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Posted by anonymous at October 30, 2011
Tags: Juvenile problems  2011 October

So I'm never one to complain, but lately I have been feeling worse and worse. After 18 years of marriage, my parents got divorced. 3 months after, my mom married a guy who was sexually abusive to me. I have never felt like I have fit in with anyone. It seems as though nobody cares to get to know me. I don't trust anyone because of the things that they have done, or allow happen to me. I finally got the courage to tell my mom about my step dad and she did nothing. It seemed as though when I would tell her how scared I felt she got mad at me. Because of the abusive I've had from men, I brush guys off when they try and talk to me. Because I've never dated in highschool at all because of this, I am called a lesbian. My dad was physically abusive to me when my parents were still married as well. I don't know what I should do, but I am just trying to seek some good advice.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Dec,11 20:43

I lived in basically the same situation as a teenager. I'm almost 28 now and still have problems with my mom as a result of her not doing anything to get away from her husband after I told her what he had been doing.
All I can say is, try to find someone you can trust to help you with this horrible situation you are in. I know that it is embarrassing, I never reached out to teachers because I knew I'd end up in a foster home and was worried all my friends would find out what had happened to me, but in retrospect, I probably would have been better off. At least then, maybe I would have grown up in a household where people cared and maybe I wouldn't be a drug addict today. I hope your life goes a lot better than mine has.
Take care, and I am so sorry for what you've gone through.

By anonymous at 09,Dec,11 02:34

yes it sucks tell everone how too fix things i have no idea an need help also

By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 02:46

I have lived through many experiences and seen ALOT of shit happen. I don't remember how old you said you were, but, if your own disgraceful cunt of a mother got mad at you for that, here is what you do. For starters taking my advice is a risk on your own life style but it will save you or at least I think it will. Report the abuse to the police, for starters, second, if you can afford to live on your own and make a living on your own... even if it is just getting by do it. Fk everyone, as for your boy issues, I would suggest you approach a person instead of waiting for guys to come to you. Seek a companion not based off of looks but character. Alot of guys are shy and the ones with good intentions always come across as 'losers'. Sad to say they would probably make the best family men and people dont realize this. Back to your situation. Put that mother fker behind bars and DO NOT REGRET your choice.

By anonymous at 03,Apr,12 04:28

Sweety, I can give you love and a normal happy life. don,t worry God will help I am Engineer strong caring man please contact me at

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