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Patron Saint of Mediocrities

Posted by Ben Shinobi at March 9, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Philosophical  Society

All my life, I crossed T's and dotted my I's. I avoided drugs and debauchery. In my 6 and a half years of college, I only ever skipped a class once. I have two degrees, with cum laude and magna cum laude. Yet, here I am... at thirty-three... with a house I cannot afford, no money, nothing in the bank, a son who (despite being over three years-old) cannot speak properly on account of some genetic abnormality passed through his mother's side. I have become an alcoholic, mostly because I see the people in my town (who do not have jobs, education, or motivation) receive money through welfare and what-have-you whilst I work and plunge into the very depths of stress and hopelessness. Why, I ask myself, do I strive and struggle to achieve what the people around me receive for free, without any effort? I realize now (perhaps too late) that if I had been a consummate fuck-up like my peers, I (ironically) would be in a much better state. All my life, I obeyed the rules and walked the line, and yet I exist (day to day) in a world that celebrates and egregiously awards the people who slept and partied and slacked and (in many cases) committed the crimes. My main interests in life are Beethoven, Shakespeare, nature & survivalism, art, literature, and philosophy. I see so much potential within the human race for accomplishment and saintliness. And yet, all I hear around me is the dreadful groan of profanity coupled with the endless glorification of idiocy, ignorance, and mediocrity. On the other hand, perhaps I should just man-up... but then, do what?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 11,Mar,12 22:27

Just wait until Obama wins re-election. True equality will take place finally in America and all you know it alls will have to pay more in taxes so that you will be equal to us so called "free loaders." Your health care will be the same quality as the homeless person's on the street as well it should be. They are humans too and have just as many rights as you do. It will be a Progessive utopia and what the USSR would have been like if people like Stalin didn't mess it up. The true ideals of socialism is utopian and people of all creeds and colors will colonize other planets in space together as one.
By at 19,Mar,12 00:30

You have your head WAY up your ass. Do you know that it is possible to buy lobster with food stamps? I'm a cashier and every day I see people covered in tattoos and piercings, buy $50 worth of candy and soda with food stamps, then buy expensive toys and games. These fucking people can't afford to eat, but they choose to buy stupid shit. It is absolutely criminal! They are fucking the government in the ass, and laughing about it. If Obama is re-elected, yes you'll have the same healthcare as a homeless person, and you'll likely end up dining with him in a dumpster; after the country goes bankrupt. OOPS! It already is, thanks to you progressives. Please load up a giant spaceship, gather all of you communists and all you fucking welfare bums, and colonize a planet as far away from Earth as possible. Good night, and good luck.

By anonymous at 12,Mar,12 16:37

I know exactly how you feel. Those of us who work hard get shit on while people who just breeze through life taking the easy road have an easy time, with none of the worries that we face. They have no clue what our lives are like, absolutely no concept. It makes you question whether it is even worth the hard work.

I always tell myself that God sees my struggle, and in the end, he will reward me. I have found that in the end, those who work hard are repaid accordingly, as well as those who do not. You reap what you sow.

Think about what you are truly investing in-- your family. It may feel like a drag, but the road you chose was to support and love a family. When all the chaff is burned away, your investment will be worth a thousand wasted lives on alcohol and irresponsibility.

Man up-- God sees your struggle. Keep working hard. It will pay off. We're only on this earth for a short time, but it's what we do here that really counts-- and you only have one shot. I'm glad you're not wasting it, like your peers are.

By anonymous at 13,Mar,12 06:56

Well said

By anonymous at 14,Mar,12 19:51

If I were you, I'd take up a new hobby: hatred. Whenever you think about people sucking the system dry, just imagine some violent image of said person being shoved into a woodchipper, also, death metal. Lots of mean, nasty, vicious music. It's really helped me deal with the realities of man in the last couple years.
By at 19,Mar,12 00:32


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