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Ugly asshole

Posted by fucking_loser at August 27, 2011
Tags: Anxiety  Appearance  Attitude  2011 August  Juvenile problems

21 year old, ugly guy. Short heighted, face looks like a world war battlefield, scarred and full of potholes due to a bad case of acne in the teenage. Never had a girlfriend, no chance of having one in the near future (atleast one who is better looking then me).

I have moderately severe depression, bipolar 2, mild attention deficit disorder, social anxiety, taking cipralex for over a year, over time tolerance develops to the drug and it stops working and i have to increase dose. Soon it will stop working altogether.

Parents in a dysfunctional marriage. Sister has mild mental retardation and personality disorder.

I have been bullied in the past. Hate my life. Will probably remain a virgin till 40, if only i dont go to a hooker before then.

Life is pathetic for the ugly geeks like me. Girls dont give us a second look, we're just an object of ridicule. And looks are something you are born with, and you cant change them. I hate those assholes who have the gift of good looks and enjoy their lives and pass time by making a mockery of people who are ugly.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Oct,11 14:48

Its better to be an ugly guy than an ugly girl. An ugly guy can still get a hot wife if he's successful, but an ugly girl can't get a hot guy. I'd say stop lamenting over what God gave you, and make the most of it. Its clear you have no self confidence and that's a major turn off; I'm sure women can sense that in you. I've seen lots of below avearge guys with good looking girls, its all about attitude and your ability to provide financially for your girl. Now if your an ugly dude AND broke, then your assed out!
By anonymous at 27,Oct,11 05:12

So what you are actually suggesting is to actually buy a girlfriend or a wife. That should be the last thing you ever do, apart from maybe getting a hooker. 1- The kinds of girls who go for rich guys are just not good company. 2- I personally would feel even more shit if I knew that a girl is with me just for my money.

To the original poster- I am not bad looking in general, but I have health problems and a serious physical deformity (that I can hide pretty well when out in public), so no girls for me either. I decided not to try and pay my way out of this, but rather to face the reality and just concentrate on other things. After all,. being single has it's advantages as well, despite the loneliness. Life is not fair, and why should it be...
By anonymous at 28,Oct,11 12:43

I am not the same as the person you commented on.
There are many cultures in the world where ugly men with money can get good women. In southeast Asia a man with can get a beautiful asian woman even if he is nerdy here in America. Most white men have bigger dicks than asians and that inpresses their women. (that is what their women tell me).

By anonymous at 26,Oct,11 22:10

no one is ugly, there is something beautiful about everyone !! and i used to feel like you i was fat short buck teeth girl got picked on teased everything you can imagine! few years later im 18 and im on countless modleing sights and flying down to another shoot next month !! and im glad of my "ugly " years because it made me the person i am today im nice and give everyone a chance life isnt about being beautiful and how many friends you can have ! its about making the best out of every lesson in life that maybe hell at the time but you think God for them later - remeber "you have to go through Hell to find Heaven" and just keep your chin up learn to love your self , how can you expect someone to love you if you cant love yourself ? you know i just learned that and it makes so much since ! and when you do love your self the hell with everyone else bc you love you and comfortable with yourself and came to terms with your flaws theres no bringing you down and to hell with people who try !
By anonymous at 30,Oct,11 10:46

Fuck you
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 10:59 Fold Up

good that it happened for you, but your story is a major exception to the rule. Its also good that your life experience has made you better as a person, but cmon would you date someone like what was described in the story, of course not, and all the more so if you were a "model flying to photo shoots".

I dont want to bash your message since its worthwhile but be realistic at the same time.

By anonymous at 27,Oct,11 01:47

Ain't we just having a fucking hoot?

By anonymous at 27,Oct,11 10:19

John 3:16
16for God did so love the world, that His Son -- the only begotten -- He gave, that every one who is believing in him may not perish, but may have life age-during.
God made you the way he wanted you Im ugly and go through the same thing Im a girl Let me tell you something I tried killing my self then I picked up a Bible and It said You are beautiful just the way you are and I love you
-God then I knew some one loved me
By anonymous at 31,Oct,11 21:29

And still no one loves you.
By anonymous at 11,Apr,13 02:20 Fold Up

and you are stil alone with the invisible god who supposedly loves you while others have girlfriends and get married...that is such crap!

By at 28,Oct,11 05:04

your not an ugly asshole, your just a big fool for not realizing how beautiful and handsome you are, stop comparing yourself to other people who are as i believe just ugglllly on the inside, i have never met you but i really do know you before but am sure are handsome both inside and out,learn to appreciate first yourself then others will.if you ever need someone to talk to email me

By anonymous at 28,Oct,11 11:30

Dont ever give up.

By anonymous at 28,Oct,11 11:36

Who cares about what you look like? If a girl doesnt find you attractive then its no big deal. At your age you have to focus on what counts, and trust me having a woman should be the least of your worries. Just dont worry, keep your head up and everything will be fine.
By anonymous at 11,Apr,13 02:19

east for you to say

By anonymous at 01,Nov,11 19:36

looks isnt everything i know it may seem it but yeah thats what people say to me, believe me once somene gets to know you and who you are inside ti doesn't matter whats on the outside your probably not even that bad! if you want to talk message me

By anonymous at 03,Nov,11 08:38

lol at 27,Oct,11 01:47

you know what is sad?
That i read these damn pages, cause i can relate,
cause my life is just as bad.

Please people, no more Bible passages, hasn't helped
never will ok? (dont say im going to hell i feel like
im already there)

Maybe those of us on this site should start a club or something? A club for us rejects? Ive been thinking
about it, any ideas?
By anonymous at 11,Apr,13 02:22

I agree...the high minded bible passages...heres is not good for man to be alone..I will make a help mate for him...well where is mine and all the other short ugly guys??? Its seems to not apply in many cases so keep them to yourself.

By anonymous at 03,Nov,11 18:27

so what? get an ugly girlfriend, they're are better in bed ;D

By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 11:01

how many people in relationships and marriages do you actually think are happy? 50%?? mayby less given that is the divorce rate?

People in marriages and relationships arent all happy, but what they all want you to think is that they are!

By anonymous at 07,Jan,12 20:28


By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 23:56

when you do talk to girls dont think of them as girls just think of them as people if they see you for the person you really are ...if your not a jerk and have good manners lots of girls will like you ..maybe not the models but plenty of good ones that any man would be proud to have ..they just need to see you show respect and ALWAYS have a positive attitude girls dont like guys who are depressed even if you are dont show anything negative try it it will work
By anonymous at 11,Apr,13 02:24

and you will be the nice friend while they go get the tall handsome rich guy...screw you.

By crorkz linkz at 15,Jan,15 20:35

vu4UyD You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren't afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.

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