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Posted by Kathy at March 25, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 March

Hello, i HATE my life, yet Im only 12 year old. I live in England and go to Newstead WOod School but life SUCKS!!!
Home is the worst, my parents hit me ignore me, make me cry, make me sad, swear at me, make me work, make life unfair, ALWAYS take my brothers side, think they are the best parents (IN THEIR DREAMS) just because i have food and clothes and a roof over my head does Not mean they are good parents, I would rather be poor but have a loving and caring family. Thats all ive wished for YEARS. My parents fight a lot over millions of things, i run away and get caught and the hit, and on two occaision the police came to my house because my parents were fighting (physically!) and i hate my LIFE!!! My parents are alse Polish, which means they are different and so am i, i dont have an acccent but my mum does and so on. My mums a nurse and dads a teacher (thats ok) but until yr 7 i was bullied constantly for who me and my parents were, my name, my second name, my house, my parents accent, what they looked like, what we ate, what we did, how we did it, why we did it so basically EVERYTHING!!! i used to dread parents evenings, when my friends and teachers could meet my parents!!!! ARGGGHH. Everyday i dont want to come home, yet i have to, because im scared of having to cry again and be miserable. Im meant to be Christian and believe in God, but all those days i ve asked for a happy and loving family it hasnt come yet. I want to die!!!! School was never good, its been better past 6 montgs, since i dont get bullied. And everyday i have to see all those kids who have such AMAZING AND FAB mums and dad and families and realise how unlucky i am . I try to think on the positive side that there is someone with worse issues than me but it rarely works


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Mar,10 19:31

What a coincidence. Today I watched a movie about a 12 year old girl who also had a bad life and her parents also loved her brother more than her. The movie is called "Welcome To The Dollhouse".
My advice for you will be : show a little resistance with your parents. Tell them that they should love you equally as they love your brother. Tell them that each time you feel that they show you less love than they show it to your brother. If you ignore that problem and do nothing I'm afraid things will get worse.
I remember when I had problems at school and I ignored the problems things were worse every day. When I started to show resistance things went from bad to good.Best wishes


By anonymous at 25,Mar,10 23:30

I know it looks really bad right now. But remember, you will group up and leave your parents' home. This will not last forever. If you have a teacher that you feel you can trust, why not talk to her/him. Please stop worrying about the other kids and what they are saying about you. If you are really in trouble at home, there is help out there for you and your parents.

By anonymous at 26,Mar,10 08:29

Hey dear just wanna tell you that you are really small right now.You know i experienced the same but nevertheless i`ve grown and realized that if your will is strong nothing is impossible.Let go is the word for you.Even when things are difficult smile through them,dont let anybody bother you.Dont run away,because people will poke you again and again they might hurt you even more.Whenever your parents bully you look at their mouths you know they look really funny.You might think that this girl is crazy but i`ve experienced i mostly laugh seeing my parents fight but remember dont laugh at them they will feel bad and will scold you even more.One last thing up there there is this god who looks after every indiviual on this bloody damn earth,beleive in almighty he will surely help you.God bless you.Gud luck.

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