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untitled story

Posted by Nae at July 5, 2011
Tags: Friendship  2011 July  Philosophical  Society

I used to feel down & depressed a lot, but then realised who fucking cares. The worlds shit, every cunt is dishonest and inconsiderate towards one another. It is very hard to find true friendship. People that are actually genuine and loyal are a rare find nowadays. So yeah, fuck it. Just do whatever the hell makes you happy. Fuck what people think of YOU. It is better to be alone than in the presence of a fake person, anyway. The world is made up of both leaders & followers. Unfortunately, the followers outweigh the leaders. So much injustice amongst us.. The sooner you accept this, the better off you will be. Honest..!


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By anonymous at 08,Aug,11 12:22

thats US, never got a US friend...all my friends are from outside the usa.

By anonymous at 09,Aug,11 00:25

I love you.

By anonymous at 09,Aug,11 16:36

Totally head over heels in love, now! Hate fakes! Been lied to for 8 years, finally moving on. The only hope is that I am more experienced at spotting fucked up idiots and can run away when I see them approaching. Better to be alone, even the few dates I have been out with, are fried, baked what ever. Well done too. I can accept that nobody is perfect and that is the saddest part.

By anonymous at 09,Aug,11 18:34


By anonymous at 09,Aug,11 20:36

Bloody True

By at 11,Aug,11 07:25

The world sucks

By at 11,Aug,11 13:23

nicely said bro

By anonymous at 12,Aug,11 00:12

that is soooo ture u rox borther

By Missy at 12,Aug,11 02:10

Nae this is Missy I wpuld like to be your freind. I have lsot all my internet sisters so I want o be your internet sister. My address is Tm is my ex boyfreind intiles who almost killed me after he beat me and left for dead one of my freands was worried when I did not show for and she found me and called an abulance for me. She was there when the doctors told I might not make it and I was awke when he said that and thats when I fought to get beteer. My frreind died in a fire I tried to rescue her but the smoke anhea and flames where too much. I wan t be your freind E-mail me. and I will get back to you be y new internet sister.

By at 13,Aug,11 12:31

if i could just find the big red button id make it all go away in a big neuclar flash and all the shit will be done

By anonymous at 24,Aug,11 01:42

Fuck you and you acceptance of mediocreness!
yes, the world is fuck up. but it makes infinite sense, why?
Because only those that can pass the 'test' on 'spiritual initiation' through the hardships of the mortal life, can aspire to be amount those that will indulge in the eternal fountain of intellectuality and spirituality.
This is just the beginning to a journey that only the toughest ones can aspire to participate on. Can you handle it!?

By anonymous at 01,Sep,11 21:54

It makes logical sense that true friendship is hard to find. What motivates people to seek friendships? Mostly greed and selfishness. What are the main traits of a true friend? Generosity and selflessness. The very same traits that are characteristic of true friends causes people not to seek friendships.

By Nike?Barkley?Posite?Max at 15,Aug,14 16:23

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