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I went out a tnight

Posted by Paige at May 29, 2010
Tags: 2010 May  Violence

I suffered the worse vilicne any girl can face I was rped on my way home form being out. My car is was car broke down. I started to walk home when a car pulled up and asked if I needed a ride. I was uneasy about the man in the car. I walke but before i knew it he out of the car and put knife to my throat and told if i screamed he would kill me. He forced in to the car and locked the door he blinfolded me and bound my legs and hands. he drove for a long time. He pulled out of the car and took in to a house and down the baement he took the blindfolde and untied me. He order to strip. When I refused he pushed down and pulled offf my shoes and socks. Then cut my shirt pants, sweater, t-shirt bra and panties off of me. He raped for sevral hours. he blod folded me again and took to anthoer location and lft me there nude. The was cuaght an convicted and I did teastify against him but my life has sucked.


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By anonymous at 03,Jun,10 04:45

you know you enjoyed his big cock inside you. you are probably at his house right now.
By Paige at 03,Jun,10 14:10

He is in jail now and he will never hurt me again. It was against my will. I was saving for when I get married but not to the guy that raped me. That night play over and over in my head.
By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 00:38

Admit it. You're some guy posting his wild rape fantasies all over. This board. All these rape stories have the same bad spelling and grammatical errors. All these stories involve the clothes being cut off with a knife. Lastly you have some weird fetish about carefully mentioning the shoes in each one of your disgusting stories. You're SICK.
By God at 08,Jun,10 13:49 Fold Up

My child, do not mind this anonymous of 03:45, for he is cursed with the "douchebag"-itis. Satan has reached into his buttocks before he could be saved, sadly...

By anonymous at 08,Jun,10 21:38

The world is a dangerous place. Recently, I attended a reptile show and was shown how to handle venomous spiders, scorpions, poisonous lizards (yes, they even had gila monsters on display) and venomous snakes. I handled them all safely (but oh, so carefully). I travel through the woods alone in grizzly bear country, prepared for the worst. The only thing that I still fear is the critters that walk on two legs, ie.: bad people. You will run into good people and more bad people. Always look strangers in the eye. You will learn to tell who is good and who is evil this way. I always prepare for the worst (and expect the best) from people.
You had a traumatic experience as, in your words "that night play over and over in my head." You will get over this trauma. There are support groups out there, seek out a good one.
Getting over trauma can be helped by seeking out new and unique experiences with trusted family and friends.
By Paige at 08,Jun,10 23:55

I am not oen for support groups the last one i went made mw relive that night over again. Rape is like a scar and you never get over it and phys coligist never help you They like it was my fault when i know it is not. the place that has helped was a rape crisis center Maggie my conselor has helped me. I thnk god for her. She had the same thing happpen to her and she what i am going through. And idoit who pos the frist comment that is being unsensitive to me and offensive. I pay no attetntion now.
By anonymous at 31,Aug,10 05:49

i hate rapists more than anything on this scummy place we call earth...if it were up to me i would have them all neutered and displayed in public for all to see...just remember that your better than them and stay strong! my gf was raped by her piece of shit ghetto trash ex boyfriend and he even rubbed it in my face as he did still with my girl tho and i make sure she stays safe and loved :) i promise you can overcome this terrible act with a the right man :)
a friend

By anonymous at 22,Aug,12 15:30

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