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Why did this happen to me?

Posted by mary at June 22, 2010
Tags: Crime  2010 June  Violence

A boy took me to prom and we had a wonderful time. when time to go he told to get int and he drove a sucluded location and tokk off my shoes and zipped my dreess and pulled it off the he took my slip strpless bra and apntyhose. I was in nothing but my underwear. He put my clothes in a bag and blidfolded and drove around for long time I was clod becuase I was in my underwear. he stopped the van again took off my underwear and raped my for long time. He told to put my underwear on and he threw out of the van an left in my underwear I found my clothes he have been throwing my clothes out he window as he drove away. i put in thec lothes as I found them and went ot he hospital myself and the police took all my clothes. Tey did rape kit and he was cuaght two days later. The found thing on me and my clothes and in his van. I got my clothes after thtrial he got serval years for rape akidnapping and false impriionment. Why did this haapen to me? I did not do anything to desrve what I went through. If some that doesn't suck then waht does?


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New Comment

By at 25,Jun,10 07:37

That is why chaperons were invented.

This may sound cruel, but too many girls date boys with nicknames like "snake" and "mudcat" because they think that the boys are cool, and wonder why they get raped by them.

This may also sound cruel, but if Natalee Holloway was not acting like a total slut, and if her chaperons were doing their job, she would be alive today with all her classmates, not dead in Aruba.

Why did this happen to you? You did not deserve what happened to you, but it could happen again as long as you show poor judgment in who you date.
Was there any indication from the boy that he was not nice? Only you would know that. By sharing this information, you may help other girls.

One of my ex-girlfriends canceled a date with me at the last minute. I spent Saturday night alone, wondering why she stood me up. The next week she told me that the guy she dated raped her. She did not report it to the police. I was left home alone while she dated a rapist. WTF? I never called her again.
By mary at 25,Jun,10 12:39

He did have a nick name adn i had no indication that he was likwe this but I guess I should ran when i knew something was up But I don't why I didn't. Maybe the fear overpowered me or my way to escape was blocked. either I shouls have ran but I didn't. I mam getting help to get hrough this. If i girl gets the should report it to get justice. The that rape me got cuaght and convicted with three felonys. we be in jail for long time. He is now a convicted sex offender.
By anonymous at 27,Jun,10 21:08

Mr. Nice Guy is a tampon. A guy doesn't need some biker sounding name to be a rapist. He can be the best student in school named Walter. All he has to do is be fucked up enough to do it, and there are a lot of guys that do it. Mr. Nice Guy will eventually hate women because he can't get one, and then he will become a rapist too.
By at 29,Jun,10 21:15

Yes, honor students named Walter can be rapists, but many women find violent men exciting. Look at that idiotic beauty pageant contestant (18-year-old) Desiree Washington who went to Mike Tyson's room after a phone call at 1:30 a.m. and got ass-raped. Miss Washington was a real "rocket scientist"-NOT.
Also, I can find plenty of women, total babes, lingerie models, etc.
And you, anonymous, are Douche-bag.
By mary at 30,Jun,10 01:21

I am am Mary. Not anonmous.
By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 17:41 Fold Up

Ha Ha. You can find lots of women...yeah, prostitutes. If you have so many women, why are you "lonely" mr. nice guy?
By at 30,Jun,10 22:39

I was lonely until I learned that dudes who disrespect women by calling them bitch, etc., get all the dates with cute young girls. I quit being polite to women and just pretended to ignore them and they got interested in me. I bought a used wedding ring in a pawn shop to wear and after that, I could not keep women away from me. The sad fact is that women like to steal men from other women.
By mary at 02,Jul,10 18:22 Fold Up

My nme is no indicaror that I am a girl bot a guy
By at 03,Jul,10 04:43

"I am a girl bot"
Is that anything like a Fembot?
By mary at 03,Jul,10 13:50

I rarely make a mistake likd that let try again I am a girl not a guy.
By anonymous at 16,Feb,11 17:39 Fold Up

IN MY SMALL AND LIMPING OPINION, your device for evaluating the female sex bears many a smudge on it from the cackhandled cowardice of your own male semi-profession. If words be more than cattle stamps and the purblind paws of you limp kitties can bear the bludgeon of a sorer science, I give unto you the truth - you sir make jest others misery and dandle their violations on your knee like so much candied sport to be sucked and jujued till your wilted appetite meet the sated sun at birth of day. Not a body on the planet cares for your tired and meek defeats and they rather uphold the sanctity of suffering than stoop to your outmoded, self-heeding anthracite callousness.

By anonymous at 28,Jun,10 12:44

You didn't do anything to deserve it. Men are fucking evil.
By at 29,Jun,10 21:16

By mary at 30,Jun,10 01:22

By at 01,Jul,10 21:08

Carpet muncher!
By at 03,Jul,10 11:09

By mary at 03,Jul,10 22:11 Fold Up

Shit eater!
By mary at 03,Jul,10 22:12

Dick weed1
By at 04,Jul,10 05:44

Smurf? XD
By mary at 06,Jul,10 10:16

Never heard of it.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,10 12:06

That sounds terrible, but imagine how you'd feel if there was no retribution, and if that man was able to go out and do it again and again to you or someone else.
By mary at 06,Jul,10 10:15

Being raped was terible for me thankfully no other girl willl noit be raped by him.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 23:51

he will rape over and over again no one can stop him.
By mary at 12,Jul,10 19:00

I founf last that iam pregenent 6 mothrs I did I wa pregenet for 3 mnoths and the rape happened that long agoI am due in December. I am not going to get an abortion. I don't think i could handle the guilt of that. Not my fualt but I am goign to keep this baby and rais myself my parents know that I am pregenet and the said they would help me any way they can. The father will ot be in this child's life. this will ruin my plans for the future. I paln to do what I wsa going to do before this happened but I will tkae another year to the things that planned on.
By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 19:22

Let's see proms typically happen at the end of the school year in may or June and you are due in December? That's 6 months. TROLL. Your math is as bad as your grammar

By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 23:20

By anonymous at 16,Feb,11 17:44

not very nice, not very nice

By anonymous at 08,Jul,11 18:39

I'm not saying your story isn't true and if it is I am sorry. But I have read the last ten stories and they all are along the same story line and the same words are miss spelled. So just letting everyone know to check it out!

By mary at 03,Sep,11 00:08

I had the baby and I named her Hope and she 8 mohes I am a student at college and my mother baby sits while I am earningmy degree. I mhave a job at a Hnnda transmssin plant I make 15 an hour. I may keep this job even if I get my degree.

By mary at 09,Nov,11 23:13

I have had my baby girl her name is Anna Rose. I have fifnished school and I am thinking about college now but I can't go to the oen I want becuase it is out of stateand I think I will just go one like UWG University of West Georgia. GO WOLVES. I will see if I can get a cherrleading scholaship becuase I did dosome extra curiculaer activites this year.
By mary at 01,Jan,12 11:39

By anonymous at 01,Jul,12 19:24 Fold Up

OK in your previous post you said you were already in school and now you say you're thinking about going to school?? Not very good at trolling are you?

By Cj at 25,Feb,12 12:55

Not all men are evil I am living proof of that. And rapist are the most worthless pieces of shit on the planet.

By nigga at 12,Apr,12 22:54

Was He A Nigger? Cuz Niggas Always Rape White Womans

By anonymous at 27,Feb,13 13:13

Yeah, you idiots really believe that all these people with different names actually had this experience? Many of the details are identical. GROW THE FUCK UP

By Kobe 8 Purple Gradient at 13,Aug,14 14:51

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