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Beaten thand left to die

Posted by Missy at October 6, 2011
Tags: 2011 October  Relationship  Violence

I was very pretty 22 year old girl when myboy frien beatme and almost killed me. I work for a comany and I worklate sometimes if I have deadline to meet. I cmae home one night and I was tired I wanted go to bed. As sson as I entered the house my boyfrend grabbed for behind ansked where I was. I told I ha dto work late. He did not belive and he thought I was cheting on him. When i insisted I wasn't he mad and ripped off all my clothes and began to beat me. He left me to die and he stole my car. I lie there until the nextday when my and who is alos a coworker found the next afternoon close to death. I was only hanging on by a very thin thread. She called 911. A the hospital as I was barely awke I heard the the tell my freind that I probly would not make it. the i had the tought that no I am going to fight stay alive so I can get justice. Know one tries to kill me and get away with it. i did recover and I di fce him court He got without the posiblity of parole. There was a previous charge from another woman he was with before me. she also tstifeid against him me a re freinds now. me and my freind that i work have a club called the Sisters Justice. we have helped other ge the justice they desrve after they wer beaten vy an adusive person.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 21:48

Did you suffer major brain damage from the beating? Or did you drop out of school in the 5th grade?
By anonymous at 23,Nov,11 02:46

By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 20:57 Fold Up

Did you droped out of school in the 5th grade?? What kind of STUPID question is this?? OBVIOUSLY she DOESN'T have major brain damage otherwise she wouldn't of post this!!! You Wana be mr.perfect..who's the one that droped out of the 5th grade now? U fuck!
By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 07:53 Fold Up

by the way u sound you have brain damage. can you count past 5? u are probley one who thinks that beating women is okay right? I hope a big, burly, hairy women gets ahold of u and beats u like the little bitch you are
By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 14:13

What are you talking about? NO WHERE did this person state that it's ok to hit a girl..maybe you should READ that again..let me guess,were you the one that made that first comment?if u don't like the truth be told to u then don't comment...
By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 23:46 Fold Up

What a stupid comment,just like the one that typed it..stupid, stupid,stupid....
By at 27,Nov,11 17:26

By Missy at 26,Feb,12 13:40

No it is no O.K. to hit women or gils for any reson. I was alomost killed and now I have brain damage and now there is something that they want ot try and it has only worked on a hand full of folks with brain damge and I wan to to try it and the docotr says I am a good acanidatet for it. I have hope now.
By anonymous at 14,Dec,11 05:30 Fold Up

By anonymous at 20,Dec,11 07:36 Fold Up

shut the fuck up!
By Missy at 03,Feb,12 18:43 Fold Up

a and the is perminent. The damge will never heal. I rember things becuase the part of my brainthat cotrols my short meory is has major damageI use a mini tape rorder to at work that my boss uses to ahlp me remember things he wants done. I to keep work for Glaxy Enterprises. One was kiled in a fire and I miss her. she is who rescued fro the brink of death.I iss Kerri.

By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 05:28

your fuckin stupid for dating him.
By Missy at 24,Nov,11 17:11

He was nice a tfirst but as time wen ton he got abusive.
By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 07:50 Fold Up

let me guess, everyone you've dated was perfect right? or r u one that can't get a date so you sit home alone while telling everyone else how stupid they are. get a life!
By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 13:49 this who i think it is...
By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 17:16 Fold Up

Oh okay so you're going to blame her for that? I'm pretty sure that makes you the idiot and it's 'you're' not 'your'.
By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 17:28


By at 26,Nov,11 17:19

why do people keep making comments about how she spelt her story? Its not like its for marks or some shit. Its the internet. As long as u understood what she said who. the. fuck. cares??
By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 17:29


By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 18:23

Lol.. That's what im saying.. Poor thing,maybe she was typing to fast and didn't check her spelling happens.
By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 21:47


By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 17:30

By Missy at 27,Nov,11 17:40

I hw=e was then how did escape from a super max prson

By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 17:49

Huh?? ^

By Missy at 07,Dec,11 00:49

I do have some brain damage I think becuase I am having trouble remembeing thing s I stil remember what happened to me but my sjort term is going down the hill and there is nothing I can do. I can't remmber how i got to work most days and I forget what I am suppose to be doing. I don't even rember psot this story. I I will possibly not remeer posting this coment either. I may hae to quit my job but I don't want to. I now I will never be the same afte being beaten to came close to death. I wonder what is going to be come of me now.

By Missy at 19,Dec,11 20:34

My boss found away to help me remember thing. At work X-mas part my gave gift which is one thse small tape recorders an wha the does is he tells what he wants and he records so If I forget then i play the tape and then I helps me remeber what he wants done. I never try to multi task becuase even before I was almost kiled by a slim ball I had trouble there. Spelle check has helped me with my job and I will be able to hold my job for now but if my brain damage gets any worse then I will be worried. My doctor says that it has progressed any further. Will I be fine or should worry? M life has sucked from this truma I suffered a the hands od a peron who is just pain evil.

By george at 20,Dec,11 07:31

to the people with comments about droping out of the 5th grade:
my boss gives me christmas cards, thats ok,
i gave my mum a christmas card, thats ok,
i got winded up at school, thats not ok,
you got winded up at school so go fuck yourself!
By at 20,Dec,11 07:33

he is correct you fucked up losers.

By Missy at 26,Dec,11 22:04

I can't remember things becuase I have some permanent brain damage. My boss is help by gigving that device. Get some brain damage tell how ell you rember stuf my long term is fine bu the short is not good.. That peice slim alomost killed me and it is maricle how recovered from that. That doctor thought I wouls not make becuase of how close to death I was. I made descision to live and not die He is now srving life with out the possiblity of parole. for alomost killing me.
By Missy at 19,Jan,12 20:23

Fix it your self you woman beater. God help the the woman that gets invovlved with you.

By at 15,Jan,12 01:30

wheres my fucking dinner BITCH!?

By Missy at 12,Mar,12 00:16

I had the roceedure done but When i woke uo I couldn't remember where I was. I starting to recover. I have been here for week in the hospital and the nuses are so nice to me. I hope spelling is up to Par. The have given so memry test my short trm is fine but they trying to gat my long term to get sharp. I have remeberd a few thing that I di a couple of days ago and it was test and they going ask me to tomarrow if I remeber or not but i do I hope that I recover and able to kee[ my job. My boss and insurence are paying for it. I hope this works.

By Missy at 13,Mar,12 17:37

I did it I passed the test yesterday so my treat is helping me sorry about the in prvous post but I am starting to ge t better. My long tterm meory is coming and I know that I will get my hair back as well.

By Missy at 19,Mar,12 23:22

I am recovering and the proceedure has so far and I am back a twork bu light work load. When has to do something I am able to rember it Later. I don't remeber bits and peices I rember the entire thing of what went on. Carla thinks I should more time off but I have been away too. long and believe she thinks that she will get my job but says that will never happen. I ge to keep my job.

By Missy at 05,Apr,12 13:21

My recovery is going well. I don't the recorder anymore My short and long term memory are fine. It has been a lng road and a song called was the to Star Trek Enterprise. The first to it It has been long road getting from there to here. My life is back what it was beforemy boy freind tried to kill me.

By Missy at 23,May,12 13:31

Had minor set back. I frogot soe thing Iw as suppose to do or my boss and I don't rember. I may have not been paying attetion. y doctor says that i does but it is no permanent. My recover is alomost complete.

By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 10:41

Bullshit. You're the same troll who posts all those rape stories all over this board. You need to be locked away what with your obvious fantasies about violence and degradation against women.

By Missy at 24,Dec,12 00:49

The doctor says that I am doing well I still have my and I got promtion and I have also got my pretty red hair back. I have it in paerm I have been want to go the a salon and get my hair but when i had none then I was downer but now I don't need the wig anymore. I look terrible as blond. the had no red wigs so I had settle for blond. I will never go there again./

By anonymous at 23,Jun,13 23:04

my exhusband hit me in the head so hard, I couldnt write for a year

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