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who am I ?

Posted by ms2re at June 29, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Bad Luck  2010 June  Juvenile problems  Racial  Society

I was taken from my biological parents at the age of three. The courts took me because someone in my family was abusing me. The year my country took me from my family, they adopted a flag. For two years I was sent from home to home, before the children's aid society noticed this was effecting me mentaly and decided to place me quickly and without care. I was put with a family, who molested/raped/sexually assaulted,humiliated, physically abused and racially descriminated me, on a regular basis. I was moved around from school to school, this family owned a lot of land up North as well as in West Ontario, they moved me from town to city on a regular basis, the adoptive mother, was a school teacher, and would teach me when we traveled to different countries. I was raped over seas shortly after I turned thirteen, on one of the boat cruses these parents took me on, when we came back to Canada, my parents gave me back to the system, and I was locked up till I was fifteen, for being raped over seas. The system gave me back to them just before my fifteenth birthday, these parents had moved to the city and sold there property up north, shortly after getting out of training school I was druged and raped again. These parents apparently baught the negatives from my abuser but never pressed charges against him. As soon as I was sixteen, they divorced and I have lived independantly ever since. I am older now and find it near impossable to contain my pain any longer, I know now, I was never cared for by my country, because brown skined people didn't matter then and they don't matter now!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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By anonymous at 09,Jul,10 21:51

correct brown skinned people do not matter. so i laugh at your story.
By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 22:02

People like you deserve to die be cut up into little pieces and buried in a hole. You piece of shit
By anonymous at 24,Jul,10 10:48 Fold Up

I agree. If all brown skinned people would just go back to where they came from, everybody would be a lot happier. The brown skinned people have not made a single contribution to mankind for centuries, if ever.
By anonymous at 12,Aug,10 04:39

actually brown dark skinned people have help white people for centuries in farming industries and plantations if it wasnt for dark skinned people white people would have to do all the work back then

oh what is it about colour these days so what someone black or white we all have hearts kidneys brains eyes and ears so wtf does it really matter what colour you are

By anonymous at 10,Jul,10 08:32

its over now, you can do what ever you want now because it cant happen again

By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 22:03

Time heals all. You went through more then anyone ever deserves to bear, but its over now and you should focus on the positive and try to rebuild your life. Don't dwell on the past because it won't change anything, but set goals for yourself and work towards achieving them, and before you know it, the little things in life will begin to have a huge impact on you. Good luck =)

By anonymous at 26,Jul,10 12:57

brown skin people are the most beautiful
By anonymous at 28,Jul,10 21:00

As beautiful as a warthog's butt, maybe.
I have beautiful lily white skin, luxurious blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Everybody loves me and wants to look like me. Every brown skinned guy I meet wants my body, but when any non-white guy even gets near me, I get out my tazer and pepper spray and hurt him good. No darkie has EVER touched MY lilly white skin.
By anonymous at 23,Oct,10 14:04

"Lily" Lolwut, you fat, tuna stinkin' whore, cut the bullshit

By anonymous at 28,Sep,10 01:06

Well Actually Now Brown Skinned People DO Matter your a Racist

By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 14:07

brown people get all the government help i wish i had a race im a mix mutt

By anonymous at 21,Feb,12 22:08

why the fuck is anyone racist these days??

By Slippers at 14,Sep,14 07:21

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