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my crappy life

Posted by anonymous at July 17, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Juvenile problems

im 17 and have no friends my life sucks ass. i dont do anything, ive become accustomed to my crappy life. i gould go an entire month without stepping out of my house. whenever i do go out i have a panic attack. i smoke weed now because its the only enjoyment i get out of life. hell, im willing to take any drug thats how much my life sucks. im probably gonna stay with my parents til they pass on then commit suicide because i see no other way out of my pathetic life.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Aug,11 15:34

Can't you ask your parents for help? Panic attacks are treatable. You sound like a nice and thoughtful person and I hope that you can ask someone for help. if you are thinking about hurting yourself, please ask for help right away.

By anonymous at 26,Aug,11 21:49

p.s. i want to say that you are a really kind person for not wanting to die bfore you parents. my son took his life and i have the biggest hole in my heart and i feel guilty every day with "why didn't i know he was depressed", etc. i don't know how i will find peace in the wake of this tragedy. so i wanted to say you are a nice kid to consider their feelings.

By anonymous at 26,Aug,11 23:27

it's not panic attack. It's social phobia. I was once like u, having social phobia but it will recover slowly. Trust me.It took me about 3 months to recover from social yeah. It won't last long ;)

By anonymous at 26,Aug,11 23:57

how do you get weed if you don't step out of your house? do they do deliveries now?
By anonymous at 27,Aug,11 05:38

yes in Netherlands (where the weed is legal) they do that

By at 27,Aug,11 05:47

Your life is very similar to mine except I have 24 years and i am struggling with loneliness since i can remember. I too plan to commit suicide when my parents die because i have no future. Even if i don't commit suicide i will die from poverty or hunger since i am so stupid and i can't work anything and i'm too weak to work physical work.
By anonymous at 27,Aug,11 19:36

Martin(this is from anon who's son committed suicide): i'm sorry you are lonely. you aren't stupid though-you may feel that way, but you wrote some coherent and thoughtful paras. above=intelligence. You sound really depressed-can you ask someone for help? Therapy and meds have really helped me. Everyone is different, but it's silly not to at least try these (and check in often if you go on meds w/doc--they make a few ppl do worse vs. better). Just a little time and small amt of $ could make a huge difference in your quality of life.

By anonymous at 27,Aug,11 19:31

I'm 40...I'm the anonymous who's son committed suicide in trail above. I HATED being your age, HATED highschool. Kids are really mean at that age sometimes. But please know- as I got out of highschool and my peers grew up with me--truly I noticed that life was better-I didn't feel stuck--e.g. if I didn't want to be in a class w/stuck up bitches..well after h.s. I didn't have to put myself there. I think when you get out of school, whether it's college, trade school, a job--I think you can put yourself with ppl that you feel comfortable with. I think if you can do that, your confidence and self esteem will improve and you may be able to be happy--still counseling and/or meds may help since sometimes these things are truly biologically based. Just don't go on or off of meds without being monitored/checking in w/doc frequently since for the minority of ppl they can make you feel worse instead of better.

By anonymous at 05,Sep,11 13:30

Medication might help with the phobia/panic attacks. Zoloft changed my life back when I was 34 and suffering terrible anxiety and depression. I wish it had been available to me when I was a teenager and suffering from social anxiety. It makes all the difference to some people to help correct the biological chemical imbalances in the brain. Therapy might also be of help.

No matter how bad your life seems now, it can be that wonderful in the future. Hang in there and get some help. Stay away from the illegal drugs and alcohol. They will only compound your problems. And who needs more problems?

Exercise releases endorphins for a natural high and helps your health and appearance. Eat good, healthy food. Avoid sugar (and especially artificial sweeteners) and too many carbohydrates. Get enough sleep. Learn something new and interesting each day. Anything you can do that improves your health and well-being will improve your outlook on life. You've got a lot going for you: build on it and create the life you want to live. It will get better.

By anonymous at 06,Sep,11 13:56

weed should not be an escape drug it should be a social drug find friends that are stoners

By anonymous at 19,Sep,11 05:59

well, a few things: get a complete psychiatric and physical, medical work up. your thyroid could be an issue. you could have low blood sugar. you may need to go on medicine. stop using weed. my twin brother suffered from panic anxiety attacks and it started on pot...start working out...start going to church. see a psychologist.

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