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I whish

Posted by anonymous at October 18, 2010
Tags: Attitude  2010 October

I whish I could be happy as long as I can remember I have been unhappy.
I try to find things to brighton up my life but nothing helps every day is the same shit I always act happy but the truth is my life sucks people told me to do something about it and I have more times than I can count amd nothing has changed I will be honest I am not a very intellegent person which means Im limited to what I can achieve. I am not talented in anything accept being a loser
I have no skills which falls back to that Im stupid and its hard for me to learn a skill have a talent or basically do anything that would be enjoyable
not only do I know it, every one else see's my defacet, and they just have a blast making fun making jokes and driving my selfesteem as far down as it will go.I dont have a single friend not one, there are billions of people in this world and not one person likes me, not even my faimly they never come and visit
and some of them live less than a ten minute drive. I stay depressed and I dont see it changing Ever If you think your life is bad, try paying a phone bill and the only people that has ever called is telemarketers. I went to clubs to try to meet people, and I just get looked at like Im a weirdo so I give up.I count the days intill I can get the willpower to kill myself,and as far as i can tell if there is another life after this one I will suck at it too. so to all the happy people in this world that have there bad days and say they dont know how they can take it any more, take a walk in my shoes and live a life of rejectment and then tell me how you feel .


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New Comment

By gregwiater at 18,Nov,10 08:07

Life sucks in this world... but all of this is our fault. We have allowed it. Of course it seems as if it would be easier to kill myself and escape this never ending suffering in this reality.
But how about if we change it so it doesn´t suck anymore???? If everybody who killed himself and who wants to kill himself/herself did something to change this world instead – it would be much much better already. Let´s unite and do something instead of committing suicide.
search on google for: EQUAL MONEY ORGANIZATION and DESTENI GROUP... and you will find help and practical solutions… you will also find me there on the forum under Greg and GregWiater

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