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Everything sucks

Posted by anonymous at April 25, 2010
Tags: Appearance  2010 April  Bad Luck  Philosophical

I am a 36-year-old man, unemployed, unmarried - a total loser. I don't have any friends, because I'm too ugly that nobody would want anything to do with me. For the same reason I have never had a girlfriend. I am below par to even be considered asexual.

I am also fat. Now, that's my own fault and I could have also gotten plastic surgery for my face, back when I still had money, but now I am broke and have to live on social welfare. I am only a burden to the taxpayer and I only cause harm by existing.

Everything is against me. Everybody hates me. Nothing ever succeeds for me. I've lost my home, have to live in a small apartment that sucks and I cannot do anything. Not that I'd want to go outside, because there are people there and I don't want them to see me.

People suck. They are all evil monsters, who want to exploit everything for their selfish ends. They only want to hurt others and ridicule everyone. I hate people. The way they have treated me all my life and how they generally act has made me a misanthrope.

I had my own company for a while, but that of course failed. I have a Bachelor's degree in Finance, but I haven't worked a single day, because I didn't have the necessary connections and I am too ugly. Yes, it's a big factor in hiring nowadays. Really.

I'm an utter failure in all facets of life. I don't live, I only exist, I cannot live, I am too ugly and I lack essential skills to manage my life. Ultimately it is all my fault for being so inept, but I feel I was dealt a really bad hand and the universe fucks with me all the time.

Very sad is that deep down I'm a compassionate, literate, highly intelligent potential contributor to the society, but I have been shunned all my life for what I am on the outside. I could have been a loving, caring husband and father, a successful corporate suit and who knows what else, but the world has killed it and none of it will ever be.

Yeah, I know, life isn't fair, get over it, but I just can't. I am somehow unable to make it in life. I just cannot beat this. Every day I think about death, because I know I will never work, I will never be loved; I will always be alone, hated and mocked. Every day is suffering. I should just die.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Apr,10 13:46

i feel u bro
By anonymous at 25,Apr,10 16:28

i feel you man

By anonymous at 25,Apr,10 21:39

maybe with all that free time you have, do some workouts.

By anonymous at 25,Apr,10 23:12

Life can really suck at times. I am considered attractive but I have struggled with depression, a serious chronic illness all my life. I have never married nor had children and probably will be alone the rest of my life. But I still have hope. Hope things will get better and I try to make them better. You can lose the weight if you really want to. You have a degree which puts you in a better position than most to get a job. But the biggest obstacle I see is that you lack self esteem....self esteem will get you that job whether you are attractive or not. Once you get a job you will begin to feel better about dont give up on have things going for you.

By anonymous at 26,Apr,10 04:14


By anonymous at 26,Apr,10 21:08

Maybe you suffer from the sin of pride. Look life straight is the eye and tell it "here I am, deal with it". I have gotten into some situations that seemed impossible and decided that I needed to courage to face my worst fears. A few weeks ago, I went to a reptile show and found that some people were showing off venomous tarantulas and scorpions for pets. I love reptiles, but hate and fear arachnids. I screwed up some courage and learned how to handle tarantulas and scorpions as pets. If I can face my worst fears and phobias, so can you.

By anonymous at 04,May,10 08:22

i dont care on the physical appearance of a person.i was married to a person who is completely opposite of you..but at the end i still wnt a guy in the inside cos thats what women want from a guy.if our roads cross i know i will be the happiest girl for having an honest,humble and loving guy.its not hard to love cheer up!!!

By at 24,Jun,10 10:42

i know exactly how you feel, people suck ass
By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 05:48

People are assholes.

By anonymous at 23,Oct,10 13:10

I feel you, the stuff you said about people is so true, people make assumptions based on there past experiences.

its a primal thing, to survive

people only care about what is on the outside - not all this bullshit about "being good on the inside" its garbage, people just want to make money, fuck good looking people, and be filthy rich & charismatic, some deny it, It is the ugly truth of this world

By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 21:20

The world nowadays just SUCKS! Plain and Simple!
I just wish i could get a Time Machine to relive my youth, or even better go to the 50's and make a life there, i would probably last until the 00's again, but at least i would have the opportunity live in all the greatest decades before this shity millennium when the world start going down the drain...

By at 15,Apr,11 23:39

Wow! Great tihnknig! JK

By anonymous at 14,Apr,13 00:36

life is the most energy draining, disappointing, frustrating and annoying piece of shit the devil himself could of dreamed up. You spend your time on this shitty planet and there is no real purpose but to exist. Really a boring suckass deal.

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