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I screamed and nobdy heard me.

Posted by Ann at June 1, 2010
Tags: Crime  2010 May  Violence

i walk for my health and I thoght my nieghbor hood was safe from crime. No place is safe. I was just around dusk and Iwas walking when a man wearing a si mask took me at knife in to the woods there were house near by a screamed and nobdy heard the he tape my mouth. He cut he lace of my shoes and puled them off. The cut my t-shirt bra shorts panties and scoks off of me. Then he raped me. after he left i crawed to one the houses nude. The I crawled just my frend Martha. she too me inside and called to police they colloect my clothes. Martha took me to the hospital the police asked to describe him but I could n't becuase he as wearing ski mask. Iwas 24 then Ima now 29 and he has benn cuaght to this day I wonder if he has to any other women and they are scared to come foreward with the information. I am afraid to walk around my neighborhood becuase he could be looking for his next victim or he get me and rape me again.


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New Comment

By at 03,Jun,10 11:58

You got to scream. I have a problem myself, I find it very hard to scream. I think you'll be alright, crossing my fingers.

By at 04,Jun,10 19:31

Some guys are handsome, some are athletic, some are intelligent. I am "none of the above". The world can be a dangerous place. I learned from an early age, do not blindly go into situation where you can be harmed. This is tough love, but get a clue. Do not venture alone, unarmed and unaware into dangerous situations.
A few years ago, I was backpacking into a wilderness area in the rugged Eastern Sierra Nevada (Shepherd Pass). Along the trail I met two hikers who warned me about a rogue mountain lion in the area. I told them that cougars were no problem for me. They told me that I was being reckless. I turned my back towards them and they saw that I was carrying an ice axe (for the glacial ice that I usually encounter). They told me that with an ice axe, I was covered.
Whenever I walk through a large city, I wear a t-shirt for a heavy metal band, such as Iron Maiden. Excuse the language, but "people do not F**k with me" when I dress like a "headbanger".

By anonymous at 26,Jun,10 11:24

Wow he raped the proper grammer and grasp of the english language right out of this one.

By anonymous at 25,Aug,10 21:43

You need to get yourself a firearm to protect yourself...i am very sorry for what has happed to you but you need to take back your life..

Good luck

By anonymous at 02,Mar,11 22:31


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