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Race, Religion, and Acceptance

Posted by anonymous at May 28, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 May  Racial  Society

Lately, iv'e been under a lot of fire for who i am. I'm a fifteen year-old freshman, and iv'e been getting more and more abuse since the sixth grade. I'm going to say this now, i'm a mix of races, mostly hispanic, but also a bit German and Asian, but born in America, if you can believe it, and i AM religious, but i don't just blindly follow into what every preacher says. I am really scientific when it comes to my religion. Now, getting to the point, i am very VERY good at computers and Math, they are my best subjects, and i hope to one day be a video game designer. The thing is, that iv'e been insulted many many times for my smarts. Everyone says, "you're Mexican, you shouldn't be doing math, you should be mowing my lawn!" It may sound like i'm kidding, but i'm not. And lately, a lot of people have also been challenging my religious beliefs, and i just wish they would stop. There is this kid in my tech class, who i thought just didn't like me, because he would never listen when i tried talking to him. I wanted to be his friend because we both have similar interests, but guess what? He's a white supremacist, and that's the whole reason that he won't talk to me. I just don't get it. I'm the model teenager, a 3.7 GPA, i have a day job to help support my single mother, and i make damn sure to stay away from drugs and trouble makers, but that still isn't good enough. People still hate, even want to kill me, just because of my ethnicity. I don't understand what people want from me anymore. I'm even afraid of going to work as a programmer, because many corps. are in Texas, and that is a heavy K.K.K area, so i'm told. Racism may actually keep from my dreams. I just don't understand what people want from me anymore. Don't understand it at all. And hopefully, people have the kindness to at least not say, "all we want from you is to go the hell home!"I understand a lot of immigrants cost people their jobs, and i agree that is a problem. But this is my home. And i'm scared as hell to be here. (ps my entire family IS legal)


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New Comment

By anonymous at 29,May,10 22:19

In a free society, people have a right to who their friends are. Nobody is required to like you for any reason whatsoever (or dislike you, for that matter). I NEVER discuss politics or religion at work or at school as it would be off topic (and starts disagreements). In a free society, people can have their own religious beliefs and most frequently do. People do not like you because of your ethnicity, they are jealous of your academic achievement and insult your ethnicity by default (and YOU let it upset you).
I heard a story from a Texan about pride and I will share part of it with you. If you are better than somebody else, it makes them feel inferior. All people need to feel proud or else the become depressed and despondent. You are both intelligent and high achieving. Do NOT flaunt your superiority to others or they will be resentful (that is just human nature). Pass along a sincere compliment now and then and things will get better.
Finally, nobody ever said life would be a bed of roses, it is what you make of it.

By anonymous at 30,May,10 08:42

just ask them to fuck off,tell the racist classmate to try to be something more than just white or he'll just be the ignorant little redneck that he are just work your ass off to be what you dream off
By anonymous at 30,May,10 18:37

As an ex-hippie, I know better than to travel to some parts of Texas and start calling everybody ignorant rednecks. They KNOW they are ignorant rednecks (and proud of it) and spend their time looking for somebody to provoke a fight. Some of the more atavistic rednecks are PROUD to be called racists.
By anonymous at 01,Jun,10 11:35

proud to be racist ha ??? then they are an inferior form of life,suffering from some paranoid illusion of superiority complex for being pale and world would be a much better place if they just died in their beds..,.cant express in words how much i hate facists and neo-nazists...fuckin scum of the planet..polluting it for eternity.. bloody parasites sucking all life and prosperity out of the if we are'nt in enough trouble all ready making ends meet..
By anonymous at 01,Jun,10 21:40

"cant express in words how much i hate facists and ..."
-I think the problem here is how you are not able to express your feeling in words.
-You also use the word "hate". Hate if an expression of fear, and fear is an expression of some lack of knowledge.
By at 02,Jun,10 14:53

"how you are not able to express your feeling in words":-since when did not able to use fancy adjectives or write like authors become a problem ?
"hate" means "dislike" and "scared" means "fear" in simple what language is hate "an expression of fear" and "fear" translate into " an expression of some lack of knowledge" ? high-end philosophy perhaps?

the original post is intense.very intense actually,not tolerant at all(sounds like the poster himself/herself must have faced or witnessed severe racism),but reading the kid's miseries the people who are making the child's life hell deserve every bit of it.they themselves are children but the type of adults they will develop into wont make the country a better place.
parents(and whatever other influence they have at home)embedded prejudice very deep in their minds.and people wonder how kids get so racist so early these days.

By anonymous at 31,May,10 10:42

Not your fault your a taco muncher jk(go work in the corn fields!), but seriously its not like we choose in what race we are born in just finish school and move to a less racist place.

By anonymous at 31,May,10 18:06

I have to agree with a previous comment, you shouldn't discuss your religious believes at school and don't wrap in people's faces that you are smart, they don't like it.

I'm glad that you know who you are and what you want to be, it doesn't matter what race you are and don't let others to tell you what you can do and what you can't just because you are "wrong" race. Besides there are many jobs for programmers in California you don't have to stay in Texas.

Good luck!

By anonymous at 31,May,10 23:00

Nobody can hurt your feelings without your permission. Stop letting irrelevant people hurt your feelings. Be proud of who you are.
By anonymous at 23,Jan,11 19:05

Not to insult your ideology but its easy to tell someone that no one can hurt you without you giving them your permission if you've never turly been hurt. Its hard to have a positive outlook on life if people are constancely bringing you down. The major problem with your advice is that you are refering to one person. If only one person is your tormentor it's easy bursh them off and tell yourslef the problem is with them not you, but if multiple people are tormenting you, you start to believe that you are the problem not them.

By anonymous at 01,Jun,10 10:10

That's horrible? Where do you live?? Move to Brooklyn as soon as you can!

By anonymous at 01,Jun,10 12:37

i think you should kick his ass, literaly, nobody is more than nobody, it's better be a smart and strong mexican than a stupid whitey with shit in his brain that think it's better that anyone else just for be "the capitan of a soccer team" or be "more handsome" than the others, they're just idiots, they should be discriminated, tell to them: !!!fuck off you superficial assholes!!!
By anonymous at 01,Jun,10 21:33

There are many ways to show strength. Kicking somebody's ass may not work as "You can fight people but you can't fight ignorance". The mortal enemy of ignorance is knowledge.
By at 02,Jun,10 16:18

sounds like a pacifist.sadly,most of you guys are all talk no job done.i mean can you make the people who are making the boy/girl's life hell understand what you are talking about their 'ignorance'.
By anonymous at 02,Jun,10 21:54

No, I am not a pacifist. I am trying to find the optimum solution. Here is a person, in "redneck-kick-ass-central". Starting a fight, when you are seriously outnumbered, will only result in getting kicked back, but much harder.
Even Bad-Ass Chuck Norris would know when to avoid a fight!
-This guy is preaching the superiority of his religious beliefs: a mistake that I have not made since I was seven years old. This guy is just ASKING for problems.
-He is bragging about his superior intellect, again, just asking for problems.
-He is annoyed that somebody who shares his interest in tech class does not like him because of his ethnicity. Sorry, but Boo-Fucking-Hoo! His fellow student may be a white supremacist, but maybe this guy would just rather socialize with cute girls.
When I was in high school, I wanted to date a beautiful Vietnamese girl. She turned me down, not only because I was white, but because I was not Vietnamese also. We were friends in class, but she told me she did not want to get too friendly because of what other Vietnamese in her neighborhood would think of her. I did not whine about racism, I just started dating a cute Korean girl in my chemistry class.
-He wonders what people want from him? Get a clue, people don't care about you. They just want to get through school, drink a few beers, date a few cute girls and chill out. THAT is what ANYBODY wants to do at that age.
-He thinks that he is a model student because of his 3.7 GPA. Well BFD! In high school, I had several friends who had 4.0 GPA's and full scholarships to Cal-Tech and/or MIT. They spent most of their free time in Math Lab doing advanced study and helping out fellow students who requested help with homework. None of my friends EVER had the arrogance to call themselves "model students".
...And, about the comment about how he "can't express his feelings in words on how he hates facists", his hatred of his fellow community members is not going to help him. Hatred makes you blind to many important things. He needs to understand his hatred before his bitterness ruins his mental and physical health. He does not need "fancy adjectives", he just needs to understand his feelings and come to grips with them.
Most of all, I have to agree with Lenny, "if kicking ass is not possible just get out of the redneck central".
By at 03,Jun,10 06:07

how is he starting a fight by bragging about grades,he is keeping his mouth shut at school and spitting poison about his miseries here where he expects sympathy.from what he says about his classmates,he would have been long dead or crippled if he ever started a fight
may be here he is "bragging about his superior intellect" and being a model student because he needs to feel there's things inside him that make him better than the tormentors,who in turn think they are of the better a sub-conscious level bragging or pride is acting as a substitute to absense of support in school.we dont know if he would brag in a non-hostile situation,like your friends dont.
you are not answering if someone is talking to you because you are looking for girls is a downright low-life behavoir ,even if he not actually a white supremacist,he is still a loser.
he says people attack and try to kill him,if that is the case you cant say people dont care,they care about bullying him.
the sad truth is every one is racist,my friend,here whites are being the morons,in another post a white guy has to take shit as he is in a black-dominant area,a white in a latin-dominant school would face the same crap as this hispanic kid does(in such a situation swap,he could turn tormentor out of vengeance or be the savoir),the girl didnt date you because her neighbors are racist against whites.asians hate whites hate blacks hate whites hate hispanic hate arabs hate jews hate someone else,and this cycle continues in every possible combination.somehow everyone manage to find some reason to hate the rest.i once read a chinese guy's blog who said hong-kong is the most racist city he has ever lived in.some say texas is the most racist.sometimes irish and polish(many more) people claim they have faced racism from americans,british and vice-versa.this is not even racism(both sides are white),they dont like each other because they talk or live in a different way.again even if not everyone is like them,but the entire population get a bad name because of them.we love to stereotype so much.
the more intellectual ones say that immigrants ruin the economy by sending what they earn from america,britain back home,but how many of the racist-mindset actually understand the economy thing,even if immigration did the country good,that wont stop them from hating each other.
may be people are just prejudised against something or the other by default and rascism is one of them.
the nobody cares bit is true for many,everyone is too buzy to notice anyone else,i am,you are,but racism too is a reality,people do lose promotions,oppoptunities and endure humiliating comments in workplace and streets because of their race,gender,sexuality,appearance and other such superficial qualities.that makes people who face it and their friends,family,well-wishers angry.
like the 2 "anonymous" commentors you replied to are both quite angry about what is going on in that school.and they have the right to be so.anger is the way they express their grievance,and this need not be right or wrong.its not wise at all if you drive int0 a racist neighborhood and start bad-mouthing everyone as as you said you WILL be kicked harder than you can kick(if you bring your buddies it will result in a riot,not recommended at all)."justanotherdude" is right to say that the anonymous poster must have faced "severe racism" or witnessed a dear one undergo the same,which made him this bitter.that makes him an indirect victim of racism himself.his fellow-community member's attitude have made him that way(if he is white),he cant help but hate them(sorry but totally not-cool to call his behavior resulting from "some lack of knowledge").being angry and violent "ruins you",very true and its also true racists and xenophobics who happen to wield a lot of power have conducted blood-baths all through history,and continue to do so even today in many places,which is very unfortunate and gruesome.being disgusted at that is normal even if not healthy,he cant help it.from his part it is quite reasonable to comment that "world would be a much better place if they just died in their beds"(or if there were more people like you and me and we could show the anonymous two that world aint that bad at all and help get a grip) but even if they did die,people might invent some other excuse for cant find an optimum solution,there's none.i am sounding all hopeless and philosophical here,but this is what i have learnt from experience in the 22 years of my life.the very first hard-core racist i knew was my own grand-mom.
his only way DO is to move to a better place,this one sounds like hell.where do you live lenny?get him as your roomie.brooklyn sounds good too.
By anonymous at 03,Jun,10 22:22

Well, you made a lot of good points to my overlong and ranting reply, Darian. It is great to have an alternative view to a problem.
I have had the opportunity to travel to several foreign countries in my line of work.
There is an old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" [Who Said It: St. Ambrose/When: 387 A.D./When St. Augustine arrived in Milan, he observed that the Church did not fast on Saturday as did the Church at Rome. He consulted St. Ambrose, bishop of Milan, who replied: "When I am at Rome, I fast on a Saturday; when I am at Milan, I do not. Follow the custom of the Church where you are." Eventually it became "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."]
"Doing as the Romans do" has always helped me get along with others when suddenly arriving in a new country.
Before I arrived at a new country, I studied the language and culture and emulated the locals.
I never had problems with anybody.
So, newbiegirl, we have an old tradition in the USA called the "Golden Rule", which states: "Do unto others as you would have done unto you".
The golden rule has its roots in a wide range of world cultures, and is a standard which different cultures use to resolve conflicts. It was present in the philosophies of ancient India, Greece, Judea, and China. Principal philosophers and religious figures have stated it in different ways, but its most common English phrasing is attributed to Jesus of Nazareth in the Biblical book of Matthew: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (Matthew 7:12, Matthew 22:39, Luke 6:31)
Follow the golden rule and you should have no problems with anybody in the USA (unless you are Irish!)
(Just kidding, my grandmother was Irish.)
In my experience, most people face racist violence when they aggressively assert their alternative views.
On my first visit to Canada, I did not run around saying "Ice Hockey sucks and is a sissy, faggy sport!" I did, however make a serious mistake in a bar when asked what type of beer I preferred. I asked for American "Budweiser". The entire bar went silent. The music stopped and the strippers on stage stared in shock. (I am not making this up, BTW) I quickly looked around and saw that everybody was drinking some "horse piss beer" called Molson Canadian. I quickly said "HA, HA, I was just kidding, give me a Molson".
Everybody had a laugh, the music started, and the strippers went back to dancing. (This happened at the Silver Dollar Club, 1989 Merivale Rd, Ottawa).
By at 06,Jun,10 09:51

ok,i act american in america,dont bring up my culture all the time,dont make a angry reply to something i find offensive,just avoid it.but i look different,how do i react when somebody picks at me?
like indian students faced violent racist attacks on streeta and subways in australia last few years.two of them died.or if i am working too hard but not getting a promotion for my color(i read up these stories on internet,they are all real,one out three black/asian/biracial people loose a job or promotion for racism,what if i am one of them).i just cant silently ignore that or make things light by fun like you did in the bar.
By anonymous at 08,Jun,10 21:57

I worked for a year a Komag Corporation in San Jose, California. I am white (Swiss/Austrian ancestry) and have college degrees in Chemistry, Materials Science and Physics. I also had years of experience in the type of industry that Komag is involved with. Komag owners and managers are a bunch of Chinese racists/bigots who are mistrustful and antagonistic to anybody who is not Chinese. After a year, I decided to move on as there is not future for non-Chinese people at Komag, no matter how talented and professional they are.
So you are worried if somebody picks on you because of your appearance/nationality, well, cry me a river! Boo Hoo Hoo!
Note: Apologies to any Chinese people who may be offended by my comments, but the Chinese managers at Komag, as well as the Chinese managers at Magnex are among the most bigoted people I have ever worked with. The managers at Magnex started treating me respectfully only when an old friend and co-worker, who was Chinese, told the managers that I was a good worker.
By at 03,Jun,10 08:11 Fold Up

hello,i am not white and going to america in near future and very scared and concerned from your comments what i may face there.i googled KKK and found out about them and got even more scared! i want to ask you what should i do if i face racism.i can live with a guy not dating me for my color and not whine about it and move on.what do i do if i dont get promotion or get bad comments ?how i handle that?will i take it quietly or do something,if do,then do what ? please help,i am very scared.
By at 02,Jun,10 16:00 Fold Up

thats right dude could'nt agree more.
if kicking ass is not possible just get out of the redneck central with your family,you cant be worse off than what you already are
By anonymous at 09,Mar,11 14:40 Fold Up

Haha' i would tell dat to a person

By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 14:12

you think ur smart but ur dumb ill tell u why your being a follower doing whats expected of you and u think people will like u or respect u for it but people will hate you i hated straight kids like you and do drugs man cuz drugs wont ever talk shit about you

By anonymous at 09,Mar,11 14:37

WHAT THE FUCK! Im Mexican n if any fucking person tells me to go and mow der shit ima pop there fucking face in less dan 1 second n tell dat person to kiss ur brown ass!

By Stephan34 at 14,Sep,18 06:48

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