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Posted by anonymous at December 7, 2010
Tags: 2010 December  Family  Juvenile problems  Philosophical

Well, this is my second post on here.

I like to read everyone's stories and such...
I wish I could help you all.
But you're all to far away I guess.

But then again... I can't even help myself.

My mother started drinking again.
Actually, she's drunk right now.
Talking to her boyfriend on the phone.
Well 'talking' ... screaming and yelling actually.

She always picks the wrong men.
They always hurt her, then she drinks, then it gets worse,...
It never stops.
One day, she was so drunk that she punched me in the face.
My sister called the police.
Everybody in my street saw it.
I can't even walk in my own street without people staring at me.

Normally, home should be a place where people can relax.

I can't do that.
Not with h e r.

And school isn't any better.
There's this guy who keeps calling me ugly and such...


I feel empty.
So empty.


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New Comment

By alex lyrics at 26,Dec,10 14:16

Well your moms a drunk and the bully is a punk. The bully probably has soome closet case issues to deal with of his own.

I find that by standing up to pieces of shit like that head on and calling him out. Tell him that you know how fucked up his life really is and if he wants a fight your just as angry and crasy enough to bete off parts of his body. hahahaha that will for sure scare him, he will think twice about someone who will even if they are getting the shit kicked out of them who bites off his finger or nose. .

Also iif you tell a person that you know about their pain it will make them thiink for awhile what you actually know.

He probably has a fathr or stepfather who gets drunk and kicked the shit out of him. Or something like that.

As for your mom find out what she likes to drink, and put something in it like soap. The vomiting from a certain type of alcohol will force a person to stop drinking that type. hahaha

Well that may not go over well so heres anotther idea, how about letting her get really drunk, and kicking her ass real good. Then when the cops come you can tell them shes drunk and she makes shit up. Tell them she ust fell or better yet tell them she attacked you.

I bet the drunk memory of her getting her ass kicked will stop her from getting drunk, or atleast from attacking you when she is.

The nicer non violent way is to call the cops every time she gets intoxicated until child protective services gets involved, and for sure they will take you away, or place her on a strict probation and monitor her handling of you guys.

That part sucks but it will help both you and her at the same time.

Also bullying is agaiinst every school policy, wrie a letter about this kid and hand it to your principle. Say everything thats going wrong in that schoool and about that boy, and that you are tired of it. I guarantee you wont have a problem with tat kid or anyone else in school.
By anonymous at 26,Dec,10 16:50

wtf, beat her up and call the cops? Are you trying to lead this person into a trap?
By anonymous at 26,Dec,10 20:07 Fold Up

are u mentally insane? wtf, bite his finger off...beat her up...

By anonymous at 26,Dec,10 22:16

When I reached 18, I left home and never had contact with my family ever again. All my family members were on Thorazine, Valium and Quaaludes. They were very sick people. I do not take drugs of any kind, unless I get a serious bacterial infection.
I am 58 now and have never regretted my decision. When you leave your problems behind, you will start life over and now be responsible for everything that happens in your life, good or bad. This summer, I climbed one of the most majestic mountain peaks in California, Mt. Banner. Fun is where you find it and where you make it.
By anonymous at 27,Dec,10 16:14

lol "mount"

By anonymous at 29,Dec,10 05:19

I don't agree with some people on this page.

I say you ignore the things you are trying to get away from and as you do so start working on a plan to get yourself out of your current situation. Trust me, with enough hard work and will power you can do it!

By anonymous at 13,Jun,11 04:58

Life is ful of one is happy in their own.....i knw u r very depressed,if i were u i cound't have take it anymor. Evry thng will b alright dear...god is with u....don't lose hope..

By anonymous at 13,Jun,11 05:00

Life is ful of one is happy in their own.....i knw u r very depressed,if i were u i cound't have take it anymor. Evry thng will b alright dear...god is with u....don't lose hope..

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