of life they were all dicks to my friends and my fellow freaks. so I quit. I got tones shit for that. So I joined theater, I loved it and I'm told I'm really good at acting. But no the fucking universe decided that I couldn't be happy. The drama department was used to try and make one of those wastes of life I was talking about and making them a better person. IT DIDN'T WORK. all that did was give them even more time to make me feel like a fucking piece of shit that shouldn't be here that I didn't belong any where. That since I was fatt I would never be happy. That even though I dint care that I was kinda fat, in order to be liked by any one ells I had to loose wight, start being a dick to my fellow freaks, quit theater and join football. I did not want to do this, they would bot win. FUCK THEM AND FUCK THE WORLD. I did so for all three years. I felt good about myself for a while. But then my parents decided that love wasn't working so they split. I had to choose bet...

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    Save me

    Posted by at May 21, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2011 May

    I live in a country called Taiwan. I am an asian. currently 19, Male.
    Since long time ago ppl tend to tease me about my appearance. i have small slanted and disgsting eyes(even asians tease me bout my eyes so i guess u can see how fugly they are ) and i am very skinny . and worst of all, i have serious near-sightedness. its like -9.00 D for both eyes. yes guess u can imagine how its so inconvinient. I am also an social outcast because i dont like asian stuff while other ppl do , i love alternative rock , emo, punk music, i watch tv shows that are only from States or UK. only thing i am proud of in school is my english . so basically i have no friend in my life.

    i dont know how i can survive in the future. how can a major loser like me find a job when i grow up? everytime i look in the mirror, only stand there wondering who the guy in the mirror is. sick of crying, tired of trying, just tell me who can save me ? what did i do wrong in my previous life? :(

    Comments: 42   Votes:


    my shitty life

    Posted by anonymous at May 20, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   Attitude   2011 May   Meaninglessness   Money   Society

    I have had the unfortunate distinction to be born fat and ugly. I am also a girl. It is true what they say about "everything you learn in life you learn in kindergarten." I learned that fat, ugly girls have no place in this society. I am not even one of the "lucky" ones that has some kind of talent, whether it be, brains, artistic ablity, or just a pretty face on a chubby body. I have no natural talent for anything. I know there are guys out there who feel like they are ugly, but there is nothing compared to being an ugly girl. At least guys are taken at face value whether they turn out to be gay or straight or whatever. But a "hot chick" still isn't considered hot unless she has altered her appearance with make-up. It really sucks to be a girl. There is no amount of make-up that will make my face pretty.

    Kids I went to school with would have nothing to do with my because I wasn't pretty or athletic or talented in some other way. I was never seen wearing the right clothes either, because I got my sister's hand-me-downs. It was a really lonely childhood with no friends. My only friends in life have been my pets.

    I spent my childhood being compared to my older sister. Mother would always say "that's nice honey, but look what Sister did!" or simply, "why can't you be more like Sister?" It was not the motivator that my mother obviously thought it would be, because why would I continue to try if I knew I would never succeed? Needless to say, I...

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    Comments: 35   Votes:


    it really sucks

    Posted by anonymous at May 5, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 May   Sexuality

    I'm sure that my life is a piece of shit. It really is, and i almostly got over it, but it is still hard. I live in a very small town in Russia, and that really sucks, believe me. I live with my grandmother and dad, and, actually I'm a lesbian. Well, being an open lesbian here is equal to commiting suicide. This is VERY small town, so if I go out with a girl..well, that's impossible because everyone would know that and it would suck . Besides being lesbian, I'm fat and it drives me crazy but I can't make myself do something with it, 'cause i'm too depressed and sad all the time. And I REALLY need to loose my weight, i'm 100 kg. Other thing is that all girls I ever fancy are straight and since one totally failed case i've been absolutely unable to talk to any girl or anything. So in order to sum up: i'm fat ugly depressed lesbian who lives in a place you can't find on the map. So guys, life really sucks, doesn't it?

    Comments: 12   Votes:


    Fucked by Life

    Posted by anonymous at April 28, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 April   Attitude

    when i was 8 years old i got into a serious accident that disfigured my entire face. I completed elementary school and went on to high school had lots of friends both guys and girls wonderful time the condition of my face never caused any problems and did i mention that i am seriously overweight? well i am 310 pounds of pure wasted space on this earth everything went well i had good social skills and what not although i had no girlfriend but i had a few close friends that were girls. I did well at High School started at a prominent College and that is were it went down hill for me it was as if i never could have fit in there at all i was constantly stared at and made fun of and the the girls were really pretty and they only liked the footballers and basket ballers I had three friends and the rest of guys were really good looking guys and never hung out with me i really felt like a loser in college . I dropped out and it made matters worse the expectance of Par Excellence from my parents and the pressure of my siblings who are well educated.
    I am currently 21 years old looking for a job never had a girlfriend never had sex i have no self confidence and esteem and i don't even know how to ask a girl out i am an Ideal loser i see no future for my self and await 2012. I feel like a fat ugly loser who has never achieved anything in life and it really gets to me everytime i watch my disfigured face and i really hate my self.

    Comments: 17   Votes:


    i'm fat

    Posted by ricky at April 22, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 April   Family

    my parents made me turn fat and always made sure i was fed a lot of food especially rice and curry so that they could send me to bangladesh. Also, the made my life hell and made me have a miserable and chubby face and everyone calls me fat and i'm sooo sad and i wanna commit suicide even now i'm crying it hurts sooooo much coz my life is fucked up. peace out suckers

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    No One Likes Ugly Girls

    Posted by Gale at April 18, 2011
    Tags: Appearance   2011 April   Attitude

    I am really fat and really ugly. i am weird, and everyone makes fun of me. i hate being judged solely on my appearance. it has made me into a miserable person. i hate other fat people too because i do not understand how they can even live with themselves. i think all fat people should die. there is no place in the world for fat people. even the ones with "great personalities" because obviously their personality has only gained them pounds. and nothing else. fat people can't do anything except just sit around and be fat and ugly. i hate being fat and ugly. i am just a miserable fugly piece of shit. and so is every other fat person in the whole fucking world. i just want more food. i don't need it. i need to diet. i need to stop eating chocolate and fat and sugar. i need to do this and that and this and that BUT I AM NOT DOING IT! that is why my life sucks. because i need help, but professional help costs money. i do not have money. i spent it all at dunkin donuts. i wear a size 12. i need to be a size 6. i'm not even striving for size zero. that's stupid. i just want to be healthy. not skinny and gross because skinny is gross just like fat is gross. and i hate HATE guys who only like skinny girls or fat girls. because it's like "Oh, i only date girls that fit my fetish standards" it's all about sex. well i think sex has taken over the universe. it has taken over everyone's minds. everything is all about sex and skinny girls with big boobs and fuck this fucking life because it fucking sucks. can't wait to read comments about "oh go shove a twinkie up your ass and shut up and get an exercise elipticle like it's the easiest fucking thing in the world" fuck off fat ass cunt. i dont need suggestions. i just need to take my brain out of my head and kill it

    Comments: 69   Votes:


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