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My abusive father

Posted by Ericka at June 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 June  Violence

My mother died when I was six but not by the hands of my father he nevere raised hnd against her. After she died he began to change. He abuse verbol ohysical and sexual. Then it s became sexual only. On siteenth birthday he threw woth some of his freinds only. it was getting and some his freinds left. I was up stairs getting ready to take shower and got bed. I was in my bra panties when my father a couple of his freinds entered. I got ver scared. I coul tell they were all drunk. My father beat and ripped off my bra and panties and raped me and his freinds took turn s raping me. After they i was alying there just crying. Later i got dressed an suck and wen to the police department and reported them. My father was mad and as the police were taking him to jail he made thret that after he got out he would get me. I called my from my mother's side of the family to come in get me. I my will it said if any thing happen to my mother anfather that she would get custidy of me. We got restaining against my father. Him and his were convicted of stachtory rape. His showed remorse and told they were sorry but My was not. I am 19 now and he is still jail he got max for wha the did to me his took plea deal to get less time and theytestfied on my behalf against him. i thank them even though those men raped me as well I can forgive them but I never forgive my father I hope he rots or get what happens to him in prision.


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New Comment

By at 04,Jun,10 01:39

You are either a troll (most likely you are) or really pathetic. Either way you should kill yourself. You life a meaningless life, and your dignity is now at it's lowest. I laughed when i read this. I thought your pain gave me great fortune. Just die already and complete your life...
By Ericka at 04,Jun,10 14:38

I am pretty but you lower than whale shit. What are you? Unsensitive? 16 birthday was not a happy one. My aunt was was more of parent than my father ever was. I thank her for taking me in when i had no place else to go. I want lock you in my shed with a Copperhead. Yes one does live there i have seen it numerous times I have snake hook that belonged to my uncle and he tuaght how to use it.
By at 04,Jun,10 16:35 Fold Up

Dude shut the fuck up man y dont u just die already
By Ericka at 04,Jun,10 23:07

I am not ready to die. this does not rule my life
By anonymous at 02,Dec,11 01:08

my dad raped me too several times i'm also 19
i think we'll survive
By anonymous at 28,Nov,10 21:20 Fold Up

fuck is wrong with you, she got raped, show some fuckin compassion
By anonymous at 02,Dec,11 01:06 Fold Up

u were probably raped urself thats why you can't handle anothers story no one wants you to die I don't so don't tell others to die...
By anonymous at 16,Jan,12 11:32 Fold Up

Wt fuck is wrong with you this girl lived through all this well you can rot in a fucking hellhole
By anonymous at 08,Sep,13 01:57 Fold Up

I believe,you,are the troll,my dick headed fellow.

By anonymous at 06,Jun,10 09:10

This is what is wrong with america all of you hateful fucks wishing death upon someone who is just trying to talk about their problems.. I cant wait until this society collapses and i get to watch you degenrates fight over a scrap of bread.
By Ericka at 06,Jun,10 14:58

They are hateful they think that hey a are better than the person tha has happened to. I have posted coments to the hatedul person but one of the folks saya that has had hard life. That doesn't give anyone the right to take it out on me. Pardon my words He can go to hell.
By anonymous at 06,Jun,10 17:39

The hateful person has a hard life. His mother dropped him on his head when he was an infant (intentionally). He has a face uglier than a warthog's butt.
You see, he can't get to hell. In order to get to the gates of hell, you have to pay Charon, the boatman, a gold coin in order to cross the river Styx. You also need to feed the three headed demon dog, Cerberus, some jalapeņo doggy treats before reaching the gates of hell. Charon does not take ATM cards. I gave hateful dude a gold coin and some jalapeņos, so next time he is sent to hell, he may get past the gates, but before getting led to his cell, he must first be treated for head lice, crab lice and given AIDS medication.
By Ericka at 07,Jun,10 01:17

Okay I will but that. I know where can huge highly venomous Copperhead. He 4 feet long and has a fat body. He alomsot killed on of my dogs but he survived. Dry bite. This snake lives in my shed I if we could lock him in ther he would never know becuase with doors closed it is pitch black in there so he would never see the snake. Me I know how catch them and I use a long handle snake hook the my uncle Steve gave me he alos tought me how to use it. I have punched holes in the wall tring to kill sliders with it. My Aunt Marie doesn't care nor does Uncle Steve. I know they would never hurt me. Muncle told he would ge the spiders so I will be punching holes in the wall. My aunt says that it si an honest mistake and I did admit it. I am not afriad of them by i am afraid of my father.
By anonymous at 08,Jun,10 21:17

Although venomous, copperheads are generally non-aggressive and bites are almost never fatal. Copperhead venom has the lowest potency of all pit vipers. Copperheads often employ a "warning bite" when stepped on or agitated and inject a relatively small amount of venom, if any at all. "Dry bites" involving no venom are particularly common with the copperhead. Bite symptoms include intense pain, tingling, throbbing, swelling, and severe nausea. Damage can occur to muscle and bone tissue. Since bites are rarely fatal, the survivor can be bit several times (more suffering possible).
Pit vipers are not all bad and many, including rattlesnakes, are kept as pets. Pit vipers are an important ally to farmers as they control rodent populations. The venom of the Southern copperhead has been found to hold a protein called "Contortrostatin" that halts the growth of cancer cells and also stops the migration of the tumors to other sites. It will probably be ten or more years before contortrostatin is used in practical treatment but it has shown to be a novel anti-cancer drug in the lab.
By Ericka at 08,Jun,10 23:21

I live in Central West Georgia. There is a Copperhead and King snake. the King is in my house and I got my snake hook and got him out. I can have snake in my house becuase Own 7 birds Cockiteils. Even the cat scares them. They let have cat but not other animals. Cats dogs and rodents are fine but no reptiles or insects and the includes teranchgias. I am deathly afraid of spiders. My aunt and uncle never tease about that. I just got accepted to good medical college. I want to be a doctor. i know I will encounter girls that wen t through the thing i did I want to help them anyway I can.
By Ericka at 12,Jun,10 14:20 Fold Up

Copper head are venomous an dthink highlyThe vet told me that I did get get the dog he die. The dog got very sick after being bitten and liad like he was dieing after about a day or two he up and boucing off the wall and palying with other dogs that came. around and we did not mind My aunt and uncle said they know who owns the other dogs. they al never bothered the cats. The cats would walk up to the dogs and the dogs never ever tied to kill the cats. the hogs wold lick the cats and they felt it was worth becuase they thoght the dogs were wash he cats' head. I have go the copper head and out ofth eshed me and my uncle went out there with our long handle snake hooks ad I got him we put him and a mesh bag ant ook far away and let him got he strike at me and he got maouth full of metal becuaseof my snake hook.

By at 09,Jun,10 02:19

Know what's funny about my entry name. You got impaled by your own fathers dick. You are now officially a person who was involved in incest. How pathetic. Die you worthless being.
By Ericka at 09,Jun,10 13:38

Leave me alone you offesive prick!
By at 13,Jun,10 02:35

Sorry bout' that, Ericka. Iv'e been hunting this needle-dick asshole for weeks. Satan let him out of his cell so he can take a dump. Musta ran off.

As for Impalement...It's a sad tale really...
His needle-dick is perfect for his Mom's sowing and his "size" is only good for getting chipmunk pussy. Yes, it's very sad. My Demons laugh at him constantly while we watch him fuck little chipmunks and beat off with tweezers. He's notorious for being a douche and with his rasin-size balls, he's developed pussy-itis. He wants people to die because he ugly as King Kong and godzilla combined, and guys won't ass-fuck him. He is just a faggot that lives in his Mom's basement, and will never get a piece of ass except when a chipmunk managed to get into his basement. That poor chipmunk...never felt a thing. Impalement's dick is even too small to even be considered...exsistant.

Needle-dick syndrome is common in faggots and douchebags.
By Ericka at 13,Jun,10 16:56

I think he is a prick. He prick an person with his dick and he is a dick weed He can't say something if he wants but find some oeanut butter ge the rat I will get my cats the like peanut butter too. The stole my peanut bttuer sand which once I went get drink when iws gone and I know my aunt uncle didn't eat it becuase they were out. Shopping and they brought a pretty prom dress I also as an eening dress noalteration until I will not fit me anymore then
By Ericka at 18,Jun,10 00:36 Fold Up

He is at it again he noithing but a prick where is the peanut butter my cats are hungry and they will enjoy a peanut butter and prick sandwhich

By hmmmmm Impalement at 15,Jun,10 15:43

It's the same troll again and again with the same words. Can't think of anything new to say because he is so simple... The god of the new world has no pity for you.
By Ericka at 15,Jun,10 18:40

What of leave me alone you misable prick did you not understand? Get through yout two inch thick skull Leave me alone you misable prick.
By at 20,Jun,10 02:46 Fold Up

You can't run from the truth impalement. I sha'll repeat my words because we both's true. Bothers you? Get use to it...I think I hear your mother calling. She needs you to sow her a sweater. Put that little dick to use.
By at 20,Jun,10 04:47 Fold Up

Oops...I also heard your daddy calling to. Guess his dick won't suck itself. Put that mouth to good use as well. Your no God. You don't have the dick OR the balls to be one.
By Ericka at 20,Jun,10 23:27

You are right i amno God but I am a Goddess. Go and impalement yourself. I want be left alone. No more games. I gamed out!
By at 03,Jul,10 13:52

Easy now, These comments are meant for impalement. No need to attack me now, Ericka.

I'm hunting down Impalement douche to send him back to his bitch cage.
By Ericka at 07,Jul,10 03:14

I am sorry. I have all I can take of Impalement dickhead This is my last post I am going to medical school tomarrow for oreantation and Iw ill be awy for awhile but come back to my aunt ancles on the holidays. I ope you find the oofensive prick.
By at 20,Jun,10 04:51 Fold Up

Oh, perhaps while you suck your daddy's dick, Impalement. You should have him shove it up your ass. I've seen how much you love it up there. So, I got a nice demon here in hell who would LOVE to meet you. You can be his personal bitch for eternity. Hope he fills your ass full of fire. You'll be shitting it for weeks. Enjoy YOUR pitiful life, faggot. Because once its over...Enternity of dick straight up your ass.

By Ericka at 20,Jun,10 14:01

I am sick of play your sick game. Leave alone for good.

By anonymous at 21,Jun,10 00:06

I'm just so tired of people who think they have served their sentence and they can be forgiven and the act forgotten. My father abused me every day of my life, mulitple times for 14 years. Now, he's trying to apologize and come back in my life. If he was sorry, he wouldn't have done this act over and over again. I am just tired of it; I am person, not a sex toy. You will never be my father, as long as I live, I will live without you. All I want is to be left alone, for you to go away and never bother my sister, my mother, my friends, my family and myself again.
By Ericka at 21,Jun,10 15:19

It happened to me soon after my mother died. that is the sex abuse started. Geting raped night after night was getting to be too much. I have forgave myfather I know my post has some mistakes and it con be misunserstood. My father's family hates me but my mother's family hate them becuase they don't beilve me but a judge and jury did and the police also beilved me. I had my father sressted for raping me. I have broken off all commuication with him and I didn't see him on Father's Day. He is no father he just sex offender.
By anonymous at 25,Dec,11 00:00

i am sorry that happenened i hope your father and anyone else that hurts you burn in hell that kind of animal trash does not deseverve to live you are a good women and do not to deserve to be hurt try to do things that make you happy work buy nice things for your self my father and people and work where mean to me to verbally abousive and verbally threats and terror anyone who thinks someone should be hurt should be shot in the face pray to god your life gets better if you ever earn enough money you could get thearpy for what happened to you
By anonymous at 17,Sep,12 13:48 Fold Up

Uh, didn't you say you moved in with your mother after your 'father's' last 'rape'? Troll.

By anonymous at 27,Feb,11 08:14

He is your father baby, let them fuck you annally. Plz

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