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Kid napped and rped on my way home

Posted by Carol at June 22, 2010
Tags: Crime  2010 June  Violence

One day I decided to walk to work becuase it was a warm day but not hot. Imad eto work with no problems. At 6 I was walking home when a van pulled up next to me and two men pulled me in. There three men in the van one was driving. They gagged and bindfolded me. I felt my shoes being pulled off. then heard the sound of my dress slip bra stockings and panties being ripped off. The van stopped and I as raped by all three men. I was still blindolfolded and gagged the threw out of the van with my shoes only. After they I put on myshoes and a woman saw me and took the hospital. the police let me keep my shoes. they where my clothes were i told the men that raped still have and they ripped them off me. Ws gicen some scrubs and the police took me home. They never cuaght the men that raped and leftme in my shoes. I feeel shame violated Humilated and embaressment. It is the lowest I have felt. I want tose men cuaght before another poor girl is attacked.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 05,Jul,10 17:56

I think this story is a crock of shit, 6yrs old and was wearing a bra? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
By Carol at 06,Jul,10 10:09

You no idea what is like to be raped and left somewhere nude. Three men raped. me I was 24 when this happened. You o compashion for the victim of this terrible crime. You are lower than whale crap becuase that just sinks to the bottomm of the ocean but you are ower than that.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 11:00

hey carol, did any of the 3 men have a nice big cock? or did all 3 have big cocks? I love big cocks, especially when they rape me and shove one up my pussy and one up my ass and one in my mouth so i can't scream :O
By anonymous at 27,Apr,11 19:12

what is wrong with you?
By anonymous at 09,Nov,10 00:03 Fold Up

she meant she was walking home at 6 o'clock u dumb shit!
By anonymous at 17,Mar,12 19:35 Fold Up

i think she means at 6'Oclock
By anonymous at 13,Aug,12 09:37 Fold Up

she meant the time you idiot

By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 06:36

i think the story is a crock of shit too
By Carol at 07,Jul,10 14:33

I tis the truth I was rape by 3 men and a girl never lies about that unless she is messsed up in the mind. I don't make stuff. If a girl can tell wha tot her in detaithen she is lieing. The i can't is becuase I was blindfolded and I never saw my attackers' faces the entire I was being raped.
By anonymous at 07,Jul,10 23:17

but u can feel how big their cock was, did they cum in u? did u have a baby or an abortion? did u feel a big one in your ass at the same time one was in your pussy and to keep u from screaming, u had one in your mouth? If u bite, they would have blown your head off, so uu gave them what they wanted and u enjoyed it, because u shot your load all over the ground as they slurpped it up and said it tasted great :PPPPPPP
By Carol at 08,Jul,10 17:33

Do yurself facor P. If can't something to to us girl who were rped then don't post your sick comments.
By Carol at 08,Jul,10 17:52 Fold Up

I was lickey not to get pregnant. If i di I would keep the baby. I din't think i could andle an abortion. I know what goes on before I changed jobs I use work as a nurse and I only di dthat for in an abotion clinic. According to how long it has been we either vaccumor do a lenghty sugery. It seems crule to vaccum something that would be living.
By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 20:59

Lickey? i think u meant lucky, u a nurse LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a joke. sugery? I think u meant surgery, crule? it's cruel u fuckin moron. abotion? its abortion, u suck u fuckin moron, go back to school, will ya?
By Carol at 10,Jul,10 22:50

I did and it was not fit for me.
By anonymous at 27,Apr,11 19:13 Fold Up

what is wrong with you?

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 18:58

they will rape you again this time you will die!!!!!
By Carol at 09,Jul,10 02:05

I don't walk to work anymore I take the car safer!
By anonymous at 11,Jul,10 21:54

well, look in the back seat at night, he might be waiting for u and this time he has the whole back seat to fuck the shit out of u again :P
By Carol at 12,Jul,10 15:03

How would be able to get in my locked car? It is all electronic. You need short the the system and or know the combination. I have Lincoln Town Car the Exective Seris. a gas guzelar pardon the spelling of that word. I will get rid and get a six cycilender less gas gets burned. $2.45 a gallon in Georgia less than the natinal average of $2.75 or $3.00
By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 22:24

I don't care what kind of car u have, they can get in, no matter what electronics, which they can bypass or anything else u have on that car, beware, and look in your back seat at night or under your car where they can grab your leg and fuck u under your car, it has happened and it can happen to u.
By Carol at 15,Jul,10 19:35

Me or anybody would nedd be very thin to fit under the car my car is a low rider. The lock is pick proof and fiddle with comdination and you will never make in the I cold get attacke agai is if he get me before i make to or in the car. P you nothing about luxery cars
By anonymous at 16,Jul,10 22:45

yeah luxery cars, i know one thing, u r paying through the nose for it and its just like any other car, it runs on gas, has 4 wheels and plays good music, no difference than any other car, except the price, SUCKER!!!!!
By Carol at 19,Jul,10 00:23

It is paid for and iam planning to get a smalle car a V-6 This thing I drive now is a gas hog. V-8 lesscyliders uses less gas. again no one not even me can fit under my car. too low tomthe ground My lext will be the same too low to the ground. I bought that luxery car At a year end clearence. instesd of paying 30 grand i payed 24 grand. Not incluing not including tag and title and fully loaded. i had to buy a battery for this and I got a ride with some friday evening becuase it would not start. My battery was dead or someone swtiched them but how they hood release is inside the car
By Carol at 21,Jul,10 01:52

Now I have small car. A Honda Civic a v-6 I gets good milege and My payments are 149 a month. I drove Lithia Springs to Bremen and it still on full. This has a n alram and it can't disarmed unless my key on locks my car and Know one fit underneath too low to the ground with it's wheel size. I got rid of the Licoln Town Car Executive Series. I got 2,000 for it at the dealer. It is i mint condition. The civic has couple of extra ootions that I like.
By anonymous at 27,Apr,11 19:13 Fold Up

what is wrong with you?

By XXX at 15,Dec,10 00:17


By XXX at 19,Dec,10 17:42



By at 26,Jan,11 14:10

i like it Kid napped and rped on my track abiding-place now im your rss reader

By at 27,Jan,11 06:17

i like it Kid napped and rped on my way internal very lately im your rss reader

By at 28,Jan,11 19:01

i agreeable it small tub napped and rped on my way home now im your rss reader

By anonymous at 07,Apr,11 13:51

they dut my nipples of n made me give them oral sex

By at 18,Jul,11 13:26


By at 18,Jul,11 13:48


By anonymous at 29,Jan,12 06:32

omg shut the fuck up (not u carol) ARE U FUCKIN ISANE!!!!!!!!! UR A SICK SICK PEEDO GET A LIFE YOU GAY SHIT!!!!!!!!!
By anonymous at 05,Apr,12 17:31

out comes the homophobia

By anonymous at 23,Jun,12 20:10

you know what i am sick of, people who judge. THEY NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP.
if i was with that girl i would of beat the living shit out of those guys. and just to prove so, i'm a mother fuckin boxer. i would of nocked ther fucking teeth out.

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By anonymous at 27,Feb,13 13:01

same idiot with the rape fantasies. Good thing no one ever comes here looking for REAL help.

By h6kxyg at 19,Jun,17 18:12


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