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One More Crappy Life

Posted by Alex at December 16, 2009
Tags: Bad Luck  December 2009  Family  Juvenile problems  Violence

It all started when my parents seperated. My dad left and my mom was pregnant with her third child. My 10 year old brother, her first son, commited suicide. She blames me. Mom lost the baby, said I put something in her food. She dated her boss for a year, got married, turns out he is a rapist. I get raped and now I am pregnant. I told my mom, she did not beleive he did that. He told her my boyfriend got me pregnant when I don't even have one. He emptied my savings and took off. Mom lost her job. I had the baby. I named her Hope. Mom died in a car accident, now I live with a disapproving grandmother. I had to drop out of school to take care of the baby. I am thirteen, a true Christian, yet here I am. Why?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 17,Dec,09 05:16

Oh my God....i m so sorry about everything....
But always remember that u have a beautiful baby to take care of and try to see hope and keep fighting....
By Alex at 05,Jan,10 09:47

I'm not going to give up thats for sure.

By anonymous at 19,Dec,09 15:08

DAMN 0_0 is that real? sounds like a good script for a movie *scratches chin
By Alex at 05,Jan,10 09:47

Its all real, whether you believe me is your choice. I don't care if you think I am as liar or anything. I am not asking for sympathy just a outlet.

By anonymous at 22,Dec,09 05:14

thats aweful, sweetheart
By Alex at 05,Jan,10 09:44

I know...

By anonymous at 24,Dec,09 09:42

Make some Christian friends. If they are really true Christians, they will be there for you and give you support in whatever way they can. Don't give up with life just yet because you deserve happiness. Your past really sucks and your present is tough but you are still young and the road is still long ahead. You have to be smart and tactful in whatever you do to turn your life around. Listen and learn from other people's experiences so you won't repeat their mistakes. I am sure there are some support places you can talk to and get assistance. You can be successful and happy one day. Don't give up when you are hardest hit.
By anonymous at 05,Jan,10 09:44

Thank you very much.

By anonymous at 28,Dec,09 21:07

DEAR GOD! Should have had an abortion, put the kid up for adoption go live your life sweatheart, you cant love a child born of rape.
By Alex at 05,Jan,10 09:44

Im against abortion and I do love her. I have to take care of her... I have no choice.

By at 11,Feb,10 08:34

If you need someone to talk to, and/or a friend. Feel free to contact me.
Been through a lot.

By anonymous at 18,Mar,10 21:52

Wow!! If all of this is true, life has not been kind to you. But what I can say to you is that you still have a chance to make it. You and your child. Find an educational
program that will help teen moms continue their education.
You have to give your baby a chance in life, but that starts with you getting the help you need and the counseling.

By anonymous at 13,Apr,10 13:07

haahaaa you got your period when you were 11? wow. your such a fucking liar with no life. drown your child then shoot yourself
By christian at 26,Apr,10 19:33

stfu u s.o.b. this happens every day and karmas gonna come and bite u in the ass u little fucker so leave this girl alone! u should be ashamed if she is lieing our not.... what if she took ur word and actually did that???
ive know people in my class to have periods before then so shut ur nasty mouth and put a mint or somthing in it to freshin it up u lifeless fuck

By at 02,Jun,10 23:19

The same thing happen d but a woman offered to watch my baby for nothing while I attended school I was 14 then I am now 16 and a high school graduate. I have job and i pay hthis woman to watch my child while i attend clases from 3:30 to 7:00. Iam studing to be a doctor it will take four years to do this.

By anonymous at 10,Sep,10 10:22

A problem is this christian shit. Grow up.

By at 25,Dec,11 17:20

im 14 & I live n georgia & imma guy, My dad & mom would always fight. 1 day my dad stabbed my mom to death. i shot him. I didn't go to jail bcz of wat he did. If I was there with you, I would hav killed ur moms bf of wat he did, You must be cute & you have a life ahead of u, Yours truly Dakota Berry. :/

By FERRAGAMOACC (16) at 11,Oct,14 07:42

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