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my life sucks

Posted by Jim at December 15, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Family  Society

ever since i was a kid my parents have beaten me some times just for running around on being a kid they've hit me with sticks and my father has punched me in the face repeatedly and now im 18 i got no job ive been to the fucking useless job centers a fucking 100 times there's no jobs in this fucking shit hole called australia not 1 single job because the fucking government of this worthless country keeps letting these fucking immigrant fucks come here and they take all good peoples jobs because the company's pay them less wages that is fucking bullshit fuck this fucking country and fuck these fucking immigrants fuck off we don't fucking need you or fucking want you here its impossible to get a job for me but these fucking cunts come here and they're set for fucking life they automatically get a fucking job and what ever they fucking want which is fucking bullshit when my grand pa came here in 1960 he had shit he worked his ass off in the factory's to get money and build a house for his family but these fucking immigrants get money from center link which is taxpayers money on a bunch of scumbags who already have fucking jobs and to the job centers fuck you they say you need a lot of experience to have a job then how do these fucking refugees get fucking jobs explain that to me you fucking cunts take your job center diploma and shove it up your fucking ass you motherfuckers


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Jan,12 11:51

So your grandparents were immigrants and you're complaining about immigrants taking the jobs. Maybe if you had a better grasp of English and weren't a hateful racist things would be better for you.

By anonymous at 16,Jan,12 14:54

Yo dirty pice of shit racist. The reason you can't get a job is because you grew up a useless as shit faggot with no self confidence. If you hate migrants that much you should consider killing yourself now... China is about to rule the world and your going to be lickIng their balls your entire life... Lol I went to uni in my mid 20's and 10 years later I earn 90 grand... Get some skills you utter deadshit.

By anonymous at 16,Jan,12 18:45

What a piece of shit you are LOL

By anonymous at 16,Jan,12 18:48

Immigrants are NOT guilty you had fucked up life dude. And youre calling Australia shit hole??? Are you fucking nuts? You have no idea how life can be really shitty...seems to me youre just a lamer.

By at 16,Jan,12 19:05

Jim I get you. I get racist too. just like the assholes yelling at you being racist towards you because of how you feel. well im sorry your parents suck and life sucks. Its not your fault. Its what you've just been handed in life. You just have to take it on the shoulder and stay positive and strong. I dont know you but I believe in you ;)

By at 16,Jan,12 19:08

And another thing? They are being mean to you and assholes because they had shitty lives too and it makes them feel better to put you down because they feel they went through more. but everyone will be fine. Its what you make of it. Ill never be back to this site. so good luck all you people that dont take hard times on the chin. Because life fucking blows. I know this.

By anonymous at 17,Jan,12 01:09

You need to improve your attitude. There are reasons why immigrants get jobs and you dont. I think you have a inferiority complex.

By anonymous at 17,Jan,12 02:25

i am with you 100% Australia is getting fucked on, and these boat people need to go
By anonymous at 19,Jan,12 23:14

australia's population is 99 percent boat people...fuck even the white ppl were considered immigrants a couple of hundred years ago.
the real australians live somewhere in the wilderness, so if u want to belong go live in the bushes.
just remember ur shitty anscestors were just like those boat ppl.

By at 17,Jan,12 13:28

Fuck you you fucking racist motherfucker ! You don't know shit about life , life is beautiful ! So just cause your life is miserable and your a sad bayard didn't mean immigrants are apiece of shit ! They just do the job this fucking americans don't wanna do ! Like agriculture etc ! You dumb fuck
By anonymous at 28,Mar,16 09:59

Haha a fucking Bayard learn to spell dickhead

By at 17,Jan,12 13:29

Bastard *
By anonymous at 18,Jan,12 04:54

australia dipshit

but yeah you are right he is a fucktard, australia is the easiest country in the world to get a job

5% unemployment baby

By anonymous at 17,Jan,12 14:07


By anonymous at 18,Jan,12 14:44

ahhh, WELCOME to AMERICA my boy!!!

By anonymous at 19,Jan,12 03:47

so the immigrants are taking all the good jobs? Like janitors, yard workers, and other odd laborers? you want a good job why don't you go learn how to do something useful that the immigrants can't do and you would be worth something to society. You're a fucking douche bag

By anonymous at 19,Jan,12 04:26


By anonymous at 19,Jan,12 04:27

By anonymous at 19,Jan,12 23:15

by being a man whore and selling urself to faggot perverts

By anonymous at 19,Jan,12 17:30

By anonymous at 19,Jan,12 23:16

and then the kkk clan member said: the lord wants all niggers dead AMEN!!!!

By anonymous at 21,Jan,12 02:06

:o you suck^ you must be related to satan. SATAN DISAPPEAR !!!!!

By anonymous at 21,Jan,12 21:04

Motha fuckas!!

By anonymous at 07,Mar,13 15:32

if you want to get a better job go to fucking school. dont blame immigrants for you fucking problem. diphit

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