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my life really sucks!!

Posted by anonymous at June 27, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

NO job,pregnant with a bastard child,hopefully i can get some money to afford an abortion,ppl who claim to be my friends really aren't!!! they always say,well we got our own problems,too!! what type of fuckin friend is that!!!! so i have to cut em off,and the dude that knocked me up already has two kids of his own and well,that would ruin everything for the bastard,wouldn't it. cus he already said he aint tryna have no more!! he's a whore,anyway!!! and before someone wants to say somethin,he's the only person iv'e slept with and i was on birth control,problem is the fuckin bc's were bad,i was not tryin to get knocked up by this sonofabitch!!! anyway so no money,my last job sucked and i think they personally tried to get me to quit cus the bitches did'nt want me to get unemployement!! eversince the bastard that knocked me up wanted to get promoted,and his boss wanted me out cus he was tired of hearin his boss complain about me all the time!!! i feel like you shoulda fuckin fired me three years ago,bitch!!! and now,with no monwy i'm on the verge of bein homeless!!!! so ,yeah,my life rightnow,pretty FUCKIN SUCKS!!!!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 11,Nov,12 00:07

Are you a nigger? Angry black bitches are forever having niglets by random nigger daddies
By anonymous at 10,Jan,13 15:03


By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 11:42

Kill yourself and the baby :)
By anonymous at 10,Jan,13 15:04


By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 11:50

You white people are so damn stupid. How the hell do you know that she's black. She's probably a dumb ass white bitch that to damn weak minded to say no. Every since Obama won election, you white bastards have been acting racist and truly, it came on out in the open, like it's always have been. This was just your opportunity to bring back the old racist time and clearly since election, some of your true colors are being shown. Go fuck yourselves because obviously you all are still stuck in your old racist ass ways.
By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 12:16

She's probably a dumb ass white chick who gave it up to a deadbeat nigger
By anonymous at 10,Jan,13 15:05

actually,I'm black! and for your info,his babyma is white! and i'm not stupid,I'm very smart,but not everyone is perfect!!
By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 12:21 Fold Up

If we 'whiteys', who are still the majority ethnic group in the US, are so racist, how do you explain the fact that Obama won by a landslide in the electoral college? The only way that could have happened is if a majority of us 'honkey red neck crackers' voted for him. I voted for him both times and each time he won I've been ecstatic. Take your racism along with the anti African American racism and shove it.
By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 18:27

Have to agree. Some of you niggers/soldiers/playas/baby daddies are as bad as white trash/skin heads/ red necks and, of course 'da man'.

Americans of African decent are 17% of the total us population. Americans of European decent are 60%+ of the US population. Obama could have only won were it not for the fact that the two largest ethnic groups, European Americans and Latinos, in America supported him completely.

You're just as bad as White trash. You completely ignore facts/statistics to blame all your problems on 'da man'. You're a disgrace to self empowering African Americans like Marcus Garvey , Malcolm X, MLK, and many other African American groups ( however, must say Huey P Newton was absolute scum, whore mongerer, pimp, drug dealer, weapoNs dealer- abso
Ute disgrace to the Black Panthers

Sadly I bet I know a hell of a lot more about African American leaders in the civil rights movement than you. Sadly this is how far your concept of yourselves as a culture and a group has fallen. History and group identity/responsibility is not important. Sadder stil is I'm also a 'Honkey' and I speak Swahili ( authentic African culture and it's history of great civilizations ( Dahomey, Timbuktu, Ghana) intrigue me.

I bet you know nothing of any of this. you 'self identified niggers' are a complete disgrace to your heritage
By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 21:09

Why do all you racists assume that the OP is Black? And your wrong, first of all African Americans represent 13% of the population

Just because you think you know African American civil rights leaders and swahili does not mean you understand more about Black Culture than an African American person. Check yourself, there's more to African American history than civil rights and swahili but blame the way America mis-educates its people for that.

Second, based on the language used in the post, the poster is White and the post reflects a lower class Caucasian female linguistically

Third, Swahili is a language not a culture. It's great that you know a little something about Africa, but the great civilizations began with Kemet and Nubia, and they birthed the civilizations you're referring to.

And for someone who claims to know so much about African American history (although in actuality it's very little which is explains the next part), you continue to use the N-Word and cast judgment on "self identified n-------"

You are so proud of your post, you couldn't wait to toss out names that saturate Black History Month, huh? You think you know something.
By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 01:20

OK dumb ass, by 'correcting' me with the 13% value you only make my point stronger. Next you completely ignore the racist post from an African American then you ignore the fact that I state that I think white trash/ skin heads etc are equally disgusting as 'self identified niggers' ( I live in Oakland and I hear the various thugs of African decent bandy the word 'nigger' around all the time) both groups use the color of their skin as an excuse/tool to promote hate and anti social behavior. Oh let's see 'linguistically' I appear to be a lower class Caucasian female. Way off base. Your skills at interpreting the race, gender and social status based on the interpretation of writing quite simply put sucks. Let's see what else, oh yes, you know about Nubia. Good for you but completely irrelevant as I simply described the African civilizations I'm interested in, not the original African civilizations ( BTW Nubia is completely derivative of ancient Egypt). And, oh your gratuitous comment about throwing out names from Black History month was pathetic. Jealous because I could name more than you? Also you seem to be ignoring the fact that I was using these names as positive examples of African Americans.

Think I know something? Well I know more than you.
By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 05:47

Can we please stop using the racial epithet 'African American'

Correct nouns include.
Puffy Lips
By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 18:19

You forgot

Jungle Bunny
Spear Chucker
Moon cricket
Porch Monkey
By anonymous at 17,Dec,12 07:04 Fold Up

dude you owned them
By soup kitchen baller at 25,Dec,12 00:25 Fold Up

yes, indeed us white people are so stupid... but, black people are the ones who can't even speak the language that they are taught in school (english). can't stop killing each other in record numbers, have the highest; unemployment rate/teenage pregnancy rate/ incarceration rate. among other things. not to mention that you are not african americans... africans fuckin hate you. cuz you are ignorant retards. you are just dumb niggers. running around whining and complaining about how you can't get a job because _____ is holding you back. i'm white and i live in the hood, and trust me i see everyday that you hold you back.

By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 01:51

Nigger bitches in heat
By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 18:22

Likeisn't that a redundant phrase? Aren't they always spreading for Hubba rock and Church's Fried Chicken? (add in Jeri Curl and a hot iron comb and they'll swallow)
By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 19:26

Ignorant knuckle dragging sluts. All of them

By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 20:55

My baby daddy be knocking boots wit our 7 years old' baby girl. Does I knock my homie upside da head wit' a bucket o' deep fry o does I kick my Ho baby girl out da house and break me off o piece o Jamal inshallah Wilson?

By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 21:04

I be da nigga bitch Ho and I bes fuckin' my crack pipe. My crack pipe be lookin' so good I just hads to have it all ups in my puzzy. It be feeling' good all up in der, 'specially when it be be all red, hot and smokin'. I guess my puzzy done like smokin' crack too
By anonymous at 29,Jan,13 03:37

Its goo-ood, you have to put the enlongated enfaces on that

By anonymous at 15,Nov,12 21:40

You low life uneducated fuck hole. You have random sex with someone else's slutty ass boy friend/husband, knowing full well he can't be trusted. Your 'birf control' failed, you got knocked up with no job and now you blame everyone else including your unborn child.

You deserved it.

You deserve to be cummed on and left in the gutter to rot with your coat hanger aborted fetus

By anonymous at 10,Jan,13 15:16

first of all,i'm not a slut,BITCH!! second off,I'm very educated just made a mistake,so I don't deserve to be mistreated,I didn't deserve all the treatment that i got form him.either! oh,and it wasn't random because i've known him,probably longer than you've known anyone! and I was only sleeping with him,no one else! point is,don't pass judgement you ignorant,closeminded fucktard!!
By Kyou at 28,Mar,13 03:35

Just kill yourself and your child so you can be free from your horrible life!! :)

By anonymous at 17,Nov,12 11:38

This whole world needs to be destroyed to make sure the human race is snuffed out for being the plague that it is.
By anonymous at 17,Nov,12 15:24

Christ GBCS are spamming this everywhere now?

By anonymous at 10,Jan,13 15:12

you racist people on here are the most ignorant scum on the fuckin earth!! I swear!! fyi,this is the same person who made the actual post!I'm black,not white! all you "whites" who wanna talk about "blacks" need to swtop! go kill yourselves,okay! y'all act like ppl don't make mistakes or something! the situation has been taken care of,I don't even talk to the bastard anyway,and had to learn a lesson along the way! but as far as you racisit bitches on here,let me tell you something,the first race that was on this planet was black! the reason that your racsist is because mommy and daddy brought you up to be that way! ima need you to unlearn your ignorant behavior! and the reason racisim exsist is because it's a system that is failing right now,believe it or no9t,you bitches are genetically recessive,and in about the next thirty to 75 years you won't even exsist so sit down,and shut the fuck up!!
By anonymous at 29,Jan,13 03:40

It not worth our time with this nigger bitch, she doesnt get the point
By anonymous at 02,Feb,13 16:48

no,YOU don't get the point!! shut the fuck up,and sit down like i said!! you genetic ressecive,peice of shit!! you sound ignorant as fuck!!

By Kyou at 28,Mar,13 03:37

Kimi, just kill yourself and the baby :)

By Kyou at 30,Mar,13 01:39


By anonymous at 27,Mar,14 16:26


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