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I've got you all beat!

Posted by Tod at September 29, 2011
Tags: Justice  2011 September  Sexuality  Society

I'll admit I've only read a few of your stories, just to get the general vibe of the site. However, I can bet money my life sucks more than yours.

I am a 52 year old man who must register as a sex offender for the rest of my life. Because of that, I can not get a job. I can not find a decent place to live. I can not make friends with or date anyone respectable. I'm likely to die penniless and alone, and possibly homeless.

Oh, but it gets worse. I'm about as ordinary, normal and boring of a guy that you'll ever meet. I don't drink. I don't abuse drugs. I don't even smoke. I've never harmed, harassed, threatened nor been inappropriate with anyone - man, woman or child - ever in my entire life.

If that's not bad enough, read on.

I was living a pretty good life before all of this happened. I worked as an Excel developer for a great company where I'd been for over ten years. I lived in an upscale neighborhood. I drove a nice car. I did not associate with criminals or crack heads. My friends were law-abiding, reputable members of the community. There was nothing about my life, nothing about what I said or did or the way I acted, that would make you think that I was anything more than just a regular guy. It never occurred to me for a second that my life crumble like it has.

A few years ago I developed an obsession with online porn. I started spending so much time looking at porn I would even make excuses to not go to work or be with my friends so I could spend more time with my porn. Pornography can be a powerful, corrupting influence if there are not outside forces to keep in check. My perversion grew unchecked until I really did not care what wound up on my computer.

I don't think too many people believe me when I say that I was not watching child porn even though it was on my computer when the feds showed up at my door. But that's okay. Because it doesn't matter what anybody thinks. The fact is that I am now branded as a sex offender. That means most people consider me to be a child molester, a threat to society, and I deserve to be tortured and this and that. It's crazy. For 50 years I was everybody's friend. Now I'm everybody's enemy. I didn't change. Everybody else did.

Now I live in a halfway house, in a 12X14 room with two other men. I only spent five months in prison. I've tried really hard to get my life back since then. I've been offered over a dozen jobs in just the past 6-7 months. They were all excellent jobs with great pay, doing the kind of work that I love to do. But they all vaporized into thin air once my background was revealed.

My mother died in April, leaving me enough money that I can stay alive another couple of years if I just merely exist. After that...I don't know. I've about given up. I don't deserve to die this way, simply for a regrettable mistake that I made so many years ago. However, it's not up to me. I've come to realize that I live in a country full of cowards. We elect cowardly people to pass cowardly laws that make us all feel safe and protected. It's a real shame. can shut down your web site now that you've reached the end of just how much life can suck!!


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By deadman at 19,Nov,11 23:19

hey tod i dunno here, one way your a sicko creep and another your the internets victim. i don't think that one thing like that should destoy a persons whole life like that, thats sick and wrong but so is what you were peepin there. tod if i was you i'd kill myself but i cannot tell you to do that, that would have to be your call. i dunno here.
By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 09:25

Tod pay no attention to wat deadman is talkn, before committing suicide rob a bank and commit multiple homicides if needed and hope deadman is in the line of your u have a 50% chance at being rich than jus the 100% chance of death. this country is so gay, dnt kno how they can make u a sex offender by watchn porn thought u had to physically harm another to be labeled that, but then again they do make rules as they go. I suggest u fight that bcuz that shits not rite.
By deadman at 20,Nov,11 14:23

to deadman hater, go fuck yourself. who do you think you are loser? you sound like some sterotyped nigger shit.
By deadman at 20,Nov,11 14:34

by the way stereotype jigger hater, he was found with child porn, you know thats illegal hardcore shit right? you sound like a fucking jerk off defending this tod dude so fuck up and get off my ass.
By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 17:36

Seriously. What about the kids that are fucked up for life and can't get a job because they end up so afraid of people and fucked in the head, talking to themselves and shit? They wind up having to continue prostituting themselves to people for whatever support they can get or screwed up in one way shape or form all their fucking life because they are so fucked up after what happened. People here are the victims of this shit, then this motherfucker abuser comes to where the victims hang and tells us that he has US beat LMFAO! Really? What fucking nerve.
By deadman at 20,Nov,11 22:10

right! exactly!
By Kadence at 25,Feb,13 18:22 Fold Up

I agree, I personally hear voices myself but I know people who have it far worser than me, way worser, Tod has nothing on the people who born differently and cannot help but act the way they do.
By Kadence at 25,Feb,13 18:24

"Who are born differently" Is what I ment to say sorry.
By Guy at 15,Dec,11 01:24 Fold Up

You racisist bigot piece of shit why don't you kill your self and trust me the world would be ALOT better off...and to you tod...go to church

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 15:25

Funny how some of you are attacking deadman when its tod you should be going after......why on earth would anyone want to help a person who gets off to child porn.....personally I wish someone would have killed tod while he was in prison
By deadman at 20,Nov,11 17:20

thank you
By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 20:43 Fold Up

its not like he was watching child porn fuckhead. the virus spread in his computer because he didnt protect against it on his computer whilst watching porn. its not like he was ACTUALLY WATCHING IT. anything can just show up on your computer. you know what. I REALLY HOPE IT SHOWS UP ON YOUR DAMN FUCKING COMPUTER THEN YOU GET ARRESTED TOO. karmaa bitch

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 17:29

many humans are idiots who just try to join the opinion of the rest of the society. everybody has some bad features. they way you act is just the way how your mind works. their mind tells them to do bad things, they have a strong urge for that. and there is not really that much you can do about it yourself. people should focus more on healing people then only punishing them.
By deadman at 20,Nov,11 17:36

most bad guys cannot be healed as you say. most people can not change, except it its true. tod will always be into child porn, even he will tell you he can not be reprogrammed. its a FACT.
By Guy at 15,Dec,11 01:28

DEADMAN....did you even fucking read it??? why would he have to lie about watchin child porn it was a virus so stop trying to ruin other peoples lives because yours is shit!!
By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 17:38 Fold Up

If they are intrinsically bad there is nothing to heal. Thats they way they fucking are, so keep on being stupid. What kind of sick fucking jackass cancels dates and calls in sick from work to jack off to porn? Seriously. Its beyond sick its deranged.
By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 08:40 Fold Up

this fucker here is sicko fucking shit!

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 16:34

Ooo.. Well... Like i said THE TRUTH will make people upset...

By deadman at 21,Nov,11 17:14

like i sad the fag wants me and needs my attention because he's a bored little fag. wipe out fags and help the world.

By at 21,Nov,11 17:38

hey gay troll with all your gay sexy truth talk wanna suk ughly w me? hey toodles poo.

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 18:16

now the gay troll is writing gay love letters to himself

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 19:10 still sound angry DEADMAN cause THE TRUTH got you upset.that's why all these words are coming out of you. get over it and keep commenting on your OWN comments. DEADMAN...

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 19:14

whats your gay obsession fag? die already! no more time for your gay crush.
By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 13:58

Angry words that THE TRUTH brought out.. Geesh..and you talk about the one who told you the TRUTH getting baned.. No.. More like you the angry person should get banned..deadman,deadman, he is mad,

By at 21,Nov,11 19:21

i want attention and gay sex for my black cock. gimmie attention or i'll die a faggy death.
By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 19:27

Ha..ha..ha..funny angry deadman..

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 22:27

Did tod kill himself? I hope so......sick fucks that look at child porn and think of children that way don't deserve to breath my air
By anonymous at 09,Mar,12 23:20

agree 100%

By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 11:33

You must think we are all dumb ..
Cops do not just show up at some one's home if they look at porn . If so we all would be in jail .

You know in your heart you looked at child porn and more then likely went on a website looking for underage kids .

That is how cops show up at your door step they had evidence to throw you in jail .

As yourself would you hire a sex offender ?

Next time you have the urge to have sex with a child go read about the sad story's about child sex slaves that should make you not lust for a child !

As God into your life and stop giving excuses for your SIN !
It's not to late in God's eyes to ask him for forgiveness and repent from sin and read the holy bible and find a good bible church that teaches the word of God .

As long as your alive there is HOPE , LOVE , but only threw God .
By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 19:50

By anonymous at 06,Jan,12 15:27 Fold Up

Why is it that no bible thumping christians know how to spell? Or type for that matter? How'd you manage to get the computer running?

By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 09:11

Dude, you are a deviant...really you should kill yourself.

By anonymous at 30,Nov,11 21:14

You should just kill yourself simply because life sucks from the very beginning. Everyone should kill themselves, then the world would finally be the beautiful place that it was supposed to be before we evolved.

By anonymous at 13,Dec,11 01:04

Seeing as it was an internet-based pornography offence, shouldn't your online access be limited? Like using the internet only to try to find a job?

In my region, for this type of offence that is part of the mandated parole for 3 - 5 years. And your charges can't be "made so many years ago" if yo are still in a halfway house.

By anonymous at 15,Jan,12 23:33

Contrary to popular belief, pedophilia really isn't as bad as society makes it out to be. As long as the person doesn't act upon it, (by abusing or using anyone, directly or indirectly) there is no harm to society. But we do live in a society of people that believe a man lives in the sky and watches over everyone, so I can't expect many people to understand basic logic.

I'm sorry for what happened to you.
By anonymous at 09,Mar,12 23:23

i'm sorry for you being so sick as to justify pedophilia .. watching is how starts, no matter if you act upon it or not . I'm also sorry for the guy, but justifying his acts IS NOT the proper answer.

By anonymous at 28,Jan,12 01:25

Dear Tod May God forgive you and grants you a better life. You have been a victim of your desire and Satan. May Satan Rot in hell and may you be saved Here and in Hereafter. Find a copy of Quran and convert to Islam. Don't close your mind. I know your society is controlling your life through jobs and attitudes. Maybe you can find a job with no CV needed. or create your own job. Be creative! Let no one control you and your life. Best of Wishes.

By anonymous at 01,Feb,12 21:29

Looks like Deadman lost the slugfest. Dang, he really shouldn't have commented on HIS OWN comments! I was laughing my way all the way to the end

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 14:09

yall r not understanding this man he sorry for wat he did and thats like putting u in jail ass naked and honey all over u its not right to do stupid shit like that for life and u also gotta think and reme these children are now a days r getting pregnant at 12 and 11 by either a same age boyfreind or a older boyfreind either way they knoo each other and their so focused on having sex and letting people kno that they had theyll do it with they jus want it and that girl right a girl right now is bout to have under age sex while theis man is being tortued

By anonymous at 19,Sep,13 12:59

Fuck what the others say. Go and live in another place/country and start a new life again, eventhough you're already in fifties.

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