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"women don't lie"

Posted by anonymous at June 17, 2010
Tags: Crime  Friendship  2010 June  Justice  Money  Society

*READ FIRST* - This got forwarded to me the other day through an old college buddy. I think I know who wrote this, and if he ever sees this I hope he can move on, as cold as that sounds. It's been five years buddy.
I had a pretty decent life up until my freshman year of college. Friends, supportive family, always had something fun going on. Freshman year 2005, I went to a party with a handful of friends from school and wound up hooking up with a way-out-of-my-league girl I'd known from class. We were both drunk, so was everyone. But we were both lucid enough to have a good time. She and I even spent the night together, in the morning we exchanged numbers and everything. I didn't hear back from her again and she ignored my calls; I chalked it up to a one-time deal.
A week later I come back to campus from a funeral and get arrested for rape. I guess since word got out that I had managed to have sex with the queen on the cool girls, this cunt couldn't handle the social ramifications so she went to the cops and told them I'd slipped her something and raped her. Expelled, all my credits were forfeited (so long to $30,000). Did three days in jail waiting for bail money. Wind up going back home to slightly less-supportive family. Did the court thing. Bitch lied through her teeth, and of course had the biggest bulldyke of a lawyer I'd ever seen. She couldn't even keep her bullshit story straight but since "women don't lie about rape", she won. My lawyer got me off with three year's probation and the chance of expungement if I keep my nose clean.
Well, keeping my nose clean was no problem. From 2005 to now, I've had zero friends, about a half dozen crappy jobs that I can get fired from over nothing (thus jeopardizing my probation), and my family has all but disowned me. Even my "friends" who FUCKING SAW HER MAKING OUT ON ME pretend they don't know me. I sit in a shitty studio apartment with my bed crammed between a wall and a water heater and fantasize about being able to buy a firearm so I can blow my brains out. Oh yeah, they never did get the expungement process taken care of, so I still can't get a decent job or get back into any kind of decent school. The highest paying job I've had is $10 an hour, no benefits. I used to dream of writing professionally, but I can kiss that dream goodbye since people in the world of writing love to discredit each other, and a criminal record makes that a snap.
But the thing that pisses me off more than anything else is that this same exact bullshit happened to an acquaintance of mine in high school. Except in his case the girl actually developed a conscience and got him off the hook after fucking his life over for two years. I'm not so fortunate. In fact I heard the queen cunt is actually in charge of running an after school program for girls now. I can only hope that she turns them all into bulldykes like her lawyer so that they won't wind up destroying mens lives since they were too horny for their own social status' good.


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By Mike at 19,Jun,10 14:55

This is why I never socialize with females. I have never trusted a single one of them. My mother, grandmother and sisters were all meaner than junk yard dogs and hated men. Go figure.
This is also why I only date call girls, as they are the only females that I have ever been able to trust. I also love strippers.
By anonymous at 20,Jun,10 17:03

get off your pity wagon... men and women get raped.. it isnt just the evil women in the world it is the evil men.. i was raped by a guy I thought was a friend... i asked him to take me home from a party we lived in a small town in oklahoma... everyone knew everyone.. so when my two best friends.. didnt want to leave the party.. i asked dickweed (not his real name)... i apperently passed out and when I came back around he was getting dressed and i was naked... i ended up getting pregnate... his best friend beat his ass down the next .. day... i raised my daughter without child support without him any where in the picture .. yeah sure i could have cried fowl... but why in the hell for... so my name could be dragged across the coals.... fuck that... his conscious is the best revenge... i chalked my experience up...never getting drunk inpublic.. you should move to another state.. start your life over.. she was a bitch.. nothing more or less...your the one that keeps torturing yourself... i am sure if you ask her she has forgotten all about it,,,, so should you!
By Mike at 06,Jul,10 21:38

I did move to another state (at age 18).
I did start my life over.
My only point in making the post is that when children are mistreated, the damage lasts a long time.
I found out that call girls and strippers share one thing in common, either their father was abusive or not really there for them (ie., alcoholics). Call girls and strippers are looking for acceptance from men that they never got from their father.
By anonymous at 24,Sep,10 05:47

At least we don't have to pay for women, you don't honestly think they like you do you? They like your fat wallet, and if you ever found a girl to love, if she found out to pay for sex, she'd think you were a weirdo pervy loser and dump you. Urgh, you sicken me.
By Mike at 06,Jul,10 21:43 Fold Up

My father was never around for me, either. When he got home from work, he would "Zonk Out" on prescription codeine pills that he got for his migraine headaches.
I now think that most of his headaches were fake, he just wanted to blitz out without alcohol.

By Michael at 20,Jun,10 00:52

Cant generalize not all women are evil my moms a saint lol, that been said thers dumb cunts in all races and in both sexes
if you wanna play it safe dont get into relationships anything else is up to you before making an action everyone should think of the possibilities that would result as paranoid as it might sound thats the logical way if you want to minimize chances of getting fucked but then again if u dont try u dont know, we are all human we all learn its good to learn from our own mistakes its better to learn from other ppls mistakes, now if u happen to get into a fucked up situation like this well life a bitch then u die, any questions?
By Mike at 20,Jun,10 12:04

Maybe you can't generalize, but if every female you ever met mistreated you for the first 18 years of your life, you will never trust a female, EVER!
If the first female you ever met that was nice to you was a hooker, you will always be attracted to hookers. I always avoided social contact with females until I was 29 years old. Then I met a very nice hooker and since then, hookers were the only females that I have ever liked or trusted.
By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 00:55

Thats a specific case and thers many like that one but again like he said you cannot generalize.
By at 03,Jul,10 11:36

That is true, I came to fix that statement.
It's MOST women. Apologies. There are some sweet ones out there, just sometimes REALLY hard to find.

Douche eat douche world.

By anonymous at 20,Jun,10 07:57

If that ever happened to me I would set the bitch on fire
By anonymous at 20,Jun,10 12:06

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned tradition of covering her in peanut butter and throwing her into a room full of starving sewer rats?
By at 03,Jul,10 11:39

Just like what happened to everything else in this modern time.

All went into the toliet.

By at 20,Jun,10 14:02

Well, you have had a bad experience. But i agree with Michael. Not all women are evil. The problem lies within the justice system. It is as if women can never be bad or lie. A man can be good or bad. A good man can do bad things under the right (wrong?) circumstances. But not a women. They are always good. My advice. Stop hating women. That will never get you anywhere, other than an asylum probably. Meet other women. Start dating. Get a life. But NEVER trust one completely. And most of all, never spend all your money or attention on one woman. Try reading some books on seduction techniques, like
By Mike at 06,Jul,10 21:57

"But NEVER trust one completely. And most of all, never spend all your money or attention on one woman."
Interesting advice.
I know how to seduce women, it is rather easy for me. The problem is that I rarely see any women that I would want to socialize with (much less seduce). I just really never met a woman I could honestly respect, and without respect, a relationship is not fulfilling to me.
I seek a woman with beauty AND intelligence (not education or knowledge, but real intelligence). If I could only find a beauty who truly understands the paradox of Schrödinger's cat, I would be a happy man.
By anonymous at 13,Jul,10 18:25

You can't be that smart if you've never met a beautiful and intelligent girl. Smart people end up with smart people around them; dumb people end up with dumb people around them.

By anonymous at 22,Jun,10 04:56

yup, got to enjoy life. And I know that not all women are like that, but it still gives me a masogynist twinge when I hear of it.

By anonymous at 22,Jun,10 14:34

to you who said you bet that i raped her you are wrong we just had a small dance then i went home.after a day cops came and took me thats where the worst they say the law is an ass nobody cared to listened to me and i was sent to serve six am out i will never get near any female species and waiting for my time to strike my revenge.

By anonymous at 22,Jun,10 14:35

to you who said you bet that i raped her you are wrong we just had a small dance then i went home.after a day cops came and took me thats where the worst they say the law is an ass nobody cared to listened to me and i was sent to serve six am out i will never get near any female species and waiting for my time to strike my revenge.

By anonymous at 26,Jun,10 01:47

I feel more and more masogynistic.

By anonymous at 28,Jun,10 12:55

I don't believe a word. Misogynist propaganda.
By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 10:08

Very good. You sound like the perfect candidate for law school.

By anonymous at 28,Jun,10 12:59

BTW, I work for the courts, people do not get convicted of rape on only the woman's word. More rapists go free than pay for their crimes. Your story sounds like bullshit.
By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 10:02

Well, sounds like you just have an opposite opinion of the OP. BTW, you sound like the type of loser who couldn't get fucked if you begged for it.

By at 01,Jul,10 04:05

wtf cunt you are a piece of fucking shit! Why would he be posting this if he did it. I hope you end up getting accused of rape and wind up like this guy. Go die you fucking scum! Hope you get cancer.

By Carol at 13,Jul,10 05:15

Some comments that were posted on storyof being raped think that iam lied I did not lie Women would lie about something so serious as rape. Some folks think it is aour fualt. It foesn't that don't look like models we can look cute but not like madel the rapist has no prefrence on the who he pick for his victim. I do call myself vivtim I camm my selfself a survivior
By D at 05,Sep,10 08:01

Women lie all the time. Saying that it's been five years doesn't mean a damn thing. That will affect him the rest of his life. All because you couldn't stand the fact that you had sex with him. It's obvious, from his story, he didn't rape you. He didn't rape you. You obviously don't know what rape means. Having sex while YOU BOTH WERE drunk isn't rape, you moo-cow! And don't pull this victim/survivor bullshit. I never hear people with cancer call themselves a victim.

By anonymous at 29,Oct,10 20:24

life really does suck 4 u. I'll think about dat before i write about my crap next time.

By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 02:55


By anonymous at 22,Jan,11 15:00



By anonymous at 22,Jan,11 15:00

ALSO, "leak" name of this woman


By anonymous at 22,Jan,11 20:58

OP: "This got forwarded to me the other day through an old college buddy. I think I know who wrote this, and if he ever sees this I hope he can move on, as cold as that sounds. It's been five years buddy." Obviously he can't move on, considering he can't make over 10 bucks an hour and can't get benefits.

By anonymous at 15,Mar,11 02:32

This is when you go to the media brah. Regardless of the laws, pitch your story to every station or just throw money into writing a book. This shit just cannot be allowed to happen. If the innocent are punished like this, what is justice in america? u can't judge all females, although I c why you'd like to, but the fact is, bitches are generally worse that dicks. Because bitches have no conscious, at all. Tehy will rip your soul out or accuse of a fake rape like this whore and take it all away, for nothing. The main reason in my honest opinion is the fact that men r smarter than women generally. The number of girls fake raped by guys is so miniscule to the number of guys fake incriminating women, for no reason...for that matter(other than some bullshit social agenda like this guy says). A brain the 1/3 the size of us...its science. now rip on me women, cuz if u had true intelligence you would know that an argument goes nowhere when u begin to criticize without bounds. So let me here I being sexist? no, i'm being 100% logical, my opinion is based entirely on stats and science, which is never wrong. so show it up ur cunt, cuz this guy deserves a medal of honor for what he went thru, and speaking of medals, how many more men serve in the army than women? women should always appreciate men more, we fucking protect you. without us you are fucking nothing, wolves would rape you

By anonymous at 27,Apr,12 00:17


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