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Posted by hk at February 7, 2011
Tags: Abuse  2011 February  Society  Violence

i was raped a month ago. i hate myself. i want to die. it happened in a church. my parents dont kjnow. if they do, they will kill me becuz im arabic and thats the culture. im not a virgin anymore. im 16 i have no friends no bf nothing. i feel like shit. my grandfather molested me when i was 8. bye


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By anonymous at 04,Mar,11 07:45

Your parents are monsters . I dont care if you are in a muslim culture if they will have aggression towards you because you had sex without consent they are just as bad as the rapist . Im so sad for you because if you were in America you would have so many options . I prey for your safty !

By anonymous at 04,Mar,11 08:47

Tell the police or someone.. I live in a muslim state, but our culture is not similar. The law precedes any culture.

By anonymous at 04,Mar,11 13:16


By anonymous at 04,Mar,11 15:49

well i cant imagin how you feel the only thing i could say is to go to the sexual heath clinic and talk to a health adviser they will nt tell the police or your parents i think you need to talk to someone as for not having any friends or a bf that will come in time. life changes so fast you can b stuck in depression for years and it only takes 1 second for things to change and they will change even if it dosnt feel that way. stay strong if you want to talk any time post a reply and i will reply back asap

By Missy at 10,Mar,11 20:39

I can't wha tyoua going through. the American culture protects rape victims. The law get s tough on the rapists. I think you should to to a womens shelter You will be safe there and try to get a mnsapated from your parents You can do that in In the United states of America (USA). I will pray for you. and try and heal. Do let a rape take over your life. You are survior of the most terrible and woman or girl can go through.

By anonymous at 27,Apr,11 18:54

live. love. keep being strong. life gets better.

By anonymous at 03,Aug,11 22:29

I am sooo sorry this happened to you, you didnt desever that, no one does!!

By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 20:31

That's adorable! :D
By anonymous at 09,Oct,12 19:56


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