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Mine Too

Posted by anonymous at March 5, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Family  Juvenile problems  2010 March

I'm going to get right to the point. I'm thirteen so I apologize for the grammer and spelling.

-My mom left me and my little brother 6 years ago.
-Dad is a drunk.
-Dad is abusive.
-Sister ran away 2 years ago. (She would be 16 now)
-Best friend attemped suicide.
-I already dropped out of school.
-Pregnant with a child of rape. (He will be born on May 7)
-Living in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house.
-Dad lost his job.
-No other family to move in with.
-I cut myself.
-I am always getting beat up by my neighbors.
-I hate myself.
-Dad calls me a slut, whore, ect.

Now you know.


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New Comment

By at 05,Mar,10 14:36

give up the baby for adoption, you´re too young.
If your father has been sexually abusing you, go to the police, tell them about it, go to a foster home. It will always be better.
Leave your house. But not for the street. It might get worse. Look for people that can help you leave your house (school councelors, police). If you tell them the truth, they will not take you back there and you wont have to see your father again.

By anonymous at 06,Mar,10 01:48

kill your fucking dad

By anonymous at 06,Mar,10 01:54

shoot yourself and your asshole dad is the best way to end this shit life.
By anonymous at 07,Mar,10 20:52

ur an asshole
By anonymous at 07,Mar,10 23:10

fuck you bitch,eat shit and die
By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 20:31

wow ur really smart aren't u
By anonymous at 14,Mar,10 15:01 Fold Up

And you're a cunt probably a dumb fucker who walks around raping every person you can find or a real slut or bitch as you called her because you clearly know what one is who probably bitches herself out to men. You probably have the greatest life hey. He he he

By anonymous at 06,Mar,10 18:24

It may suck now but it is all about taking one step at a time you just need to find your ture self. I did I went and done a cource called core profiling just to find me I have not looked back. I hope you pull your self out.

By robbie at 06,Mar,10 22:02

I am sorry for what you are going through. I doubt if I could even fully comprehend it. But if you gave the baby up for adoption, I would not think anyless off you. And anyone that knows you that says any different can go to hell. They didn't go through what you went through(and are currently going through), so if they are not supportive completely 100%, they are not worth having around. As for your dad, being a guy, I personally don't belive that he could ever understand rape. I bet if he was raped by a couple of big guys, he might not be calling you those names. I wish I could say ditch him, but since that is all you have, I quess you can't . I am sorry. I hope something positive comes into your life real soon.

By anonymous at 07,Mar,10 23:13

kill yourself,slut
By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 00:07

just be yourself an you will beat the jerks you the one that is the better is good if you do not weaken.
bye bob
By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 08:39

fuck you shit
By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 09:01 Fold Up

kill yourself dont listen that son of bitch fucking asshole jerk word like life is fucking shit good , that shit just talking shit,the true is life is hell .kill yourself or become whore,do drug ,incest, lez ,whatever that are cool and good for you.

By anonymous at 07,Mar,10 23:53

too ugly to be a whore then you die

By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 01:35

marry your dad
By Echo at 08,Mar,10 12:16

Yay! incest! actually, do drugs! it really helps
By anonymous at 28,Mar,10 07:32

shut up

By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 06:34

where is your mother,find her or your uncle

By at 09,Mar,10 13:43

I'd really like to help you, but you are having some serious problems.

I could only advice you to go to the police.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,10 00:07

sell your baby!
By anonymous at 28,Mar,10 07:32

shut the hell

By anonymous at 19,Mar,10 20:02

Keep the baby and pray to God for help and go to a church for help and suport

By amanda at 29,Mar,10 11:12

people are so mean :[

idk what to tell you but maybe everything will work out
By anonymous at 24,Apr,10 20:19

Jeez there are some really fucked up ppl commenting here. Man. I would be in tears if that would happen to my sister (who is also 14) so my heart really goes out to u. And um....u'r child is gonna be born on my birthday if they calculated right. But yeah. Like they say. Police an all that

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