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Posted by richard at May 1, 2010
Tags: Attitude  Juvenile problems  Loneliness  2010 May

Well, I have no friends, my familys poor, and i never really had a dad. I hate every day i go to school because i have no friends, at lunch i always walk off campus by myself and just walk around the streets until its time for my next class period. I never really had a dad it has always been my mom that has supported me and atm were renting a house and going to move for a 5th time in less then a year. I'm the ONLY kid at my school that doesn't have friends and i'm also the only shy kid in school. I think i have no social skills because i never had a dad to teach me anything that a father teaches a son, like sports for example. I've never had a girlfriend as well. My family is poor which atm its just me and my mom living together. My mom bought a lottery ticket the other day and i prayed to god to let us win and i no he doesnt really pay attention to those types of prayers but we would have put all those million to good like charity for example and my mom wanted to create her own charity if she won the lottery. so myself and my mom didnt want to win the lottery for our own reasons it was also going to be to help the less fortunate. Whenever i come home i just get on the computer and play a game that ive been playing for around 3yrs. In a way i believe thats what has kept my ok because i at least had people to talk to in the game. I recently tried selling my account for $1600 dollars just because we really needed the money and it was the only way i could think of to get my mom a lot of money. I actually found a buyer and when the person bought it for $1600 through paypal i was so excited i told my mom and we were so happy. i came on the next day to tk the money out on to my moms cc and it showed a balance of $0.00 It turned out that the money had to be in the paypal for 3days but b4 the three days the person could just cancle the money he sent and ended up having my account as well so in a way my account had been stolen. i did end up getting my account bk though after calling the company though which was a good thing. Also, i just realized that ever since we first moved when i was 8 i have never actully had a friend, i would always just spend lunch and recess alone. well thanks for listening, back to my online game...


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New Comment

By Marie at 03,May,10 20:22

well u can be less shy. I was really shy when i moved to my new house but I started 2 talk 2 this girl Brittany and she thought i was funny and I ended up having all this friends. :D poele might like u just start talking!

By anonymous at 03,May,10 20:37

just go out and walk somewhere, take some fresh air... (daily)

anything u want will come after doing that...

By anonymous at 04,May,10 20:40

What are you complaining about? This is not a serious problem. These are all conditions that you will easily grow out of. Figure out what YOU really want and work towards that goal.

By anonymous at 07,May,10 09:25

Sounds exactly like my life when I was at school. Do you know all the great leaders where loners? I went to Special Forces after school and had lots of fun and then after about 10 years of that went into IT. I now also do cattle farming in my spare time on my own land that I build up while doing IT. One thing I had to deal with in my life was rejection, still difficult for me to deal with. I learned myself to hunt, fish, parachute, play sport and how to talk to girls, wow that was hard. I am married with two great kids and working hard at giving them everything I could not have. The only way I could have made is was to stay on my knees and ask my Almighty Dad. I asked Jesus to be my Almighty Dad while my real dad did not want me. What an amazing adventure it has been since that dayÖJust keep on swining...
By anonymous at 07,May,10 21:53

Right On!!!

By anonymous at 09,May,10 12:21

Im really sorry, but you have to understand you are young. i dunno how old you are, can you find an after school job? or join a club...u have to put effort into being who you want to be. you want to be social, you have to sacrafice urself and join a club. u might be shy or scared, but find someone on campus u enjoy...a club. even if u constantly move, still join. you have to try something, anything. u may be poor, but be happy u have roof over ur head and food on ur plate, clothes on ur back. u can get an education too. dont take anything for granted. also when u dont have much money, then u appreciate so much more.

just keep your head up and look for a job if u r able to. im sure ur mom is trying her best. it sucks that ur high school or school years are like this now. u have to change ur life though. maybe speak to a counselor at school, but tell the counselor you want to change. make a list of things u want to be better in ur life.

By Angel at 09,May,10 23:40

Hey kiddo, you sound like a wonderful person! And Iím so glad you have a mother who loves you! Iím sorry you have had to move so much, itís really tough on a kid to move constantly because it always makes you feel unsettled and uprooted and insecure about the future. I wish you had won the lottery, not for some silly charity, but so you could buy your mom and you a home! I hope things get better and I hope you find a real friend. God loves you and you have a friend here!

By anonymous at 31,May,10 02:28

hey man i feel ya 20 year okd virgin alcoholic and never talk 2 anyone

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