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Put an end to the religious dogma, people

Posted by anonymous at March 8, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Philosophical  Religion

Before I elaborate on the point I'm trying to make, I wanna let it be known that I am not trying to offend anybody. I am simply stating an opinion on a matter that has been frustrating me for years, and has further frustrated me after going through some of the comments on this website. My title might have been a little contentious, but I'm truly starting to get irked when it comes to this issue.

Let's begin, shall we? My irritation largely stems from the fact that we, as a race, cannot let go of our antiquated belief systems. It baffles me that we persecute one another because of religion and then we try to console one another with it; I want you to seriously think about how fucked up that is for one fucking second. I challenge anyone to make a valid argument that a secular world would be more harmful, quarrelsome and dangerous than the one we live in today.

Just think about what's going on with Iran and Israel hell, the entire Middle East, Africa and countless other nations. The world is rife with people who believe their god is better than their neighbors. Rape, murder, dismemberment, beheading and numerous other crimes are being carried out in the name of "god."
This is just the here and now, don't forget what's happened over the course of the last few thousand years.

Sacrificing people to the sun gods, (I'm looking at you, Mayans) worshiping orange cats (*cough* Egyptians *cough*) and so on so forth. I could probably write a book or two on ancient civilizations who practiced such rituals and beliefs, but I think I've made my point. I just want you to think about how smart these people were, yet how foolish their beliefs were. The Mayans were better astronomers than almost any of us could imagine to be today, and that was more than a few centuries ago.

The Egyptians? Hell, our modern day cranes cannot even lift a single stone block from the pyramids, today. These societies were teeming with ingenuity, and as much as we're in awe of their contributions to humanity, none of you would stop to think before labeling their belief systems as goofy, primitive and even detrimental. I'm certain we'll be looked at in the same light within the next few hundreds or thousands of years. Although, I don't pretend to have all the answers, either.

You're probably thinking I'm some sort of militant atheist at this point, but you couldn't be further from the truth. I am NOT saying it isn't okay to believe in some sort of divine creator, but to give him/her/it physical and mental attributes, to use him/her/it to justify your hatred and control over the powerless, moneyless, and brainless IS erroneous. You cannot and should not accept an uncertainty as a certainty, but I, like Carl Sagan, also understand that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Don't be confused by that last sentiment of open-mindedness, though. Even it isn't nearly enough to vindicate religious texts and their absurdities.

Socrates said it best when he said "All I know is that I know nothing." What I'm getting at is that we need to band together as a race and rid ourselves of ignorance, arrogance, pride, hatred, biases and many other unfavorable traits. We should keep an agnostic-like mindset about everything, because we do not and may not ever know all the answers. You don't need to blindly bow before before gods that may or may not exist, but keep in mind that this isn't about stroking the human ego, either. This isn't about mankind being better than the Universe itself.

While people in the religious field want human beings to feel belittled and guilty, some folks in the scientific field are equally ignorant in the sense that they want to balloon humanity's pride further than the reaches of the Universe. This is why I believe we have to find some middle ground, as no one really has all the answers. Don't accept every answer you're given, but don't act like you already have all the answers, either. That's why I'm an agnostic and not a theist or atheist. The truth will always prevail and it's the only thing I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I, nor anyone else, knows what it is. Although, when it presents itself, I will be ready to accept it with open arms.

Love, justice and equality are just a few things we need to exercise more often. We need to love one another and comfort one another in times of need through other means, too. Don't tell someone whose just lost a loved one that it was god's will. I mean, come on, really? That just seems like a cop out, actually. It seems like something you say when you wanna avoid thinking or talking to/consoling someone.

This was not a diatribe against any religion in particular. To those people who practice their faith without harming others, I wholly respect you and wish nothing but the best for you. Coercion against religion will do us as much good as coercion with religion. This was a rant about humanity and its unwillingness to move forward and out of its primeval ways and willful ignorance. If you read this whole thing through, that's a miracle in of itself.

I wanna make a bit of a digression and send a lot of love to my brothers and sisters on here. We may not know each other, but you men and women are like family to me. Old, young, male, female I read your guys' and girls' stories and feel your pains and struggles. I may just be a 20 year old loser sitting in his basement, and hell, maybe no one will even read this, but it felt good to get this off my chest. Oh, and one more thing, I wanna give a huge thanks to a user named SephirothX. He submitted an entry entitled "The World", and it's what inspired me to write this little bit here tonight. Have a good one, everybody.


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New Comment

By Cookie at 10,Mar,12 17:07

I read your words in their entirety and I must say I agree with everything you said. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sometimes it feels like there are very few people who think like we do. It's refreshing when I come across someone who "gets it".

By the way, I wish I were a 20 year old loser back in my basement again. Looking back on it those were the days .. the calm before the storm .. before life grabbed me by the proverbial balls (I'm female) and sent me spiraling through situations that completely changed who I was.

Your post was much needed. As long as there are people in this world like you then I won't feel so isolated in a sea of ignorance.
By anonymous at 10,Mar,12 19:40

Thank you so much for reading the whole thing through. Your input means a lot and I'm glad that you liked it! It's good to know that there are others who "get it", but they're definitely a part of the minority.

By anonymous at 10,Mar,12 22:42

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By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 15:57

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By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 20:32


By anonymous at 12,May,12 18:30

I hate the institution of organized religion as much as you, but we do kind of have to credit belief systems got the creation of civilization I mean let's face it without the institution of religion would we have a perception of right and wrong which sets up our very laws and governance. Don't give me that shit that humans all care for on another so we don't need religion ,because the only thing that's stopping people from going nuts and doing whatever they want is there fear of "god's wrath" or going to hell. I mean if I was sure there was no god and everyone else was I would be pillaging, killing all the people who got in my way, and raping to why not no after life no punishment.

By anonymous at 30,Jul,12 03:18

wow man that was a great read, thank you

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 23:40

And my final comment to all you degenerates who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 08,Jun,13 01:02

THANK YOU!! SOMEBODY ELSE WHO AGREES WITH ME!! It feels like so many other people are caught up in the "You're either goin' to Heaven or Hell" crap these days. I have good and hopeful thoughts and a great intuition about life, but I do not go so far to believe that if I am a "bad person", I will "burn for the rest of eternity." Seriously?? I'm no fool, and I was raised in a great environment...WITHOUT the religiousness.

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