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Horrible life.

Posted by Must escape! at June 21, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Attitude  Bad Luck  2010 June  Violence

My life was good until the year of 2004. Then everything started to change.
I was raped. But never told anyone about it. Me and my family were kicked out of our house because we couldnt pay the rent. We were homeless for 6 months! I get abused almost everyday.
My boyfriend recently broke up with me for my best friend! FML. I want to die sometimes, i cry myself to sleep wishing that someday, somewhere, someone will rescue me from my miserable lonley life. I remember wanting to die so bad I randomly started swallowing a bunch of medicine but my brother stopped me. All of my friends are pretty much fake. Sometimes I wonder if God is real.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 23,Jun,10 22:41



kill yourself

you will only bear children who are all suicidal
By anonymous at 06,Jul,10 10:24

You are going to hell.
By at 06,Jul,10 21:27

Going to Hell? Actually to the sub-basement of the lower reaches of Hell. The place where raw sewage drains to.
By anonymous at 26,May,13 01:34 Fold Up

you are a idiot!

By anonymous at 23,Jun,10 22:53

By at 03,Jul,10 14:30

For a second there, I thought your were going to finish that sentence with "Impalement", that needle-dick douchebag must be stopped.
By Ericka at 06,Jul,10 10:17

I agree.

By anonymous at 25,Jun,10 07:57

"someone will rescue me from my miserable lonley life." Do not count on it.

I grew up in the school of "hard knocks". My parents were assholes. When I came home with straight A report cards, I was punished for poor grades anyway. WTF? Seriously, WTF!! From a few too many hard knocks, early in life, I was forced to learn self reliance. You should learn it too, (actually you are starting to learn it now).

If you need help seeking self reliance, find it. Erika recommends Seventh Day Adventists, but I would not. There are many other groups out there who are not as "fringe elements" as Seventh Day Adventists. Remember that David Koresh was a Branch Davidian, a religion originally derived from Seventh Day Adventists. (To their credit, David Koresh was evicted from the Seventh Day Adventist church for promoting incest)
By Ericka at 30,Jun,10 19:28

We don't take kindly tofolks who do these diplorible things one of our members molested a five year old boy and his whole family disowned him and they still come to churh and he is i prision in Douglas County in Douglasville GA. We rovlked his postion as a decon as well we don't like folks like that and my father also kick out of the church. David Koresh was insane The Branch Davidian has nothing to do with out=r denomination. We were created from the meninite denomination we believe the worls will end soon. And believe all Chrsitain beliefs We know of the ten comments and we use them We all the same that most other denominations know.

By anonymous at 25,Jun,10 21:17

God isnt real, and if he is he is one arrogant SOB, you want to change your life, dont count on anyone but yourself.
By anonymous at 25,Jun,10 21:36

By God at 26,Jun,10 12:28 Fold Up

I am real. Who ya callin' an arrogant SOB? I may have to send you to the place of eternal damnation (No, not Fresno, CA).
Sidney Algernon: "God helps those who help themselves."
By God at 03,Jul,10 11:03

I bestow from the heavens to f-...What mockery is this?
..well...Since you did the job for me...

By anonymous at 27,Jun,10 18:45

Horrible life ..I see where you are coming from and would like to be your friend No bull shitting i am serious you can e mail me ( let`s talk
By anonymous at 27,Jun,10 21:12

Yes, just what she needs....another rapist that preys on vulnerable women. This guy is a creepy fuck. DO NOT CONTACT HIM!
By at 03,Jul,10 11:07

Oooh yes. Agree with this guy, That guy IS a creepy fuck.
Not convinced? I must include that he also has Needle-Dick Syndrome. One-inch of fully erect needle-sized lean meat. He wants you to FORE-SUCK his dick, because He can't get no one else too.
"Let's Talk" ..Translates..."Im Desperate, Please suck my NON-EXISTANT DICK. I'm tired of beating off using tweezers while listening to "Beat It"-Michael Jackson."
By at 04,Jul,10 22:13

What about Michael Jackson's song "Don't let your son go down on me"
(or was that Elton John)
By anonymous at 06,Jul,10 10:22

It's Elton John and Billy Joel. No not mthe deadidoit MicheAL jackson! Get your music straight.
By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 01:25


By anonymous at 27,Jun,10 22:21

God is real. Read about him in the Holy Bible in the new and old testament. God came and lived on planet earth for about 33 years as a human and taught us, and then he died on the cross, to save us from our sins. Read all about it in the Holy Bible.
By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 17:44

Stupid ass. God did not dies on a cross. That was the easter bunny, I mean Santa Claus, spider man, batman....oh I know it was one of those fictional characters...oh yes, it was Heysus, I mean Jesus.
By at 03,Jul,10 14:28


By anonymous at 28,Jun,10 12:46

God isn't real, sorry. But when you hit bottom there's no where to go but up.
By Ericka at 30,Jun,10 19:21

Don't listen to these pricks. God is real read the bible and read the story of Job. His had a had but god helped fter he prayed about it. Find chruch you comfortable with and go sunday school at the church and if pick an Adventst church sabbath school. Listen to the preacher who doing his service he talks and reads from the bible Get a NIV or the The New King James Version. NIV stands for The New International Version. Taht one is all in English. That book helped when I was being raped by my father. My prayer were answered.
By anonymous at 04,Sep,12 03:36

You should pick Catholics - they offer more comfort, flexibility, and more different service times.

By at 06,Jul,10 03:22

Wow @ the person who said " lets have sex first then u can kill yourself,"
wtf is your problem?
By anonymous at 06,Jul,10 21:29

The problem? Cranial-Rectal inversion. A common medical condition, commonly known as head-up-the-ass syndrome.

By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 06:01

Fuck you MJ isnt an idiot! Hes the motherfucking king!
By anonymous at 10,Jul,10 14:30

"Don't Let Your Son Go Down On Me" by Michael Jackson

I can't lie no more in the darkness
All their pictures little boys both black and white
I'm growin' tired, of fans that still adore me
My son here, almost took his little life
Of late, I saved my son from falling
I took a chance on that Berlin balcony
But you're misled, I never meant to harm him
So close that door, and just stop tryin' to malign

Don't let your son go down on me
Although they searched my shelf there is no kiddy porn to see
I won't allow this strip search of my life to worry me
Coz losin' everything-- is like your son goin' down on me

They won't find, that I plied those boys with wine
They sleep at once, and sleep just where they feel,
Don't you charge me, just because you think I mean them harm
But these cuffs I have around my wrists they make me squeal

Don't let your son go down on me
Although they searched my shelf there is no kiddy porn to see
I won't allow this strip search of my life to worry me
Coz losin' everything--is like your son goin' down on me

Don't let your son--- go down on me
Although they searched my shelf there is no kiddy porn to see
I won't allow this strip search of my life to worry me
Coz losin' everything--is like your son goin' down on me
Yeah losin' everything is like your son goin' down on me

Elvis Presley is the king, long live his blue suede shoes!

Elton John wrote: "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me", but he was still as gay as MJ (but at least he was not a pedophile).

By at 08,Jul,10 14:48

Since your not doing anything with your life lets fuck, i can bang u hard.

By anonymous at 10,Jul,10 16:11

Stfu and stop making comments allready!

By chris at 11,Jul,10 14:20

dont feel bad :] just try enjoy life

By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 00:55

god isnt real. The constellation virgo is the "virgin".
Jesus is the sun, and was born of a virgin. There is a super massive black hole in the galaxy m87 which is in the center of the constellation virgo. Thus, Jesus the son(sun) of GOD( existence) and our solar system came out of that super massive black hole in m87. Thats where the story of jesus being born from a virgin comes from.

By at 17,Aug,10 14:44

Oooh baby,
Who were you raped by? Well whoever that sick fucker is you go and fuckin kill that cunt you got me?

By Thomas at 21,Sep,10 16:40

Join church where are all to happy to help folks like yourself. Or get some therapy. If I knew you would not be alone I have donated my free as a rpe counsleor a the local rpe crisis center. we help women deal with being rpaed and we alos have doctors ready to help the women when they come in and our success rate is good we have out away 12 rapistas in one year.

By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 20:14 wonder people think life sucks,look at all the ASSHOLES who left rude & mean comments.To all the people who love putting people down,you should kill yourself....then there would be less ASSHOLES in this world!
By anonymous at 10,Aug,12 21:30

The best one yet!

By anonymous at 05,Aug,12 21:00

God is real, and he will save you,he is coming very soon, all you need to do is want to be good and follow God. start to pray, go to church and read the Bible. He will protect you if you ask him to.
God Bless you.

By anonymous at 04,Sep,12 03:42

Catholics also offer a more complete perspective on God and why there is suffering in addition to offering more comfort and in addition to actually helping people. Catholic churches are also located everywhere. Seventh day adventists are not located everywhere and don't have many different service times. Also seventh day adventists are one of the stricter religions that don't necessarily get you closer to God because of their strictness. Catholics are also more uniform and more open about their practice of christianity and you can sign up for an RCIA (rite of christian inititiation) class to find out more about Catholicism - you don't necessarily have to join after you do that - if you want to join that is the class you take but if you don't ,then you have just increased your knowledge of Catholicism.

By crorkz linkz at 20,Oct,14 22:17

jglXPU I enjoy, lead to I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for. You've ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

By crorkz linkz at 15,Jan,15 17:19

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