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The campus was not safe

Posted by Leslie at June 27, 2010
Tags: Crime  2010 June  Violence

Ajy who college ampuses are safe is not keeping her guard up. This happend my sophmore year I mma snior now. I was walking between classes andI had to got another building for my next class. The side has woods and it no fence. A man came out the bushes and not to scream or turn around or he would kill me. As tried to run he grabed me and droagge me in the woods. he blindfolded me and told to take of all my clothes and my shoes and he raped me. he tied mylegs with my shoes laces and tied my hands with my silk scarf and left me nude. i got my hands free and untied my legs and found a camps police officer and reparted being raped. My clothes were found near by the spot I was raped in. He has never been caught. things like this should never happen to girls. Being raped is worse thing any girl can go through. It ruins their life. I am going let ruinmy life I willl get my degree and make somthing of myself.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 13:21

were u a virgin?
By Leslie at 08,Jul,10 17:27


By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 13:22

pretend that it didnt happen and think about it as if it was consensual

if you dont wanna, bitch, your standards are too high
By Leslie at 08,Jul,10 17:30

I can't do that. It happens to me. There is no pretending in didn't happenn a nd it was not consensual. The crime is low on Campus but but it does not mean that will not happen becuase it does.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 18:53

he still out there lurking in the shadows watching your every move. he will rape you again. this time you won't walk away after he kills you.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 20:54

I can't believe u r in college, how did u manage to get through high school? youir spelling is fucked up and your english is even worse. tsk tsk, is this whats going though our educational system? Pity, just pity. maybe u deserved to get raped, i think he felt u were an easy target, and he will do it to u again, only this time he will fuck u in the ass while he fingers your pussy and slurp on your cum shooting out your hot hole. :)
By Leslie at 09,Jul,10 14:49

Only have threee words for you GO TO HELL!
By anonymous at 09,Jul,10 20:56

I was there, but you weren't home :)
By anonymous at 09,Jul,10 21:55 Fold Up

You are quite right about Leslie's illiteracy.
Sadly, young women go to our extremely liberal colleges and think that life is some ideal fantasy land.
Crime victims are those who let their guard down.
The way to personal safety is a gun (with the guts to use it).
Two years ago, some total asshole broke into my car and stole my pet rattlesnake, so I do not recommend pit bulls or venomous critters for self protection, just my two friends: Smith and Wesson".
By Leslie at 10,Jul,10 22:46

What about copperhead for protection I do have freind who has one. He is my highschool biology teacher Mr. Chester. he catches snkae veno mous or non venomous It don't matter to him. I want the copperhead.
By anonymous at 11,Jul,10 13:48

Copperheads are only medium venomous, have attractive coloration, but smell funky. They are not aggressive enough to offer self protection.
For self protection, get a big, noisy aggressive western diamondback or a mojave green.
Beware: Rattlesnakes are dumber than a box of rocks. One of rattlers mistook his girlfriend for a rat during feeding time and struck her full force in the face!
By Leslie at 23,Jul,10 21:41

I i lve in the eastern United States in Georgia I can get and eastern Diamon back rattle snake or another type. the ones you mentoned don't live around here. I canget a Coral snake Cotton Mouth. Live near creek. The of the creek is Snake Creek. We all know why. I have sen any rattle snakes and i have a King Snake in my shed. My call her Queen Snake becuase she had babies there. There alos wild hogs and cyotes bob cats bears foxes. We have wild turkey too. Let every animal in this have him.
By anonymous at 24,Jul,10 10:55

Forget coral snakes, they are mostly harmless (unless you get bit as they are members of the cobra family). Eastern diamondbacks are rather aggressive.

By anonymous at 09,Jul,10 21:54

lets have sex you can rape me. ok?
By Leslie at 10,Jul,10 22:47

Are you a nice guy or some lesbian. Pleas do be offended I am curious and that is what kills a cat. My cat killed after the curious stuck in to a hole that a snake took over.

By Leslie at 12,Jul,10 14:56

I am stding criminal justice now. If I pass this iw ill put some of the rapists behind bars where they belong. Why don't we just put on desert island and have food dropped off once in awhile. If i had all of them would be on na island in the middle of nowhere
By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 22:20

and u would be going there once a month for a big gang bang huh?
By Leslie at 15,Jul,10 15:05

May be i should president and then put all the rapist on an island or reopen gitmo and put them there. Le t the terrist have tham they have beeen be nothing new to them.

By anonymous at 15,Jul,10 19:13

I bet you're still a virgin, above was just your sexual fantasy
By Leslie at 15,Jul,10 19:37

After bing raped you are no longer virgin this is real as it gets. I was rpaed and no two ways about it happened and I will let rule my life.
By anonymous at 16,Jul,10 22:42

There is nothing virgin on your body, u been fucked in the mouth, in your ass and in your already wet dripping pussy, who u kidding? U know the old saying, u can't rape the willing and u were willing, maybe he didn't give u any money and u screamed RAPE!!!!!!!!!! Typical female :(
By Leslie at 19,Jul,10 00:16

I was virgin before beng rape It happen and it is the truth he has now been cuaght and I IDed him in a line up and bail has been denied for him I will not hurt any more girl on campus. Some us are safe.

By anonymous at 26,Jan,11 00:28

i've read 3 stories so far, all with the horrific english style, similar phrasing, themes like "he haven't been caught" and it just looks like the same person is reposting under different names and just making these stories up.

By anonymous at 27,Feb,13 12:57

Yep. The trolls are out in full force. It isn't possible to have a site like this that can be taken seriously. The poor souls who really are genuine are opening themselves up for more of the same. It's a bad place for those that truly are suicidal...

By luis at 05,May,13 12:45

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