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How to come out of this whirlpool?

Posted by Confused Soul at June 7, 2010
Tags: Attitude  Family  2010 June  Relationship  Violence

I am married for 13 years, daughter who is 11 years. Marriage was arranged by parents (I love my parents). The guy and his family are thankless creatures. All sweet in front of me but venomous at my back to my husband. My husband still listens to them and comes back to me saying you did this to my Mom and you did that to my brother and they felt insulted. Examples could be I asked his mother will she have food, instead of saying food is ready please come and have it. I did not go out to talk to his brother and invite him inside when he came to drop his mom at our place, my husband went out I was with my guests. Mind you, this brother is younger to me, not elder. The worst part is my husband comes and tells me all this, that means he agrees with what these guys are saying. After 13 years he still supports them not me, this is when I am an equally qualified as my husband, he did not have job for first 3 years of our marriage. I supported him during the tough phase, not asking for a anything. During this time, I was earning handsome salary and also gave birth. All the time he was at home, still I would cook for the whole family, clean up the house, take care of my baby, wake up in the night if she is crying etc etc. I could very well afford a maid, but he and his family did not like the idea. I feel his family envies me because I am the most successful person in their family and I am the one who pushed my husband for further education and made him successful too. I never asked anyone for any help in terms of money or help, I fought my own battles. Now I am disgusted and have stopped going out of my way to do anything for my husband and his family. I am trying my best to maintain the relationship by keeping quite and visiting them once in a while. Lately, I am having severe attacks of PMS, so all my frustration comes out on my husband and I end up throwing things on him, he knows karate and just by his defense he hurts me a lot. Recently, he has started hitting hard on my face. I am completely torn from within, as I feel that I show violence when I am not in my normal behaviour, but he shows violence in his normal behaviour. The nature of his violence shows lot of hatred. When I think back, I do not remember a single incidence when he would have shown his love to me except when he fucks me. This is painful. I have no friends, no one to talk to, I just focused on my family. He has his family here and goes to visit them for a sleepover, every weekend. He would never think about having some good time with me and my daughter or thinking of taking us out. I am staying with him as I dont know what is the other side of life. I have seen in the past that grass always looks greener on the other side, but when you go to the other side, the grass is dead. I have tried my best to communicate my feelings and frustrations, expectation to him but he has a block in his mind and just cant see my point. He also does not have any friends, he just religiously spends time with his family, who all pick on him but he doesn't mind that. I am helpless and have given up.


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By anonymous at 10,Jun,10 13:28

fuck your daughter

kill your wife

kill yourself afterwards
By anonymous at 10,Jun,10 15:32

you didnt even read the entire story..dumbass,you're the one who should kill urself you wasting the oxygen
By anonymous at 14,Jun,10 06:00

yeah what an idiot!

By Thomas at 12,Jun,10 18:08

I am getting married to nice womean and her parents approve as does my mother. Her name is Missy. If id di that mIssy she sropp me and leave me. Your husband and is famliy sound a bunch of miserable pricks. My first wife was lik that and that is why I left her i couldn't take anymore so filed first before she did. no children and The judge says i do not half to pay alamony. so I can support my self she had no job she gets nothing out of me now Missy has a geat job and we support eachother she is CEo of company and I am a trucker long distance. She knows that i will gone sometimes but she loves with all her heart. My pretty future wife.

By mary at 14,Jun,10 06:01

Could you try to get a job? So you'd focus your energy (and anger) somewhere else.. and if things still suck then you can always take your daughter and leave.

By at 27,Mar,12 12:24

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